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The Spark, June 29, 2022

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The Spark
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Transform Your Relationship With Money And Step Into Your Power with Patrick Dominguez

The Spark with Stephanie James LCSW

Transform Your Relationship With Money And Step Into Your Power with Patrick Dominguez

Patrick Dominguez is founder and CEO of, and trains people around the world to become extraordinary coaches and healers.

Patrick has coached and trained 1,000s of business owners around the world to break through the inner blocks that get in your way, so you can create the business and life you love.

Patrick brings the latest in neuroscience to help business owners and business professionals create rapid inner change, and to release the deepest blocks and inner ceilings holding them from creating the business impact and results they desire.

Patrick's programs help you transform your hidden fears and blocks into the positive catalyst you need to accelerate your income and impact. When your intentions are aligned with your highest good and you are able to almost magically release the resistance in your way of creating what you want, you’ll have a clear pathway to achieving your goals and aspirations with a whole new level of ease and flow.

Prior to this, Patrick built a multi-million dollar coaching empire called The Big Shift together with Bill Baren.

Patrick holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford University, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Guest, Patrick Dominguez

Guest Name
Patrick Dominguez
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Patrick built a multi-million-dollar business coaching partnership with Bill Baren, and has personally coached and trained thousands. Patrick will share a new process that he took me through called Inner Freedom.
Guest Biography

What if you could release the wounds, triggers, and inner patterns that keep you from the business and relationship success you desire, as well as the inner peace and freedom you desire most?  My guest is Patrick Dominguez. If personal development is not helping and you are spending money on books and courses in hopes of “fixing” yourself, but it’s not working, listen in while Patrick shares the process called INNER FREEDOM. Patrick is the co-founder of The Big Shift, a multi million dollar business with partner Bill Baren, working with business owners around the world and growing their impact. He developed a revolutionary Inner Freedom Process, based on 10 years of working with entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as his own transformational journey. At Wisdom 2.0 Patrick takes you through a 4-step method so you can have a continuous experience of self-love, peace, and feeling secure from the inside, rather than perpetually seeking it on the outside.

The Spark

Show Host

The Spark with Stephanie James is a radio show and podcast designed to ignite your best life and to bring a message of hope, love, and healing to humanity. With a following in 58+ countries, The Spark has been a platform for today’s most influential thought leaders, change-makers, and luminaries to share their voice, wisdom, and genius with a worldwide audience.

Honored Spark guests include Bruce Lipton, Mark Nepo, Arielle Ford, Larry Dossey, Amit Goswami, Don Jose Ruiz, Jamie Wheal, Tom Cronin, Philip Goldberg, and many, many more. In our 4th year with over 100+ episodes, we are setting the bar for meaningful, essential, interviews and information that will help enlighten, enliven, and inspire a world that truly needs all of our collective light. 

Stephanie James is a dynamic presenter, author, filmmaker, transformational coach, and psychotherapist with 30 years in the personal growth and mental health field. She brings her vision and her passion to every episode and connects to the guests in a profound way which brings out the gems and true treasures that they have to offer. Her Spark Summit (and soon-to-be-released documentary, When Sparks Ignite) brought together luminaries from her radio show in a beautiful and unique way that ignited passion, playfulness, and expanded expression in the presenters as well in the audience. 

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