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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 5 March 2022

The Spark with Stephanie James

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The Spark with Stephanie James is a radio show and podcast designed to ignite your best life and to bring a message of hope, love, and healing to humanity. With a following in 58+ countries, The Spark has been a platform for today’s most influential thought leaders, change-makers, and luminaries to share their voice, wisdom, and genius with a worldwide audience.

Honored Spark guests include Bruce Lipton, Mark Nepo, Arielle Ford, Larry Dossey, Amit Goswami, Don Jose Ruiz, Jamie Wheal, Tom Cronin, Philip Goldberg, and many, many more. In our 4th year with over 100+ episodes, we are setting the bar for meaningful, essential, interviews and information that will help enlighten, enliven, and inspire a world that truly needs all of our collective light. 

Stephanie James is a dynamic presenter, author, filmmaker, transformational coach, and psychotherapist with 30 years in the personal growth and mental health field. She brings her vision and her passion to every episode and connects to the guests in a profound way which brings out the gems and true treasures that they have to offer. Her Spark Summit (and soon-to-be-released documentary, When Sparks Ignite) brought together luminaries from her radio show in a beautiful and unique way that ignited passion, playfulness, and expanded expression in the presenters as well in the audience. 


The Spark, November 2, 2022 Inner Fuel for Difficult times with Her Holiness Bhavana Shinde
The Spark, October 26, 2022 Beverly Biehl, Feng Shui Master, Creation Catalyst, Energy Alchemist, Coincidence Creator, owner, The Intuitive Interior
The Spark, October 19, 2022 The Giving Model with John Abbott
The Spark, October 12, 2022 Guest, Peter Simon Katz, Canadian singer-songwriter, Twitch streamer, 2012 Juno Award nominee & Emerging Artist of Year
The Spark, October 5, 2022 Finding the Beauty in Everything with Robert Sharpe
The Spark, September 28, 2022 How to be in Flow and Alignment with Makoshi Nejeser
The Spark, September 21, 2022 Breathing Underwater with Beth Inglish
The Spark, September 14, 2022 Guest, David Essel, positive thinking movement
The Spark, August 31, 2022 The Longevity of Love; A User's Guide with Gene Gates
The Spark, August 24, 2022 Guest, Jaemin Frazer, The Insecurity Cure
The Spark, August 17, 2022 Guest, Karl Mecklenburg
The Spark, August 10, 2022 Guest, Heather McAbee
The Spark, August 3, 2022 Guests, Dr. Barbara Grossman and Dr. Michael Grossman
The Spark, July 27, 2022 Success to Significance with Jen Du Plessis
The Spark, July 20, 2022 Miracles Happen with Dr Marni Hill Foderaro
The Spark, June 29, 2022 Transform Your Relationship With Money And Step Into Your Power with Patrick Dominguez
The Spark, June 22, 2022 Faust A Ruggiero, cutting-edge counseling programs, pursuit of professional excellence & personal life enhancement
The Spark, June 15, 2022 Guest, Christopher Maher, former Navy SEAL, physical, mental, and emotional stress as a child and in military service
The Spark, June 8, 2022 Guest, Lou Diamond, Founder & CEO Thrive, dynamic speaker and master connector
Stephanie James LCSW
Fort Collins
Transformation Coach, film maker, speaker, psychotherapist, author and host of The Spark

My parents used to call me “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” No matter what challenges I have faced in my life (and believe me, there have been a lot!) I continued to break through limiting beliefs, open my heart, and reach new depths of healing and expansion; continuing to cultivate a truly ignited life full of purpose and passion.

I can help you create a life that takes you, your goals, and your passions to the next level.  As you gift yourself with tapping into your full potential, you begin to transform all other areas in your life; your work, family, and self-concept are all positively affected.

What lights you up?  

As a psychotherapist, transformational life coach, presenter, radio show and podcast host, author, and film maker, I have experienced what it means to live fully lit up and fully alive. I have gathered wisdom from some of the most amazing minds and serving hearts on the planet and have synthesized their wisdom with my own knowledge and experience to help amazing individuals, just like you, expand their vision of themselves and ignite their purpose. 

My personal purpose is to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. I know that as we live as the greatest versions of ourselves, we illuminate the way for others to do the same. The unique light that is you was meant to shine bright in this world.

Shine on!

With light and love,