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The Sports Doctor, October 3, 2018

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The Sports Doctor
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with Dr. Ruth Martens and Jeff Lacour

Dr. Ruth Martens, Medical Director of LuxeSkin Med Spa & Family Physician specializing in Homeopathy, Functional & Aviation Medicine joins me along with Jeff Lacour, PhD/Founder of the Physics of Wellness Institute - uniting the entire complimentary medicine movement. Then, it’s 'The Sports Doctor Is In' with your questions and emails!

Guest, Dr Ruth Martens

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Dr Ruth Martens
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Family Physician, Medical Director of LuxeSkin Med Spa
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Dr. Ruth Martens, MD is a Family Physician specializing in Homeopathy, Functional & Aviation Medicine in Wheaton, IL and has been practicing for 37 years. She graduated from R Franklin Univ Of Med & Sci in 1981 and specializes in family medicine. She is also the Medical Director of LuxeSkin Med Spa in Naperville, Illinois.

Dr. Martens entire career has been marked by loyal patients who appreciate her heartfelt mission: seeing the whole person and helping them feel better rather than treating a problem or disease.

Her onsite presence and passion for excellence ensures all LuxeSkin patients seeking medical procedures receive one-on-one consultations and the highest level of care from qualifying through recovery.

  • Family practice physician specializing in Classical Homeopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine
  • Treasurer – American Institute of Homeopathy Foundation and Foundation for Homeopathic Education.
  • Senior Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Cool Sculpting Certification

“Every person who comes to LuxeSkin will be listened to and educated so they fully understand procedures and feel confident that every step will be executed in the healthiest way possible.”


Guest, Jeff Lacour

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Jeff Lacour
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Founder of Physics of Wellness Research Academy and PhD Nutrition
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Our Team worked together for 35 years to finally make public our theory of Collecting Energy.  It all started with injury to a child by a vaccination in 1974.  The effort took many forms before the first big step forward in research when, in the early 2000's, the first graph was generated by our technology (see aside).   

Never before had anyone recorded the electromagnetic energy levels of the human being!  Physics is the study of energy.  Medicine has been obsessed with chemistry for its entire history.  Founder, Jeff Lacour, realized that chemistry is built on the foundational science of physics. In his search for the key to immunity, having pursued every lead in chemical medicine, he began a study of bio-physics.  The graph you see at the right margin is one of the first examples of tracking energy levels in a human.  Many, many tests later, the conclusion was overwhelming: no one was maintaining a stable level of energy, no one was looking at this foundational marker of health and immunity and, certainly, no one knew what total body energy levels are supposed to be.

Later came more sophisticated methods for seeing and analyzing energy levels using infrared technology.

15 years later, the Academy is rolling out its theory of Wellness/Immunity based on physics.  People will be able, with this information, to by-pass the entire medical  juggernaut and defend themselves from premature aging & body break-down. Moreover, by following the dictates of the Handbook, people can live in a constant state of immunity!

The Sports Doctor

Show Host

The Sports Doctor is in! Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist, specializes in orthotics that improve alignment, stability, balance & performance. He has practiced podiatry & sports medicine for over 30 years in the Aurora- Naperville area and was recently inducted into the prestigious 2019 National Fitness Hall Of Fame. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor™” Radio Show. The show is now featured on BBS Radio Network, UK Health Radio Network & Sports 4 Fanz Radio. Dr. Bob was formerly on HealthyLife Radio and was also on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years. He has written articles for many newspapers & magazines and is a frequent guest on other networks. And his new book, co-written with Sharkie Zartman, titled '#Hey Sports Parents! An Essential Guide for Any Parent with a Child in Sports' - is now available on Amazon!

Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for important topical information for injury free exercise, wellness and sports performance for both adults and kids. Frequent topics include, the role of the foot in sports, all aspects of sports medicine including, proper sports shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.

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