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Guest Name
Patrick Dominguez
Guest Occupation
Patrick built a multi-million-dollar business coaching partnership with Bill Baren, and has personally coached and trained thousands. Patrick will share a new process that he took me through called Inner Freedom.
Guest Biography

What if you could release the wounds, triggers, and inner patterns that keep you from the business and relationship success you desire, as well as the inner peace and freedom you desire most?  My guest is Patrick Dominguez. If personal development is not helping and you are spending money on books and courses in hopes of “fixing” yourself, but it’s not working, listen in while Patrick shares the process called INNER FREEDOM. Patrick is the co-founder of The Big Shift, a multi million dollar business with partner Bill Baren, working with business owners around the world and growing their impact. He developed a revolutionary Inner Freedom Process, based on 10 years of working with entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as his own transformational journey. At Wisdom 2.0 Patrick takes you through a 4-step method so you can have a continuous experience of self-love, peace, and feeling secure from the inside, rather than perpetually seeking it on the outside.