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Trauma Attachment Empowerment, August 16, 2023

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Trauma Attachment Empowerment
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Guest, David Alan Benson, Insight Biofeedback

Trauma Attachment Empowerment with Dr. Melanie Burton

Guest, David Alan Benson, Insight Biofeedback

Guest Name, David Alan Benson

David Alan Benson
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Greeting Q, I am David Alan Benson. I was born on May 7th 1947 to Richard John Benson and Pauline Swisher Benson at the Bridgeport General Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I have received two years of college education as a preparation veterinary school of medicine student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas from 1965 through 1967.  I left my college dream while on academic probation and joined the USAF on February 1st 1968.  I was trained as a veterinary technician specialist and began my first assignment in Adana, Turkey at Incirlik AB in September of 1968.  I am also a Vietnam Veteran that served there from December of 1970 through December of 1971.  I have been married three times, divorced from first wife and widowed from second wife with her passing from ovarian cancer after a 25 year marriage.  I am estranged from her family members except from her brother who also was a USAF Veteran.  My present wife has been widowed twice before and is member of the Purple Heart Veterans Wife's Organization.  I have numerous life experiences that could never be used in the medical field of discipline since I only held training as a Hypnotherapist while studying at the International College of Hypnosis Studies in Miami, Florida paid for by the GI Bill while I was on active Air Force duty at Homestead AFB in Homestead, Florida.  I have received an Esprit de Corps Award from classmates in 1979 while attending the Tactical Fighter Command's NCO Academy at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas. My ability to communicate with a broad variety of humans from various cultural backgrounds and careers or occupations has brought me great satisfaction and assisted me in earning my daily bread throughout the 70 years of my life prior ot retirement.

My dream is to create a consulting and ,mental relaxation clinic using my skills at inducing Progressive Relaxation through simple hypnotic verbal inductions and presentation of suggestions which subjects will find inclusively adapted within their daily lives for calming and centering.  I am also a practitioner of Genius Insight Applications which use frequencies similar to Rife's to center the expenditure of bodily energies within the chakra centers by making analyses within an algorithm based upon scans done from subjects voice reciting their name and the vowels; as well as from a recent photograph.  I do not need to perform the collection of required data in person but can use an application found here : this application is called Insight Quanta Capsules.  The subjects can be provided with a capsule for free or by purchase and then from their cellphones send a request to my email for an analysis as well state the problem symptoms that they believe might be causing them stress.  Note, this Genius Insight App is not a diagnostic tool but using its algorithm data bank to select frequencies to lower areas that are expending too much energy and to raise other areas that seem too low and needing more energy to function more effectively.  I am also associated with another community of persons that believe that they have been taken/abducted into covert projects and made into Super Soldiers and are having memories of 20 and Back experiences on other planets, asteroids and universes.  So, I am free to be used for past life regressions through hypnosis without the use of mind altering drugs.  I have personally had telepathic communications with a passed over relative who in the 1970's was publishing under the name of Aram Church Publications and while I was serving in Vietnam he used a new value for Pi.

3.1565656 multiplied by 3.5555555 (parsec value) times eleven (11) = 123.45678

Then the source of Aramath (area and radius mathematics) passed in October of 1986 I went into an altered state of consciousness in October of 2008 while reading Wired Magazine; as the to my visual perception the center pages of the magazine went blank.  Then four ones appeared on the left and four more ones appeared on the right and I asked silently what do I do with these; then a thought to make the center fold a decimal  point.  Okay. so now what?  Another thought was to square the expression.

(1111.1111.)(1111.1111) = 1234567.8 was my product.  I could see the similarity of the first equation's result using Pi was 3.1565656 and a ParSec value of 3.5555555 times each other and then times eleven.

Playing with a scientific calculator I squared (11111111)(11111111)=123456787654321 an octave harmonic valuation of integers. no zeros nor 9s.  

Mathematics was never consciously my best subject and had to take college algebra to raise a failing grade while going to Kansas State University during my off-duty hours in Vietnam at the University of Maryland Extension on Bien Hoa AB, RVN.

So, my passion is to work with the art of hypnotic inductions and presentation of positive suggestions within the subconscious minds of the subjects seeking relief from stress, confusion about our ascending into higher dimensional realities that newly awakened souls heretofore have been cognitively dissonant about and therefore the shock of its actual presence within their sensory receptors of mind and sight need calming as their subconscious deals to heal them.

Thank-you for your time Q.

David Alan Benson 


Born male in 1947 on May 7th in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Parents were both WWII US Army Air Corps Veterans.  I was the second of three children.  I disarmed a traffic cop while being held in my fathers' arms as he talked to this policeman in the middle of a busy four lane avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I knew that after watching Jules Verne's 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea movie at age 5 that we were living on a prison planet.  Moved from Connecticut to Illinois around 1954 while I was in second grade.  Moved to Saginaw, Michigan in 1957 when in 5th grade.  Moved to Huntington Long Island, New York when I was in 8th grade (1960)  and in 1961 during my freshman year of High School I moved to Rockaway Borough, New Jersey and attended Morris Hills Regional High School graduating in 1965.  My father's mother, Clara K Benson came to live with us about a year before we moved to New Jersey and I learned of my family's Austrian Hungarian Empire's background.  I had my parents sponsor an exchange student from Switzerland in 1963-64 school year.  I suffered my first emotional shock while a sophomore in High School when my pet dog was run over by a car on the street in front of our house and when I was given his body by my father to bury in the yard. This drove me emotionally to want to become a veterinarian; but I was not academically equipped to compete with other students as was seen by scholastic records.  After enlisting in the USAF and waiting for induction I went to Killington, Vermont on a skiing vacation and extended it several weeks by becoming a Bed and Breakfast Host making beds and serving breakfasts.

I was an excellent airman during my military career but did suffer from chronic depression while on assignment with the USN at Rota Naval Air Station in Spain and was hospitalized and returned to the states for treatment.  I regained my composure and continued to excel within my career field but after returning from Okinawa, Japan while on an unaccompanied tour of 18 months my wife's mother met me at the airport in Dallas, Texas.  The marriage was on the rocks and I was in the process of cross-training to the computer operations field so I had little time to work out any home life problems since I thought my military career was a  primary source of income for the family.  After graduating from Computer Operator School in Kessler AFB, Boloxi, Mississippi I was assigned to Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It was during my accelerated training to obtain a 7 level proficiency rating and advancement to the grade of Master Sergeant I received my petition for divorce from the Court House in Lamar County of Texas.  So, while I was in Okinawa our household goods was held within a storage facility until my return and could acquire my family, but that was not going to happen and I rented a UHaul Truck and drove these household goods to Paris, Texas for my ex-wife, stepdaughter and son to have furniture and necessary things for a normal life.

After returning to Eglin AFB my roommate decided to have a marijuana and drug party in the woods off from where we where living in a concrete bricked cabin on the shore of Choctawatchee Bay.  Most of his party members were also assigned to the Site C-6 Radar Installation and shortly afterwards my roommate left for a TDY to Kessler AFB to interview for an Instructor job at the Electronic School.  I called the OSI to come to the cabin and check out his stash of tobacco looking substance.  I was told by the OSI officers that I might need to move to a new location as things could get uncomfortable, so I looked for a new place to live and hunting the ads in the local paper I found a roommate wanted ad for living in an apartment on Santa Rosa Island in Fort Walton Beach..  I also turned down a reassignment offer to go to Offet AFB in Nebraska.  My new roommate was a veteran of Vietnam,and served in the USA Army and had a brother in the Air Force here at Eglin.  I found out later that he was charged with murdering a fellow Army GI over a poker game in which he claims the man cheated so he shot him from under the table.  The US Army tried to cover up the killing and to rid themselves of him through assigning him duties that were beyond his training and put him in mortal danger of dying .


Trauma Attachment Empowerment

Show Host

The show is for anyone struggling with trauma, mental health illnesses, or who has a family member, friend, child, or significant other affected by trauma or mental health illnesses.

We will be discussing:

  • Current events affecting the community
  • Attachment deficiencies
  • The importance of secure maternal attachment during infancy and childhood
  • The importance of having a secure bond with one’s biological mother

Audience members have the opportunity to call into the show and/or be a guest on the show.

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