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The UFO Report, September 19, 2023

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The UFO Report
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A Presentation of Billy Meier's Predictions and some News Headlines along with many UFO Photos

The UFO Report with Michael Horn

Topic: A Presentation of Billy Meier's Predictions and some News Headlines along with many UFO Photos

The UFO Report

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The singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing in Switzerland…for over 80 years. They are the reason for the UFO cover-up because they reveal the truth about our real history, how humankind is enslaved by dead-end politics and utterly delusional religions, with their imaginary gods, saviors, saints, devils and demons. 

Authenticated by astronauts, US intelligence supervisors, NASA, aerospace, scientific, photographic, special effects, legal and other independent experts, the Meier contacts contain hundreds of incomparable, still irreproducible, pre-digital, UFO photos, films, video and an even higher standard of proof, i.e. over 250 specific, error-free examples of prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, geopolitical, medical and economic information. 





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do you
resume gentleman
you can hear that you're hearing the sounds of an actual spacecraft in another world has reported by Billy Meier
so you're going to bring in and bring out a lot of material tonight
Azula sounds finally come back down and Fade Away by Michael Horn here for the UFO report this is actually our second show the first show a kind of introducing sitting I was moving into a new home and I just feel like we are almost set up and then over at this point so I'm going to be trying some different things tonight in terms of my presentation is alive and I wanted to talk a little bit about something I always in those presentations bring as a question if the contacts are real
what is the reason for dinner and I often. Offer a couple of basic answers one of which is it isn't for me or anybody else to create a crew rear lecturing about UFOs per say it isn't meant for people to run around Chase lights in the sky
the answer is I have determine for myself if there are 40 50 year research on this issue help us ensure our very threatened future survival
having said that I I want to ask you just want to open up presentation tonight I want to share screen with you if we can if it's around here somewhere
we we have put together we my hands and myself we put together a presentation and we're as they said we just moved into a new place so we've got a couple of challenges in terms of sharing the screen sharing and I've got to screen share I'm going to stop it and I'm going to restart it to try and get this shared with you so that we can do our
where can I buy hopefully a little bit of magic
that seems to have stalled
we're not meeting participants can now see it's good I want to see it too but that's another matter so I do see it tonight on the UFO report we're going to deal with the actual title and that title was Billy Myers Billy Myers predictions
did he cheat TNT cheat a bunch of stuff especially headlines in the news going to get on to it and is it going to start to flow beautifully tomorrow
and the first thing is 10 ft aliens in Las Vegas backyard or something what happened was now that all of this alien stuff if it is so prominent we're getting all the phenomena lipstick events we could ever ask for it there's a family as hopefully you can see on screen
he dialed 911 to clean there were 10 ft aliens in their backyard and now this was so distressing for them with all of the attention these poor folks were getting that they were threatening to shoot people who show up you know because everybody's interested in phenomenon and they're not so interested in protecting other people's privacy respecting them their rights and all I could see you soon
1040 Williams went on a gambling spree
and this is a shot from the news the circle is I think it's
what are the there's a bright light up in their Seasons the Moon Over the ship something that came through
was cited by a lot of people in Las Vegas and then it coincided apparently with these poor people become totally like deer in the headlights as they're being interviewed here that you can see this slight variety and expressions I actually like this because there's a little more expression going on that you can try to interpret you got the kid in the lower our lower right okay so it's on the left Lord for the family and he's got this little attitude going on I like that is looking at the guy who interviewing them for the new show is currently is brother next to him is a little questionable what he's up to. I don't know is he ready to pounce on his poor guy or is he just taking it all in and the mother I guess she's got some considerations going out of the father looks just a tad zoned out and the little bit unable to decide what he should
no also in the news and I'm sure isn't news to anybody by now I mean the saint in his masterful melodrama
alien bodies with a three-fingered hands and all of this stuff just for those of you who may not know I mean the saint is a journalist has been investigating UFOs for sure for decades is one of the first people to go and meet with Billy and to interview him he has an interview program coming up with it was filmed interviews with Billy it's going to be out hopefully in English soon segments of it appeared in Spanish and he's run into some trouble in the past I guess it was a couple years ago claimed to have some other mummies and then there was a big controversy that they really were mummies of extraterrestrials they were human beings human beings in fact that he had three fingers on each hand it currently didn't seem to factor into the equation I don't know I know that I mean the sun is also covered a lot of Sensational is stick things he's
very present presenter online India is quite an industry going he's got his videos of use and he keeps bringing forward Billy's information he gets far more views in the US on the information for the most part then we do or any other of the American YouTube channels or anything like that so in this particular case Jaime Amazon claims to have found these mummies were looking at one of the photographs it's been online and I took this particular one for a reason that I'll get into the moment now I cannot tell how valid this is a real artifact he really upset all the American know-it-alls I guess it's Ryan Graves is it who is down there
I thought something else was going to happen he was currently outraged calling you to know what stunt a hoax or he was he was quite vocal about that so let's look at this know who can tell very much for this apparently Jaime has had some X-rays done I was looking around because I did at one point see some scans of the Headmaster what I'm most interested in in this particular photograph because the skull if we can just determine a little bit more that's goes seems to protrude back a considerable distance almost as much or who knows maybe a little more than the protrusion of the front part of the face now that's an interesting kind of a thing for somebody to come up with him to try to host could be done but when we look at these are actual skulls
bitter in museums
these types of skulls with elongated premium protruding backwards
have appeared in museums and an artwork in Egypt and in South America and Billy Meier has written about what he calls scold
so these long scold people
are said to have been present and somewhat prevalent at certain times in South America and in Egypt and South America let's include Central South America Latin America however you want to look at that
and these are human beings know there are
Summit skulls there are some artifacts and some information even photographs of contemporary people
who have elongated skulls either because of a cultural tradition of binding the skull to look this way apparently carrying on the tradition of emulating the cranial features of gods that appeared in their countries long ago
or there may be also some genetic effects that arise where people have some Gene that could have been passed down from an original race who did some perhaps intermingling into marrying to reading with terrestrial humans wear those jeans popped up you know these types of things happen now I will tell you there's far more information a billy Meier on her blog and great articles from contributors who've gone to Great Lengths to do rather in-depth analysis research Historical Research into the archaeology easy artworks representation the physical Universe supposed long scope and some other cultures that it appears probably Extra-Terrestrial and this figure is in
in some ways to today's events because some of the long skulls or long scold ones may still be present
under the Earth's core above they may factor into some things that will be occurring I'm going to leave it to you to do the research there so if you're calling in tonight with any specific questions about it I don't have more information right now but I do hope you guys will call in and if you can be patient so we'll run through a bunch of this stuff check and see if there's any calls if there's no cause we'll come back to it and then if there's call to try and get him in here we're going to be having some interesting guest people who are going to come in with reports from our country's not tonight but we're working on all these people who are actually fairly credible in terms of their research on like almost everybody in my opinion that's rushing to push themselves forward with you follow you
so this is 1976 with UFOs overhead or UFOs this is your show you where the Scooby found this text the problem is that this text is and I don't impress you can see this is for one but this text is present in the photo inventory and book in German and the English translation here
Mesa for a little bit we threw it into a deep well so for those who are only listening and then there's your Priestly obtained slide film which he inserted into Billy's Cameron's Billy Meier after he took the camera and handed back to Billy at the shooting location so that she could take the photos and after taking the photos Mr linnegar took the camera back to himself and removed the exposed film which he personally took to the photographer I think he means to a photographic shop or developer because he didn't bring it back to Billy
I'm pretty sure it was not until several days later did Billy received the develop slides back from Mr linnegar had no control over the snow that's going to be germane to what we see next year here is this group of people there may have been I think there's actually ate maybe it was seven somebody might be staying behind and we see you UFO hovering over their heads to us remembers as a group of people came out together 1975 Billy's camera is loaded with film by another person which has to do all of this
and the people there don't see anything
it's only later when the film is developed
they find this UFO and it's kind of a slightly foggy out and put some distinct enough to see what it is this is like 100 there's a number related slides we're going to get through and some of that may or may not be quite related let's see what's next now the craft is moved over to the side again Billy is staying here taking a sequence of photographs so we do find that there is eight but was very small child who was not quite visible in the previous photo and yet here's another one different geographers Billy knows where to point the camera because he's in contact with the same year as a but before we leave slide 1:39 to the center of the screen just above and to the right of the screen a little bit to the left of the child
so you were folded how could there be chill UFOs there there wasn't or to the information in the book and in the case what we have here is semi Ozzy able to move and or somehow project for craft two places at the same time within the click
on the camera in one program
nothing to believe we've got it figured out for yourselves right here now much more clear
little bit of the fog Has Lifted
go to 14141 now it's again she's over to the side or the people might have moved a little bit Billy might have moved their little more spread out and back at 42. You took a lot of photos
here it is in a strange angle well nothing strange again
another 1144 so he's snapping them in a sequence
and 146 I don't know why we didn't go on 45. I think is weird now this looks like just another photo while decide is up I draw your attention to the lower right-hand corner of this photo
you are not in correct if you think you see some big evidence of photos of some people standing and thus the legend hear the story is that they somehow projected that onto the photograph
it was people standing there I'm pretty sure and that was projected onto the wild most prominent feature here is the UFO in the fwiw department and not terribly useful zoom in on that
they've gone to a lot of trouble to create some kind of a presentation here in 1975 long before a shot and Billy is a one-handed guy who couldn't I'm sure figure out how to take a camera loading film shoot all the photographs and then somehow afterwards insert the UFOs are so here this isn't it was said that in this photo number 138 this is the way the Craft 2. It was almost translucent when it was this photo is developed
even more so here as if perhaps it's coming in and going out or going out and coming in of Dimensions tomorrow I don't know so that is all available in the photo inventory mm
you know most of the photos that were familiar with in Billy's case widely circulated there's twenty or Thirty there's 617 in this book that's probably why most people have never seen those proceedings bros before now here's one of my favorite things it's the fake evil alien threat again don't go back to the thing we opened up with a nice little family
they were a young team 10 ft tall aliens and their back here I don't know and there is some information that Billy has been publishing sort of all along and we'll get you a little more of the Interior about what that could be but so far we haven't actually seen a threat we've seen phenomena if you will from this UAP Vantage Point certainly lights in the sky fuzzy video some better than others but we haven't been
evidencing any kind of an actual threat especially since these folks the Pentagon and all that all these people have been telling us and especially with the government for speeding it in when the government admits that they've known for 70 years she this is before these recent last of this is still all this stuff about Lulu Elizondo of the Former Intelligence guy I don't think so so we now have something else Billy Mayer talking about
you don't know the reality of the threat coming from military secret military craft a text if anything and he's see spoken about this this was a video from a good number of years ago 2015 whatever and he had also at the time of the attack of them
we brought forward another video occurs in 2015 in which he speaks about these five groups
and where they are and only a little bit about them but basically he's describing
prior to our seeing any tiktokvideos eight years earlier Billy Meier is talking about anomina if you will connect you to other beings living either well prominently under the surface under the service so that brings us to you sure some of you already familiar you know what this is worth about the u.s. postal photos that you know like real prevent World War 3 now that's kind of important stuff but why was the title that way and I have spoken about it before but I've learned from Billy repetition is indeed you know the mother of learning teaching and learning
when these photos when we discovered the photos and sent him off I didn't I thought they were of 1975 or 76 Mirage jet interacting with one of Billy's UFOs the fact is that that wasn't what these photos were it's not what they are at all these photos we have a photograph prominently this way you're so you'll know if there is a deed associated with this photo of a u.s. top secret stealth plane that was you know photographed June 18th 1981 Monday flight you know connected under the guidance of the photo he's sure he's got sitting in the car.
now with this whole thing ever is going on here
we move over to this one about the future existence of the first ones we want to talk about preventing World War 3 these photos of the key to that and then the future existence of the USA depending on Congress acknowledging
UFOs damn fire photos because we had been asked and we forwarded to National Security advisor for representative Andre Carson committee supposedly investigating UFOs forwarded to him a number of photos I think five there may be an original here at like 7 photos get the cooperation of my friend here
so what I'm going to show you here are those photos hopefully you've got some device where they're clear enough it's not all this stuff is freely available on our site that is the stuff coming in the approach that is ascus craft and on the ground somewhere and we think this is Area 51 hasn't been sufficiently clarified and confirmed if that's who you're an issue with your window seat somewhere on Area 51 proper
at the risk of his life creating a skit the pilot of the UFO is right there she somehow resisted him someday we'll get all the firm details that crashed her car is not moving but the stove is and we had that confirmed by a guy named Xavier Thunder a photographic expert formerly was Kodak also show from the information on the back of the photo that indeed these were processed by Kodak in the 1980s presumably 1981
so here it is spelled his come in its peers to be banking a bit you interpreted your window just took the photos there might have been some other things in here but now the craft is heading back ask his ship has remained fairly steady throughout all this
and she choked to death but for whatever reason perhaps the stealth is a bit more in the foreground here
and then off she goes I mean the song arranged for
a photographic and digital Express she knows to take those five photographs and makes them into a composite if you will the way he saw fit to do it and we see how interesting the two first photos in the lower left baskets craft kind of in the same relationship pretty much then she tilts and the other one straightens out a little and then the next one is little Lord whatever it could have been Wendel's perspective we don't know so now we get to this part of the program play Aaron Proclamation
this is tied in in my opinion with all that is just proceeded this whole family UFO threat thing that's been going on for a while but the danger of a fake ET attack the acknowledgment by Myron the planet for some time there are other folks here they have Craft 2 and they spoke a little bit about the circumstances under which I wish these some of these folks would make themselves very well-known much to discomfort of the western Powers meeting us and our allies should we go ahead and keep keep on going to push for this war
with Russia and China and all that and how somebody from this group or groups is going to make things very very bad for us so what we have here we go so this is the play Aaron Proclamation and I will read this because I think we can start to see now the connections a little bit the importance implications the flying apparatus has called UFOs like humans have no relation to us a r a h flying apparatus has I thought that would have been a different word of the foreigners as well as the incidence of any kind concerning them which have occurred or will continue to occur in connection with the flying objects as well as
with the foreigners themselves do not concern us player note to delete ascended and I think we know from some reports the American aircraft fired at and claim to maybe have destroyed
some objects and oops
you're living now the plan on going to say we play our and have in no wise interfered in any event and will also never interfere whatever may happen that's telling us there's something incidents of any kind what it really happened we play our and will therefore not interfere in any Earthly matters events and occurrences that may arise in the future this also not in one or the other context concerning the four and their UFO apparatus I put this together because
what has occurred to me in the past and recent past went since all of this stuff is rising into public awareness is that should there be some incident that isn't reason it was a fake American Check we're by the evil aliens and then what would be the next logical thing
if they needed some scapegoats well as the Swiss group and people around the world that are in League with evil aliens
could happen and what if they did that
what is the player and did not just so shoot themselves right off the bat well it doesn't guarantee
but there was an incident and I will describe it because I only some people know about it and I won't go too far is there was an incident a few months ago where somebody connected to an American group put up what they thought was a harmless little mean online and if I recall correctly that ended with we are figure we are unstoppable I saw that I was showing that and I immediately asked person showed it to me please get this to Billy right away I was going to come and eat right away Meyer currently saw that in the same light from what I understand certain repercussions occurred where buy that was absolutely
this is loud to put it mildly and my concern when I saw that was here's one of those intermediary links we are finger Billy Myers we are unstoppable oh and now there's these I just hate this is this is like a natural for intelligence agencies and all of that said it was God for these people admire guys trouble sending we just don't think we need to indulge him anymore and we're going to wrap up all the American food causing trouble by trying to wake people up to the horrors that end of the government in the military are proceeding within a few other things so Billy Myers strange prediction this goes to this goes back to that little bullet point
that was talking about did Billy Meier cheat
now I'm going to take one example here tonight and only one example
but I will determine the show on screen and I'm going to tell you a little more lot of people know the rest of it but here it is in 1949 Billy Meier
tell your kid rights from 1989 onwards America's presidents will become particularly blatant to criminals and Criminal
or the main ta will be to preserve America wait for it and make it great again 1949 America naked great again which will lead to much military and intelligence activity
as well as I can patient's interferences murders and Wars all over the world
especially in the orient you sometimes called the Middle East and the far he's just as America has tried over the decades to seize control of various countries through war and all kinds of skirmishes including the war in Vietnam that began in 1955 and lasted for 20 years so let's go what what am I will tell me what is a twelve-year-old kid in Switzerland in 1949 use afraid to just transfer to worst and make it great again and make America great again m a g a
how did you do that well let me just say this you don't know that we have over 250 specific examples and in a strange way I'm going to admit it this one is questionable but just be honest because the only question is do we have his original letter from 1949 I don't think we do but we've got dozens and dozens and couple hundred plus examples of such an even more specific names people and it tells you what's going to come like 7 ft tall Giants and the countries and blazing in the American Islands will I mean things that doesn't take a genius to put together
so I wanted to make a comment about a book that's called the might of the thoughts and the reason I want to talk about it is because there is a conspiracy and I might have touched this before and it's the real elite conspiracy not the one that people worried about anyways but this is the conspiracy that you should be most most concerned about these so-called Elite who put their children in the best of mostly schools if the kids are at you to get the best so-called education extremely high percentage of lawyers and go into politics or go into business not giving you a qualitative pinion just the way it is but
what they know and what they teach their children to is the might of the thoughts and how not teaching of it they teach them how to use their thoughts and made themselves are really masterful to go after precisely what they want to attain in life what they want to in mass in life what they want to accumulate in life okay so what we're talking about now that was the end of that presentation
is why and how so many people are really important in their lives even when they can see things supposedly as they are oh my gosh our world is being manipulated the evil Elite to we're going to be buying because what the mass has been trained to do is to spend its Wheels to seek out entertainment and diversion settle for the answers that they're given by the outside and sororities that are the rulers over people's minds and their lives to a great degree as well it doesn't have to be that way but
so what happens if
millions and billions of human beings are indeed subjugated subject to the will of machination of a relatively small number of people who simply know how that part of life thinking the law of cause and effect work they don't concern themselves because they're not reading Billy's books I want that may go for well okay they are not concerned with what is conscience
at least we have sinking is comprehensive and it takes in the overall good what's good for people what's good for the world for the sad life and all this stuff know they are only concern in the attainment the amassing the unnecessary and the you know just accumulation of power money at a certain point for some people it isn't even equivalent to the power they are but they have a lot of money to a side note in a recent
contact report of Billy's he seems to be hinting maybe even a little more than anything in it that had Russian not made the Dreadful
taking a criminal act launching a war if they had been according to this information provoked into these people who are only might oriented Consciousness is not part of the game there just might power-oriented under the leadership of this incapacitated leader that we have and all the other parties who are party to the machinations of military decisions and acts towards her that according to the way I understand what Billy said
they would have been a nuclear attack against Russia
did they wouldn't have even been waiting for this for this played into their hands in a different way but it's spared the world's fair to us
for now the horrors of these weapons being used
so what are we to do
so that we are not
floating helplessly are feeling like we are in the midst of the things that occur
I could be just an honest Downer and say well
don't worry too much about that right now figure out and of course I think this is
figure out what you're going to do to help protect yourself your immediate family and circle and others of like mind to share is best you weekend
to to deal with these types of fees by the way now that we're done with the power point if there are any folks do want to call in great and I hope over time will be getting people from out of the country is our time zone you can do they can make the call in our time zone is it yet quite convenient for a lot of people received 8 9 10 hour difference engines
what we have to recognize that when we speak about seeing things as they really are not just as we want them to be that different things when we are visualizing and affirming and acting sinking feeling and acting towards those ends we now know that we have to
cuz I was thinking feeling and acting in our preparations in order
in order to survive we now know from everything that we've been experiencing and prices are going up on everything that the quality of everything including food and products but in many cases is subpar
certain things
have already become more scarce if not I'm available
so the handwriting is not just on the walls chiseled in stone and if you do you can you can read it if you need to rub your hand across if you just feel the letters t what does that say you know we have this wake-up call snuffing new Ali Meyer in the player 1949 is kid America make it great again and then in even in these early contacts he's talking about this chaotic president little come into power and he's starting that a lot of things diseases that we somehow heard a little familiar with now as well as we won't go into should we be broadcasting on YouTube
well what do you do if you don't go deer in the headlights but if you're going to pause instead of knowing right away and I think I've taken care of everything well then maybe we
bright YouTube
I'm to play and share with us I think there's a call her here if there is less I misunderstood please will welcome to call or if not I'm sure you're on because I think that we've gone past go ahead and sorry
hey Michael. Hey this is Tommy up from New York calling and thank you for doing this night excellent information as always I fully agree that you know Billy is kind of fully hinting and then warning 100% that things are about to get real bad here in the states and one one one thing I wanted to ask you that I haven't seen in awhile information about the last Pope you know being the Catholic church in like basically when this last spoke with that I've calculated to be this last boat
that's when things are really going to go bad in the other religion was going to go downhill and get everything that's happening there I just wanted to get your thoughts on that particular topic I apologize it's kind of off topic a little bit but curious to hear your thoughts on that
it's not on me because all these things are interrelated intermingled at sitter and now I have my recollection and I don't have it in front of me at some point pretending to that Billy was asked about that and he said somehow some prophecies are not prediction so those things can remain fluid until they hit the point of no return from what I recall him saying there might be some folks out there that even know specifically that prophecy may have changed and it doesn't even now me that this guy is so I think it's like 4 hours now wow that's kind of interesting because then our prophecies I mean everything in there practically guarantees underway
Billy Meier unit 44 tells the war with Russia that we are just told them to prosecute and further provoke describes a computer and laser-based weapons that are going to turn against the people that create I mean 1987 1987
and it goes on and on the Russian troop movements to WTC warning it's all in there and then earlier you know the earlier prophecies from the pacelli level I think those are pretty much in a prediction I think we'll find that info someone get it on the blog and if you want to you know anybody wants to go on the Block somewhere in through that question in so that we get around to recovery we're going looking other folks who work on the Block I will find the information and post it for sure so I thank you for bringing that up very interesting prophecy and especially being so specific and describing things did the because we know from the Meyer Material they said it
Vatican they know Billy's material they know who he is and they certainly are not welcome
woken me and what he brings to the world in this Incarnation so maybe they went well we can do an end-run around this bringing somebody who isn't Petrus Romanus and you know our people that try to essenes do and runs around the prophecies and what's going to befall our country because they just play with these things and the lives of so many people but that's the best I can answer please feel free to put it as a question somewhere in the in the blood to is that okay
yeah absolutely Michael thank you for that and we'll do I know if I know there's a lot of material to remember from you do 1940 forties in the eighties and I want Billy for this stuff out so absolutely I'll actually do these days did they get myself you know I've came across it recently so I'll post a link to it in and people can read it for themselves so thanks take my call great my pleasure thank you I appreciate it very much if anybody out there wants to shine in here in a few minutes we got left please do and you know we because I have help putting this together so if you have particular questions and sometimes one
here we go let's just personal line too and save the other thing
I need Michael
okay so nice the earring
and thank you
because I guess who made it might have been 56 years ago I came across one of your presentations at a UFO Conference Center and he started to go into Emmanuel in the talmud Emmanuel and for some reason I don't know why maybe your personality or and information truly overwhelming sense of Truth came to me and I embrace the Meijer contacts and the middle of the peace the harmony which is at the core of the teachings and there's so much more but thank you Michael thank you so much and I really hope that the world
wake up and understand the only way forward is love peace and harmony
you got your freedom to thank you thank you very much and our thanks we have to go out obviously to Billy and the play Iron I would say this okay 45 years I have no real understanding of the magnitude of what's involved what is been involved in this entire Mission from the China Sea came on the scene Elijah Isaiah Jeremiah Emmanuel falsely called Jesus Christ and even Muhammad and the final Reincarnation of the spirit form being Billy Edward Albert Meyer and what he has done through his own efforts working yes with the greatest teachers but two
be able to bring forward this information this teaching to somehow
survive and surmount the brutality of this world and these people that we humans are despite people trying to kill him since childhood to fainting and beating and I mean let alone all the time travel stuff and I was talking to somebody today who was a lawyer at legal person I'm talking about some information you'll be presenting to them and I said it's easy to prove to a scientific and legal standard approve space and time travel
in our media with all their Fascination all the hype and pumping up a 10 ft tall aliens and tiny little mummies and everything in between with all of the people rushing to the four is nothing of substance
they have no not even one piece of verifiable evidence manufactured authentication is extraterrestrial manufactured at 1 despite all these claims they have not one sentence scientifically significant information and yet this body of material is a tax bill if I suppress ignored dismissed because it's inconvenient for the materialistically power-hungry people and now that they have ever increasingly dumb population to work with
they can push forward all these phony stuff all the funny stuff now I want to make sure I'm not over my time here
I guess I am a couple minutes left Meijer material this evidence I often say to people you know after doing this for so long I think that this
I think that this is mainly thank you for the survivors so I have a couple minutes to talk better and that means it conjures up for me the people that come after us whether it's my age group your age group of the younger of the younger the younger
but it also is for people living today who are survivors that we're not just talking about running into bunkers were talking about who survived the brainwashing who survived the manipulation who survived the cynicism survive the commercialism who survived the disinformation misinformation bad education and carry on in their own way and was any next to them to us this invaluable teaching don't have to run around and shake the rafters and certainly don't go out and protest create a mess of the streets
Revolution begins within in a mini years ago as far as like back in 1967 or 68 somewhere I was really briefly on A&M records and they had me work up something for my promo I remember reading the Revolution begins within I didn't know what that was about that age but that is the truth and it is certainly more so the truth is my recent don't sacrifice yourself don't run out there and make yourself an unnecessary Target do the right things and Advance your thinking in your Consciousness the evolution of Consciousness and the best white what's the might of the thoughts and the rest of Billy's books in any if you can read German he's probably right about this isn't just pumping a book sale Spring
yeah it's great but we have a little Bookshop glad would be in Mongolia China also people all around the world and mainly like now we have a great guy she's been there for a while. You just saw me on Hong Kong he's got a bookstore in Hong Kong serving Asia and primarily in the past we have people who simply ordered but now they're right and Canada and Switzerland and all this so what we need to do is to share information in different ways while Dad is what Billy does his teaching by example
so if we are learning there's ever applying Our Lives we are going well really is better not just get another car is just a quality of life and relationship equality is my relationship to Nature as well as to my spouse girlfriend boyfriend whatever it is my family my co-workers proselytizing living this and sign us up and I'm seeing each person as the other I'm seeing each person as a part piece of this creation of this universe walking around from me I tried to maintain that for some time in my life because it makes it easier for me to love people
even if we would we really should remember we don't have to like everything in our lives we should love life itself and be grateful for this one off of yesterday's reincarnation but you and I as personalities we're in Billy's book to show you the book because this is the book that will tell you and teach you if I grabbed the right one we have rebirth life
dying death and sorrow a masterpiece can we get it in there with me and with this camera thing well trust me it's here told me something back
this book on river is you can go to the bookstore there go to the blog theyflyblog. Come to find a bookstore and you'll be able to find it that is so I opening and I'm just at the part in there with Billy talks bite us about a lot of stuff pertaining to dying and death of the harmony of life nothing is lost and then he says about the actual dying
it's a very Serene sing now there may be things that precipitates at that are not supposed to rain in life but I'm going to read more to find out cuz that I have to stop pregnant Queen
you know every we're all going through this journey folks sooner or later
we take the exit and punch the card this just takes away two religious delusion the power of these beliefs and fears and delusions are you going to see your relatives in the others that mean crazy stuff that people made up I guess we bought into that for a long time don't have to start to read this and reasoning and it comes from within this Rings true. I'm living this life I didn't know about it before and this is me going for your name but there's another Incarnation hopefully evolution of consciousness
Life as we all move towards certain things described in that book so I want to thank you very much for hanging in tonight and tell your friends I'm working on getting some people trying to get some people in the so-called remote viewing Community think they can predict everything they're not respond at all right now I'll try if you know any folks are encouraged them and so I will bid you goodbye with that I will say so you know and stay safe and Serene and have a good one this is the UFO report on the Billy Meier UFO contact thank you

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