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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli
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Threshold To Ascension Radio
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with Ashli and guest Mitch Ehren Owens

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli and guest Mitch Ehren Owens

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, March 21, 2019

Mitch EHREN Owens on Threshold to Ascension Radio
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March 21, 2019

Mitch EHREN Owens has one heck of a story to tell.  After almost two decades in the military, including special ops, and a further career with Blackwater, Mitch's entire life changed on December 18, 2015 with dramatic results.

Today Mitch EHREN is a Truth/Disclosure Advocate, Close Protection Leader, Grid Worker, Spiritual Realm Warrior for the Light and Lemurian Crystal Healer - and that's just a start.

Called to anchor light grids and to assist others in self-healing via crystal, tuning fork and sound healing that is channeled from Higher Dimensions, Mitch EHREN has a passion for supporting others in truly understanding the Awakening Process.

Join Ashli as she chats with Mitch EHREN about his journey, the powerful initiations he has already been through and what he sees is to come.

Mitch's facebook page is Meta-Physical Mitch

Mitch Owens before his awakening
Mitch EHREN Owens surrounded by Orbs in a cave he was guided to grid
Mitch EHREN Owens doing grid work with one of his Lemurian Crystals

Guest, Mitch Ehren Owens

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Mitch Ehren Owens
Mitch Ehren Owens
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Metaphysical Warrior and Walk In
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Mitch Ehren Owens has walked many miles in this current incarnation.  He spent 17 years in the US Military including Special Ops and during his service he was exposed to Agent Orange, Car Bombs, Lead Poisoning and More.  After his military service ended he continued his 3D Warrior journey as part of Blackwater.  

His entire life changed on December 18, 2015 at 3:15pm  when a literal Lightning Bolt from Source struck his physical body while he standing in his driveway talking to his then wife.  At that moment, Jeshua appeared to him and asked him if he was done with this incarnation.  Knowing his work as a 1st Wave Volunteer was complete and wanting to leave Earth he said YES.  At that moment, his current soul left this incarnation and was replaced by the Walk-In now known as EHREN. 

What transpired is an epic story that is still unfolding.  EHREN is a higher dimensional aspect of Mitch and also a Sacred Divine Twin of the woman Mitch would later meet in October 2018. This Walk-In is also a Warrior from the Angelic Realm carrying the frequencies of ArchAngel Raphael and ArchAngel Michael. 

His integration of EHREN into this physical body led to miraculous healings (which he has medical proof of), a shedding of 60 pounds without effort and an embodying of many spiritual gifts including Lemurian Crystal healing, Chakra/Tuning Fork Healing, Orb communication, Star Grid and Earth Grid Activation and much, much more.

Mitch Ehren is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the power of self-healing as well as his understanding of the truth of the Awakening process.  

You can connect with Mitch Ehren via his facebook page Meta-Physical Mitch

Lemurian Crystal Healing with Metaphysical Mitch

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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli

Ashli has an innate ability to bring the esoteric into 3D life.  Through her own contact experiences – and the initiations of her personal spiritual journey – she is able to support and encourage others beyond the illusions of their limitations into their Self Mastery.

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