Galactic Connection: Alexandra Meadors: Helping Humanity Discover Its Galactic Connection, May 16, 2017

Alexandra Meadors

Andrew Fischer of "Nature Of Reality Radio" interviewed Alexandra on May 3, 2017. As Alexandra is presently on a mission in Europe, and not available to host her regularly scheduled program on BBS Radio, Galactic Connection is posting this interview instead. Finally, we get to hear Alexandra on the other side of the microphone.

Galactic Connection: Disclosure Activism: How to End the Truth Embargo, March 28, 2017

Lisa Galarneau

Dr. Lisa Galarneau, a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, US Army veteran, and an ET experiencer from the age of 5, is the founder of, an organization committed to illuminating the truth about our extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional visitors.

Galactic Connection: Updates on Earthly and Exo-Politics, and our "Destiny to Evolve", September 13, 2016


In this fascinating and wide-ranging interview, Tolec and Alexandra share their perspectives on many earthly and galactic matters of pressing importance.

As You Wish Talk Radio, August 8, 2015

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland Interview with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

New Realities, July 7, 2015

Timothy Green Beckley

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

Interview with guest Timothy Green Beckley, UFO researcher

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