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The UFO Report, September 12, 2023

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The UFO Report
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An Introduction to The UFO Report

The UFO Report with Michael Horn

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The UFO Report

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The singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing in Switzerland…for over 80 years. They are the reason for the UFO cover-up because they reveal the truth about our real history, how humankind is enslaved by dead-end politics and utterly delusional religions, with their imaginary gods, saviors, saints, devils and demons. 

Authenticated by astronauts, US intelligence supervisors, NASA, aerospace, scientific, photographic, special effects, legal and other independent experts, the Meier contacts contain hundreds of incomparable, still irreproducible, pre-digital, UFO photos, films, video and an even higher standard of proof, i.e. over 250 specific, error-free examples of prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, geopolitical, medical and economic information. 





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well good evening ladies and gentlemen everybody however and wherever you made the this is our debut show this is the first of the long run is called the UFO report.
This is for me like moving into a new house actually like I haven't been in this territory before and I have all this furniture as many of you may know if I can refer to all the contents of the blog on the website and everything videos and all tons and tons of furniture so I've got to figure out where things go and you're going to help me buy a bearing with me for a show or two as we get these components in place and
you don't while I'm talking about UFOs quite a bit in some ways especially with interviews and was videos and shows I think there's certain things that I will repeat that I feel are essential and you mean that a person before you may have heard too many times
the whole UFO topic was formerly a tabloid topic taboo tabloid topic
and you couldn't get arrested I certainly couldn't for a long time and anything that was mainstream
and now suddenly and magically
it is the most probably one of the biggest if not in the sense the biggest topic worldwide sure the war and other things that are going on a hugely important and they get the media attention they should have a very many degrees of quality but I like to say this the confirmed the existence of an contact with
highly Advanced space traveling extraterrestrials would be the most important development in all of Science and human history
everything rests on testable evidence
now I bring that up because these days with this topic of real UFOs in the ridiculously titled you have a p
there is absolutely no shortage of people who claim to be in what investigators researchers even experts in this topic
and I have not been shy about saying that not a single one of them knows anything of significance has any real first-hand experience investigating a first-hand ongoing UFO contact case as the people who I'm not the only one look into the mire material and hopefully that's you would will be you are able to do and have done in this case that has been ongoing for over eighty years or eight years so
I titled Tonight Show the UFO threat paradoxal I'm going to jump around here I know I am I won't be able to help what is a paradox one of the definitions online says that it's a statement or proposition that despite sound or apparently sound reasoning from acceptable premises leads to a conclusion that seems so senseless logically unacceptable or self-contradictory
that's because this hold UFO threat narrative that is the essential underlying context for all of this these committee meetings these so-called whistleblowers coming forward the experts and today I just have to say I haven't thought about it but I did I watched a few minutes of an apparently over hour-long interview they called it with a guy named David Crush
I could not figure out why that was of any importance the man again I'm not going to fault him for it he was invited and found his way into this and maybe it's so you know what kind of naive gesture maybe there's something more to it in the background I don't know but I know that I did not and I skim through it I didn't listen to the entire thing tell the truth I was waiting to hear and see references to tangible evidence
evidence everything rests on evidence now
have there been sightings of neurologist in the beginning certainly I always refer to the Meijer material as a singularly authentic UFO contact case. Fenton and that's because we speak about evidence we have course we have to be blocking manager here but we have all sorts of wonderful photographs from Iron Man show you bunches of stuff so don't worry right now that you don't see that
captured a few photos for the screen
but the thing is that
nobody else comes forward with anything other than that I see you've got the blurry Tic Tac video Billy Myers explained what it's really about years ago and you have your own things we are various sightings of objects twirling around in this guy summer clearer than others Tic Tac video is like it like an old video game
and suddenly this man is to crush and all of the people that have come out of the woodwork to announce their expertise and they're in there now or sees what happens is that everything that comes out of the government
and it would say somebody like Crush who's become a pivotal figure for some people
the one of these and ufology start parroting it talking about its importance and anticipating the next big announcement breakthrough from who the US government
but the government has been admitted that they have been lying
to the American people and the rest of the world for what over 70 years lying shamelessly you know the nomination people's minds are elucidating
in the process they have been demonized many honest people and I'm not just only referring to buy material UFOs we understand we know it needs unidentified flying object enough talkin phenomenon I'm talking because Billy loaded for bear with objects there's no shortage of objects in the Meyer case so we could we can look at that we can you know we have this page. This is a different page we've got a page on our block that has what's called The deanship Gallery the being shipped Keller
now I don't know if you can see that or not because I'm not mad you probably can't I'm not that Daft quite yet with with the manipulating and using all of this technology because the station I'm on now is Far and Away the best equipped and most sophisticated of the station's I've had an opportunity to engage our to to do anything with and what's so beautiful. It is Saturday Technologies do enable me to do other things and I don't know that if you're able to see this or not I don't see it so if you don't see it already doing a share screen maybe now I'll find out if that's visible to you or not but in the meantime assuming that somebody can see it apart for me here
there are endless photographs to the clearest simply most distinct photographs of UFOs are getting a thumbs up. It's great
all sorts of things here from this man Billy Meier a one-armed man living in Switzerland who is just so happens took all of these free digital photographs
free digital era photographs lonely stuff
and he did it and probably spend a third of course he's been attacked relentlessly by Skeptics
for doing this for no profit for no celebrity unlike and so-called ufology he's got nothing better to do these overnight Sensations the people who are the one of these, they pop up and look I'm saying this because I know Billy my other people here in this audience into Switzerland met with Billy people who have seen his films his interviews of things that have been done over the years by the original investigators who made this available to the world made it possible for me to learn about it other people who picked up and started to dig into it so if I talk about the wannabes and the government disinformation Scheels in the people who have just made a mess of this because it's quite deliberate than the world and they're one of course she's fine I should know
troubled with such things as the truth and reality of this man his life existence of far more advanced beings throughout the universe that one with whom he personally has met
Dave demon I just even Ordinary People Who seen indistinct things I've seen better and clearer quality
why is the government so concerned Why is it setting up this evil non-human alien agenda
evil nun human aliens
will reason for it is obvious and clear to people who even are not necessarily involved or particularly interested in this topic and I've seen this myself from being online with some people talking you know him say Well this whole thing he's committee hearings sounds like they're just trying to get more money
you don't to manufacture more weapons yes for more
and the US Wars
dead end us Wars
now think about this we were told her there's a threat
and the threat has been ongoing for 70 years
my goodness
not very effective shred considering it's quite obviously any beings human or non-human we can clarify that who can get here from the depths of space which would be required
in Crafton are far beyond our technology development have been over 100 years on Earth and various stages of development anti-gravity craft all these things started to be worked on in the 1920s
so these inept highly developed aggressive threatening evil non-human aliens if they can fly around in face and
we'll talk about that later
don't you think they got some weapons that would be quite daunting and that even seventy years ago when we're just coming into this nuclear age and all that have they wanted to take over this world to destroy it to enslave everybody on it that they couldn't wouldn't have done that so the government floats these ridiculous promises and sets up committees which they give six more months to started a couple years ago at 6 months to determine if there's a threat reezy
so you we the American public in the rest of the world is treated as if we are imbeciles and unfortunately
there seems to be some good cause for that in terms of the people who are
controlling things and they need a lot of imbeciles around or to pull the socs by the way we have phone numbers so that people can call him this isn't really this isn't so We Shall Believe It or Not, things have to get rolling we're going to have guests invited one prominent scientists we reached out the group prominent scientist claims to be all about UFOs so far we haven't heard back from them but I will keep you updated on that and I'll certainly let people know who it was or I'm hoping to do that as I announce it tonight we're going to interview and every conversation discussion with so-and-so otherwise I'll simply be saying you listen so much for something okay so you get this nonsense about
six months to set up committees
you already know that this is really bogus
one of the people who didn't smell too good to me because I was
surfing around Eden years ago
was a guy named Lou Elizondo
suddenly this so-called former Intelligence operative this former
intelligence operative no joke he
joined up the little fellow named Tom DeLonge rock and roll Tom DeLonge could not have been happier to be left into the inner sanctum of the intelligence work
to be embraced by the will is John Doe and
Chris Mellon defense industry professional comes from a family of enormously wealthy bankers
so I started you know kind of pushing on Lou after he left there primarily and he's popping up now with this threat narrative
I asked her why you know if he was going to reveal the Meijer contacts and it's not why not and I put a whole bunch of blocks I called him out basically is a phone and a traitor to humankind alone if I get the same for Chris Mellon and for Daniel Sheehan an attorney who just fantastic work for you to write respect in the date and who then signed on to be Luella's on his attorney I don't know that he still lives and I put on some crazy video thing to hear about that I don't even want to say thanks fine now what are the things that happened was that I after I started going to Republic
I received the video
3 seconds, show it to you in a moment
and in the video you're going to see just so you know for sure if you can go what's going on here you're going to see a man named Sean K U by Sean Cahill is a so-called former maybe intelligence operative he's a friend of lose and he's in a car he's got a cell phone in the background you can hear some sound those sounds are me from that video
leaders from that video kind of calling you out and then you going to see the Sean me Cahill's going to turn the camera and let's watch can and see how that goes
nearest Lou Elizondo alive and well apparently there's a woman I don't know who the woman is in the car
and they're giving me the message to giving us the message that you really can't do anything about what we're doing that's how I interpret dreams storms up and all of that business
I I don't think that that's really
way to go about this but they are playing people and have them probably since Lou was ushered into the Tom DeLonge to the Stars Academy website
now I bought some seven the UFO part of this is the least important but this is our first show and I'm going to cover some of the UFO stuff
so one of the things that occurred to me was that all this stuff with the evil you do alien talk from the government this could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy self-fulfilling prophecy and the reason for that is this and future shows black more stuff Billy Meier back in 2015 explained and even before that it probably shouldn't complain that there are other beings
on above or below the surface of the Earth
temporarily or permanently he had it kind of getting it and see
wait a minute Magic Online
what is that if that's you know what let's see if we can put the call through that would be great
and then if it's hello micro hello
I'm fine thank you how are you
good thanks for everything you're doing and thank Billy for all he's done I just want to Track 21 quick and do we know what happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight number 370 that went missing about I think in 2014
I have I don't recall seeing anything about that particular in your butt so that you know that's that answer and here's a little extra piece Before I Let You Go and thank you for bringing that Publix 800
if TWA 800 was a flight that was in the news some years ago and the play R&B date and that's it for those who don't know if they aren't are the extraterrestrials that's what they call themselves there's no Pleiadians Atmos screen name that played RN extraterrestrials who have been meeting with Billy Meier since he was a five-year-old boy 81 years ago Dave Meyer specific information of how that craft was brought down through a misidentification apparently and also that it was shot down with a Navy missile it was viewed as a UFO at the time I have that document on the website so I'm I don't want to say more because I could mess up the memory version of this
but there are times when they give all the information and he thinks put it out there and one of the things that I'm going to get you in a little bit tonight is how important this aspect of the information is and how it's
vastly more important than the UFO before I am going to tell you that there is a thing that happened a few years ago
where we went up to over to up and over to Moab Utah by Billy Meier's request and we were there because my nurse said that there was an archive of Wendelle Steve photographs window Stevens was the lead military investigator for the Air Force US Air Force retired he began investigating supposedly in 78 778 + the real story is a little different and really should we drive over there and go check out so we went over there and there were twenty-four boxes in a nice Dusty storage unit very nice guy owns a bookstore in Moab very nice person and show for 2 days
2 Box 1 2 3 4 0
at the end of Sunday that Sunday in October
open the box and in there sitting on top of some books or something
need little stack of Kodak photographs and there's a airplane and a UFO visible I pick him up and I shuffle through them because I jumped to the conclusion I do yeah he's got to be more of those Mirage jet UFO photos of Billy took a 1976 whatever blah blah blah no big deal and that there were quite a few that were 5 or 7 different photos such as the one that's behind me
but I've learned how to pick up and what you're seeing on screen right over my left shoulder
is an airplane it is and I'll get into the documentation of if you do shoot that is a 1981 Top Secret at that time still
attack plane and down over my right shoulder to your left that happens to be
beautiful and it's flown were told by a woman extraterrestrial woman of another race that works with the play on it
and that race this woman asked yet
she was Myers second contact person when he was young person from 5 to 16 that wear contacts with a man a spa
and then from 16 on till about I think 27 years of age he was having with the contacts with a script and I thought Billy took these photos and I was mistaken because that information came back know these photos were taken by Wendell Stevens in 81 more information came forward Wendell actually met Billy years before in the late sixties and he swore it was really nice word to silence to not talk about anything for years and you pretend that when he first comes into contact with all this information officially in 77 or so this will be the beginning and oh my goodness this is amazing and he did it be kept it now
it's so astounding so astounding to me to have this material
to be able to see you know what Billy brought forward and that Wendell
was the one who ventured out and at the risk of his own life at the risk to his life
he hid out at Area 51 trying to figure out how he's able to do that
and he hit there and took we think it was a total at the time of about
seven total photographs I thought they were 9 but there were some duplicates I'm going to see if this comes through for you okay so we got that let's see if we got and I think we will have it
that's that one and hold on folks got a bunch of stuff to move around here so I can see this
so here we go
and this was titled for a very deliberate reason the UFO stealth photos that could prevent World War 3 I'm going to tell you why it's titled that way
scroll through a bit slowly available free on the website so don't worry here is this isn't important photo because this is a signed photograph from Hell Farley June 18th 1981 he's the test pilot for that stealth plane
here is what Melissa Wausaukee came up with when she took the black stealth out of one of the photos and kept enhancing it's the same camouflage plane with some different coloration comes up but folks this is this is very important you see anything like this or any of the pardoning monkey brains that are babbling about UFOs and David Koresh's are gresh whatever our new hero you know something man knows nothing of significance
all right so all of this is going through in here one of the photos and another one the plane is coming in towards the UFO here it is it's coming in as banking a bit here are enlargement asked if she did some color reverse imagery
give confirmation about the pilot not preventing World War 3 I go to a year but I'm just going to tell you why I bothered with that because I know he's known you for a long time
that the US government has no intention of not going to war with Russia and China and other folks in there
and they use the phone in the alien threat narrative could just stop the first time that's popped up so if we show
photos of an interaction between the US
top secret stealth plane back plane interacting the UFO barely moves at all and I had I've sent these off to Kodak expert Kodak I said no hey tell me something
what can you tell me about these touring
he said well now I got that was half of the question I had another question for you said well I can tell you that the two objects are in the photograph at the same time it was no evidence of manipulation over the shooting through glass what have you any of this stuff and the plane in each of the photographs there is a slight you can detect that that's in motion while the craft is quite distinctly clear because it's also not and it's in the foreground and my other question did was tell me about information on the back oh yeah Kodak all that stuff you said that you're reading there all of that is really
the information Kodak used to put on for the rest to tell you when
they were you know processed in this photograph please go to grass with processed and
1981 ice cream digital nobody hoax anything no models on strings do models in strange so after I put that out there so I hate you know World War 3 could be prevented if the government told the truth
future existence of USA depends on Congress acknowledging these photos Melissa did a whole bunch more work in this one
yeah she shows it and she shows that plane this is not I mean it goes on and on that's the plane
that is the plane
and that is a skits UFO
there they are
and more and more that goes on and she had a lot to say here
look at that there you go where the color schemes yeah okay big step that
so the problem is that we Americans here and she did a lot of searching talking to photographic experts and people in the military plane explicitly we live in the country right now about the only remaining saint of so-called value since we exported everything one of the jobs in anything of value left these countries and it's been the foundation of this country for the longest time is more people take me these coincidences grade decks I'm not one of the people that did all that knowledge will never be able to shine information that was all that
but it's there and Billy Meier is given fully detailed histories of the United States to go back a long time and they talked about how this country was founded merger George Washington murdered
peace-bringer French waiting wipes bag and I see it not as somebody who can prove that information is there for yourself and the rest of it all the things that people think they're now discovering the secret government are 19 4748 he's told about all this stuff I told about Black Rock in 1948 from the first teacher describe it we got the text
what we have here is a very difficult situation for people because the government has shown that it's not very interested in Sharing what I just shared with you with the American people in the world movies playing
back in the day. I just two years ago year-and-a-half whatever it is called up representative Andre car seats with the siege of representatives from the state of Indiana
he was heading up the committee at that time I was investigating committee encounter this kind of that counter something else I did not expect you to answer but I did leave a message
several days later I got a call I was going to hang out with you too I don't know why he's there and it sucks and I waited just long enough to hear a woman say she was asking for me because she's from this committee should National Security advisor for I said yeah how can I help you I was I'm glad you called me back she said well you said you have these go to hell yes can you send digital copy she said I'm going to the committee
I sent she responded that she received them she's going to move them up the chain that was the last we ever heard of the photos you would never met me cuz they sent you them they sent you them because those photos and you can have all sorts of fancy stuff at the governor's using to try to push its threat narratives old look at this as we goes in the water that goes over here dangerous to us because we are the rulers of the world the university photographic evidence dating back to 1981 in the only scientifically proven independently authenticated UFO contact case with one man on Earth
that is something you poor dumb people should know nothing about you shouldn't even be able to question or challenge go in there and dig and see what Melissa has done to document so it's a right now and I'm not doing the glitter contracted fact that I've done lots and lots of Investigation on something I call the higher standard of proof the prophecies will get to it but I say at this point it's a pretty safe bet taking that
into consideration and taking the events of the past few months into consideration or more we will have because you we the people of Earth to do what we should have done this isn't the first time Billy Meier's information has been available but it's been so viciously attacked that and went many many people are you going to accept the experts of the Skeptics in the scientist you are a naysayers because they wanted to sell books and make money and not deal with hard truth
you believe that stuff so all the warnings about this war
it's gone by the boards we get the ward now that's what it looks like nobody's coming to save us nobody's going to come and take us to another world
and I did mention just a little while ago there were other races involved in the Dynamics of this world believe Meyer spoke about but five of them
they include Subterranean races that have been on and on his Planet apparently for thousands of years
and they include
some that maybe just monitoring the planet occasionally from the outside cuz he also include future Earth Travelers that they refer to all foreigners to groups one is another Subterranean race with very advanced technology as the train race. And the other one is said to be
future Earth Time Travelers have come back to this rather
unfortunate time in history to observe how
things were blown to Smithereens and over a period of one hundreds and hundreds of years the survivors have to rebuild everything and they finally got
space travel in time travels with people to sell well then it's all worth it he said no
we don't know much more about it than that except to say this some of the footage
some of the reports that people could be gruszka music about the Tic Tac probably and other sightings in involving crafts from one or more of these parties
and the mistake that buyer says the US has mentioned is firing upon these craft when they get to get into the proximity and do that
that's not a way to establish communication not to America once communication wants domination so you'll get the results of that because the law of cause and effect is immutable and you can't slide around and you can't trick it into not existing
we get the effects of their causes and the causes for this country the causes behind the religions of this world and the politics of this world produce effects and while they are some Whoppers coming our way
there is also in the prophecies and I haven't necessarily introduced it for those who are new to this there's prophecies and predictions will talk about it they do foretell that under certain circumstances
an extraterrestrial race is going to make itself known and come to the aid of the country's powers that are being attacked by the West with a major war is underway they will come to the aid of the countries being attacked by the West know they're not here to make treaties with the US government that's all new age UFO government disinfo Just For What It's Worth since I bring it up any being that can travel through space and time and do all the things they can do and have by virtue of necessity long life-span do not need to make treaties with a country full of primitive power hungry greedy warmongers that they could live out
in no time at all that's my understanding and maybe other people have different ones
where are we at now with Willis return just for a moment to talk about this Billy Meyer case because I call it all the time to see Elias and Billy Meier contacts in that is
of course why when a reason cuz you sing in The Eccentric meaning contacts evidence overflowing
all the Skeptics have been debunked they try to keep on saying they haven't
all of his stuff and here is this body if there are originally over 1,200 clear predominately but not exclusively daytime UFO photo film and video and some of us on our BBS page you can find a lot of what I'm talking about you have to wait and you'll find it on the blood to B Z's be the host of a ton of info so you can just click on it so what happens here is it we're looking at a body of evidence not only does it sound recordings of The Craft that could not be duplicated state-of-the-art equipment back in the 70s
I think today we certainly would need
30 in a very good computers cuz it says he's had like 30 to simultaneously interfacing frequencies with some in Clyde right there stuff Beyond I've been in one of the recording studios Excalibur were one of the four videos where they analyze these sounds very interesting to know about there's metal samples
you know there was a big fuss made recently about by a UFO expert who's very excited about finding some traces of metals in the ocean that he thinks could be firm evidence of
but I don't think any analysis has been completed nothing that I've heard yet that there is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial manufacturer
you look and you listen to the analysis being done by the late IBM scientist Marcel Vogel as he shows with his vide videos this sample and he keeps zooming in and he gives this whole analysis and basically says that the end of it this is genius of the guy
is any technology available to me as a scientist
I cannot duplicate this it's either made in the cold vacuum of outer space or cold fusion process and I don't have access to either on it that's nice Marshall will go put this out so if you're going to top that was some medals and now I season you better really come up with something because Meyer still has some of these samples and people are so he should have them analyzed again you waste of time Cy in case you ever heard me say this before
the problem is it any scientist
who analyzes honestly Miss capable could come to the very same conclusions because there's no scientist that I can make that he can't duplicate that
so when he comes to the same conclusion at the end of the Thunders interview or videotape any responsible journalist is going to say so then so and so are you telling us that this is actual extraterrestrial evidence made by a dresser if he's honest he's going to say
I can't say that I can't prove that I can only tell you that today even as a scientist I can't make that and I know of nobody else know facility could be made we're talking about evidence
so if you go online or in the news and you're hearing all this Relentless height of the people who are doing the interviewing of the witnesses such as it is basically is Kenneth Smith a former Aerospace executive I've got his credentials on our site and He and Matthew iskowitz former NASA aerospace engineer sent a letter via email that we forwarded to the person that was directed towards a prominent scientist and we're waiting for a response remember these guys also know through their knowledge or experience in the Aerospace business
it what Billy Meier has been presenting his prophetic delayed astronaut Gordon Cooper there's a video where it says you don't be a good photo man switches on these meeting with extraterrestrials mean I don't know why people are so what we have in social media is a big part of this don't underestimate once they moved to Elizondo first he goes to Tom DeLonge University K we got that we got people now in time to Long's fear in the younger people in all of now you've got a real you know intelligence operatives there and government defense do they move out of that into their threat near to sing and they start leading that charge
it was all the phony information and concerns and so you have a lot of the I just put it this way the kind of millennial minded young one of these two minutes before the saw any of this information they were sitting around you know just playing video games where they have no backgrounds and research investigation they don't know what evidence is there a pressed Elizondo said David Gray said that none of you look what David where is it and then the people that now interview people like crush and others they are all slush with enthusiasm because their videos will get a lot of
use and because they don't know if they don't matter think they don't ask any questions nobody ever asks the really important question if the contact with anybody are real tell me my friends what's the reason for them let's see if we have some add another caller let's see he wants to ask explanation of the Giants regarding the Peruvian Village and I will say a few words about that I want to finish on my stream attack on all the year you know Millennial video of people out there and that you don't have to be a millennial 15 Millennium really must find it you just have to have no thinking capacity no understand me would constitute evidence new ability to vet information and evidence no ability to go to the source because the source is this case of course they're kind of Big Sur
so what you do is you as soon as you can because the government is pushing people for the Ross cold heart I think he's interviewing people now so this is how you get destroyed ladies and gentlemen
because this greedy corporate structure America in some media its military and all the rest of the sign on to this application of true self responsibility true reverence for the life and for what does Universal creation is just to kind of let women how do we get no we're not going to ask the big questions here you're going to swallow this nonsense we're really important and there's an evil alien race at least one for seven years has been winding up ready to pitch that one down do I just can't muster it I don't know what's wrong with thankfully David groceries would do well as I know if people can rely on you being
gullible and to Great degree part of me you can try me out I don't care in active you want to consume you the public and it's great and fine with me if you want to exclude yourself from this broad brush please dive into this material criticizing question challenge because what's the common folks and what's common the last even couple weeks if you knew what city is this gentleman I'm presuming
get directions Archie's pictures today so what happens is that
there was an announcement in the news many people sell a 7-foot Giants invade Peruvian Village whatever and they're described you there is extremely evil aliens are extraterrestrials Giant and causing harm to some people there well I read that I don't mean just for the first time I mean I read it 1986
it was authored in 1976
it was called The Prophet 10 by Billy Meier when he presented information ostensibly from the highest of high levels of the spiritual creational energy spheres
polylevel describing the 7 ft tall Giants will come out of hiding in Peru Rod raped you to all sorts of terrible nasty stuff they tie it in with an earthquake in Italy they tied in in the same thing with the coming events to so many countries where there will be blazing fires including American Islands another words they gave us
the Peruvian jungle thing with quakes
the Maui fires if you want to understand American Island always an American Island
one of the main ones her teeth and more and this material this higher standard of proof is overflowing in this case and by that but I mean specific hundreds of examples of perfectly accurate scientific geopolitical environment medical oh yes Medical Old yes guess what they talked about as far back as 1948 guess what they talked about and what they called as a terrible coming situation for which they would also be a terrible coming fake solution or we won't talk too much about this until we know we can of course but
all of this information to coming Financial collapse Billy Meier told me about it in 2006 he publishes more information 2017 the coming US Civil Wars the two new US Civil Wars that I thought was a joke when I read him that property in in 1976
Wars in America no not laughing anymore
many of you were not either and guess what these people are equal opportunity offenders they are not politically partisan they've got something bad to say about most people yesterday more bad to say but say recently about Trump and things pertaining to other people and there's more coming
there are things that are coming our way and we've long been forewarned.
And not just like I do but we have done everything possible on the blog to Kate to keep the warnings in front of you and what happens is every time one of these things happens that confirms what Billy Meier verifiably to a scientific and legal standard of proof published we put it up none of the Skeptics there's a guy named Nick West we chased them away I guess when he couldn't handle seeing that Myers films couldn't be duplicated he won't answer any more fearful guy who killed Michael Shermer
who played Steve Novella see if I West is organization to try to challenge the mire evidence back starting right around 2000-2001
they retract and then he still tried to float some okay
I said this isn't really about UFOs of the important information we're going to focus more and more of course if there's new stuff about UFOs a Billy reveals more about it because we have information that I when I was in art school Chicago 1960s we learned about the dogon tribe in Africa a seemingly very primitive tribes that new already about the existence of serious serious be wish I didn't think it'd been discovered at the time they was already talking about it there and it was fascinating because he caught my attention because these guys know these other stars
we have some very interesting information on that as well recent blog
covers bad and ties it into this is perfect as anything I want to see something here when you got
let's see here what we're going to do we've got
technically it sounds like if I'm right the text Lee we have three minutes to go but I can go a couple more minutes I'll go just to the end of what I really wanted to go into tonight
none of the people in media government Sciences ufology for sure it's a pseudoscience you follows use a phony people who declare themselves researchers investigating officer truth doesn't get out
none of those people are
view to the truth we do our thing Billy for his trouble has survived 25 attempts on his life and interviewed Witnesses 249 it's unpleasant that's wonderful
but the people who should cheer
every now and just abandoned anything and everything except lust for celebrity for money for power I'm going to give you a crazy thing or just popped in my mind I see I read it yesterday on my has nothing to do with you there's some crazy woman I'll say it that's my opinion in Virginia I think it's just a running for Democratic office in the state who was just exposed if you were outed for
being on some adults only sites with her husband
performing set it I do not have surpassed I'm here it was watching sex has become a spectator sort of support for people to a high degree it's not a distraction so what happened to she gets busted for doing these acts and for asking for tips donation she's running as a Democrat for political office
and then when this exposure it's such an appropriate when she's has revealed she's complaining and accusing people of sexual harassment not at work she's a mother to children
I think maybe she's also a school teacher determine what school teachers do more things of blush not a moment of Shame for being someone
who possesses no values no ethics no morals apparently if her own itself admitted and revealed story is true but this isn't shameful anymore
this is the country that we Americans live in I don't know if it's just bad you're elsewhere
but this is what people give themselves into
and there's a lot behind this
trend this downward Trend another downward trend is I happened to be anorexic search and I look for stuff American companies no longer American over 100 I think was over 100 formerly red white and blue All American countries owned by other countries many but primarily Russian car manufacturers Ben & Jerry's ice creams Trader Joe's Burger King I mean you name it I'm just scrolling through this stuff
the greed
that is the foundation of the values of this country that's encouraged promoted all the media make more money excessively accessory folks the bill is coming due
it's coming do so
we are just about at the magic I'm probably not going to go too far over here
I'm going to Simply go back to something I know he said a few minutes ago about nobody asks about if the contacts are real what's the reason for them in the material that I talked about we probably should not this higher standard of proof
all these prophecies and predictions
they're tied in with even deeper information in a causal way of teaching the non religious belief free teaching creation energy they're tied in here with an essential element that is the meaning of these
contacts. The reason for them is to help us ensure our own very threatened future survival
and they have to get our attention the Meyer case helps really pumped this UFO controversy I'm starting stressful but unfortunately since that time the attention span of human beings in their interests have dwindled down with the Advent of course of all the things we student that are good tools for everything he just wants the eye candy they want the phenomena UAP on identify the aerial phenomena because people don't want to figure out a little nothing more in-depth they want to talk about phenomena well the things that we posted Billy's like you know if I turn this way or turn that way whatever there's a craft in front of Billy's house here sitting on the ground in this thing that I flashed a moment or two ago is a detail from that are reproducible no Skeptics can or have made it they might want to take years and
you don't need tricks of all certainly can't do it anyway and they haven't picked a date
so we are pretty valuable to society
pretty empty
we're concerned with the nominada and this case is concerned with Evolution which is going to take a
speed ramps for a hundred years or so now it isn't all doing good obviously there's a lot to say here and it's not all pretty but if you go to the blog going to start digging into this same question same challenges glad to see it but read the material
read through these analyses were happier
and you start to understand that this case really is about a promise that goes back actually millions of years as to what we can to come behind me is a kind of not full you can see the whole image this is the real original peace symbol
see that little black and white senior and the bigger Tree of Life this when it's pointing down is the symbol for death and War it was a whole meditation done three months that people here on Earth and apparently by / 3.2 billion extraterrestrial human beings who would like something that we should start Desiring ourselves to and that is to see that you made kind you mean race survives
so until next time
a good cheer
contact us share this information and come to your own conclusions and decisions and we intend to and we want to keep this going for you so what
be safe and Serene and this peace symbol here is called of Siloam a t symbol in that word so I make peace to all beings everywhere
good night see you next time on the UFO report

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