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Saving with Steve, September 27, 2022

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Saving with Steve
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Guest, Tom Hamil, Rving, August is Adventure Month

Saving With Steve with Steve Sexton

Guest, Tom Hamil, Rving, August is Adventure Month

Saving with Steve

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The Save With Steve Show, hosted by Steve Sexton will help you with ins and outs of money. We talk about financial issues that that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night.

We talk about “money”… tax reduction, saving more, how to spending less and get more, 401k’s, risk management, retirement, and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money.

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everyone has their own unique views and needs when it comes to financial success if you'd like to leave your financial woes behind and live a life of Financial Freedom you've come to the right place welcome to the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton the show will help you with the ins-and-outs of money we talked about financial issues that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night we talked about money tax reduction saving more spending less 401K risk management retirement and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happy relationship with money now here is your host of saving with Steve Steve Sexton having a happy healthy relationship with money you know what I want to thank you for joining us today my name is Steve sex and I want to thank you for telling your friends and family members about the show at the word keeps bread and he's just getting a larger audience<br>I do receive so we really appreciate you do on your part to share this with your friends and family I also want to thank you say big thanks to our feelings like you can't help radio BBS Radio AM FM 247 even wonderful partners and we're just very grateful for you last week we had Steve's how to access the equity in their homes so we can cover emergency income in retirement and so much more he's discussed the ins-and-outs of reverse mortgage if he's even checked into you want to check this out go to saving with Steve. You need your ass that's where website is you can look at all 92 episodes in fact Steve's number 92 do you need to know about social security benefits and how could benefit the how to maximize its you know what today we're going to be talking to Tom Hammel he's the director of the RV<br>group at Kuhn Auto Show August is Adventure month what better way to take an adventure but by renting or owning an RV and expanding and experience the whole wide world a whole United States note I'm going to talk about you know what how it's less expensive to rent an RV as opposed to stay five nights in a hotel with a bunch of kids take care of the food all that kind of stuff and how you can have a wonderful experience it's going to be an outstanding episode which is really talking about social security what you need to know about spousal benefits so first of all what you need to know you have to have to be eligible for social security number to you have to be married for at least one year twelve months you have to be married OK after that the benefits is based off two different thing OK defer stock option is based off your earnings record so you can go to if you haven't already done so and take a look at your earnings record okay the second option is if you<br>earnings for Social Security is not more than 50% of your higher income-earning spouse at full retirement age you're entitled to 50% okay what the hiring Cameron spouse must be at full retirement age in order for you to get 50% today and you would also have to take yours when you're at full retirement age now if your spouse is Harmony and you or say 62 years old you could take it as early as age 62 but you have to know that getting 50% of your spousal Social Security benefit at full retirement age 62 get reduced by 25 or 30% so you really want to make sure that's the right way to go for you it might be perfect for you. Now there's many ways to maximize spousal benefits is important to take a look at how your spousal benefits of that guaranteed income which is social security fits into the context of your retirement gave you went along to take it going to be taking money out of your account could create problems for you down the road because you might need that money for<br>how about kids or whatever okay it's important to take a look at it if you don't have long do large longevity in the family so you really want to take a look at that again go to if you're looking for a social security Now sis to find out how to maximize your benefits hey you know what you can go to viewers and shading with Steve. U.s.a. biewer that saving with Steve. Us and you know what will help you out to will find it we feel we've already got a partner that will provide that Social Security Now sis for you you don't even walk you through it now if you're married and now you're divorced are you entitled to spousal benefit yes you are you have to be married for at least 10 years providing you been married for at least 10 years you now have the ability to get spousal spousal benefit third with call divorce benefits and here's how it works you can get 50% of your spouse is full retirement benefits just like you would if it was the spousal benefit okay many people don't file for these<br>because they think they're sex Bowser they had a contentious divorce will find out of that will they won't are you really need to know their names Social Security and show your divorce certificate that you've been married for 10 years you're good to go okay next what happens if your spouse passed away and you're entitled to survivor benefits you can take your survivor benefits as early as age 60 if you do you'll get 71.5% of your deceased spouse's or retirement benefits important to understand that if you went to 62 63 64 65 more you so Security will get taken away and you'll be left with a large the two so it's important to plan hey what happens if your spouse one of my spouse has passed this way I've got a couple they're both getting about $2,500 a month one of them passed away that's a loss of $30,000 a year so you want to plan for if that were to occur when you're somebody's in their mid-eighties okay know what happens if your spouse passes away<br>I think they're entitled to a Survivor benefit as well if you're under the age of 18. And you know I'm not used to be used for food closed school things like that for the benefit of those kids so folks little little note here when it comes to spousal benefits it's really important that you know what you're getting into you know what I had a couple that we're looking at with it you have a key was divorced she was divorced her divorce benefits for $1,200 a month there are getting all excited about getting your married again and all that stuff but they didn't realize when you have the worst benefits if you get remarried your new benefits are either going to be based off of your earnings record or your new spouses and we did the math and figured out you'd only be getting about $800 a month of $400 loss think of that $4,000 a month that's almost $5,000 a year if your on social security for the average 22 to 23 years has over 100,000<br>dollars in Lost Revenue so it's important to understand how Social Security bits in the context of early retirement because you could be making small little decisions that great big big impact on your retirement you don't want your money falling through the cracks that you just don't know so again if you would like to figure out how to maximize your social security benefit real simple real straightforward will provide the forms in the information I'll just go to viewers at skating with Steve. USS beers at saving Steve. Us and just put Social Security calculations in the subject line and will respond with requesting some information and I'll get right back with you after we do the analysis for you around here interviewing Tom Hamil he's the director of RV and Auto and RV group Hakuna do you could be talking about adventuring with an RV to stick with this will be right back more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show<br>don't let your financial woes keep you up at night and prevents you from living a life of Financial and personal freedom hi I'm Steve Sexton post of the saving with Steve show where did he talk about the in an ounce of money those financial issues that could be costing me thousands of dollars causing stress keeping you up at night we're going to talk about money tax reduction saving more spending your investment risk management retirement and everything is so she ate it with you having a healthier happy relationship with money so if you've ever dreamed of living a life of Financial and personal freedom you owe it to yourself and your family to tune in to the saving with Steve show join me Steve section of the saving with Steve show as we talked about everything under the sun when it comes to money to learn more about the show visit saving with Steve. Us that's saving with Steve. Us saving with Steve. Us will see you soon<br>welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton is an ounce of money pretty much everything under the sun that really see you having a happier or healthier relationship with money my name is Steve sex and I want to welcome you today you know our viewers and listeners are growing we have over 500,000 listener throughout the United State almost 100,000 more overseas they were cheap growing fruit growing I want to thank my nephew lives at MFM 247b vs Radeon UK Health radio for sharing the word and making sure people can live a life of personal and Financial Freedom by the way you can go check a look at all the episodes behind-the-scenes stuff get your guest gifts and more so check out that dating with Steve. Us and if you have a topic that you would like us to talk about like this next one coming up it go to viewers at stating with Steve let us know what your guest and you might be seeing that pretty soon<br>let's just get to that topic what are the best ways to see the US and the rest of the world is through an RV here in the Lacs do you think going to take your own pace not have to worry about booking a hotel and Air flight you know what using an RV as an alternative travel to a car a plane or hotel to help you save money and create more relaxed travel experience we have Tom Hamil he's the Army director Kuni Auto and RV groups of Tom welcome to the show me read it read it cuz we have a lot of listeners that like our being and I have a lot of relatives of arving so you know I am looking forward to this a lot in your experience in question here I know that Kuhn Auto and RV group know we got 40 locations or 13 specifically just set for RV so you guys have a lot of experience as you deal with a lot of people they have<br>you know what everybody probably talks about their travel experiences dissociations are involved with in the events that they have but you know in your experience is an RV director tune can you share more of an RV travel the last few years with the RV industry is that exploded the last couple years after covid we've had a lot of girls in the business I think we needed that was you know people were wanting to still be go out enjoy their lives a lot of the country shutdown honestly a lot of businesses things that are RV parks were open and the reason why is because it's outdoors and safe it's it's it's a great time to spend time with your families when people had some time off to work the selection of Barbies with good weed Brandon deliver the last year cuz we sold some money to do a lot of Manufacturers couldn't get product families that you know we seen a big connection on family spending time with each other more the last couple years than ever before which is been really kind of exciting thing for us<br>could you about the different options does it make sense to read purchase What's the ups and downs with all that you know a lot of people are wondering brought up rental rental in the last two years has grown up is going up there today we carry a pretty good Fleet of rentals in across the board and people that didn't know if they want to take the initial jump into jumping into spending the money on will it be a smaller travel trailer all the way up to a class a motor home did you some rest of the try it out to see if it's something that their families can enjoy their life in the lifestyle of it and with that are still as well but yeah we carried anywhere from a 14 ft trailer all the way up the 45-foot motorhome send it's kind of interesting to see that every segment over the last several years grown significantly as people<br>it's something we see across the border and he's been really good for us it's not like that if you're flying in a plane cuz you got to get off the plane and get your luggage get the rental car go to the hotel check-in and then you're exhausted so that Queen we've had I've had that happen to me that this past year and yes it's it's been an interesting thing with a lot of lot of staffing issues at hotels we've seen a lot of people out there looking to just be have more sensory thing that they know those taken care of the way they want to take care of so Spanish drink lots of different things like that and long-term what's the best recommendation you can make for somebody who's looking at trying to figure out if this is right for me and then you know where is it become make sense to actually own as opposed to wrap I think that<br>get the alerts right to them is just that they've never done it before he likes by people in her and her own still be able to grow up with RV & camping with your family but we also get the new the newcomers that are and have always done Hotel Travel Inn in case we do want to try it out a lot of different interest rates vary depending on whatever you can go longer term with the shorter interest rate and he knows it took a lot of states in Wisconsin called Sheila texted right off the interest of your launders 3% interest you can write down so next week so I'm speaking with me seeing a lot of people are trying I'm trying for a week or two and then they come back in the Bible<br>will you go to get that all of the small travel trailer with a five or six years you're open to a nice big fifth wheel some people go to a big motor on the deadline but it's something work your way up on as you chose your budget increases so one of the other questions that we have is basically you have a house and you have a big vehicle those houses in vehicles do have problems from time to time why do people need to understand if their vehicle has an issue how to get it resolved or there'd be a flat tire fuel pump or electrical thing how they handle that when they're out of the open road the good thing isn't on the open road you do have service technicians are not serving me a mobile mobile service companies will come around and do things as a company we offer mobile service to our customers going to get someone to help me out there are service contracts in roadside assistance to help people with their shaded you have a tire around on the side of the road you need to do you need to get that changed we have we offer mobile service<br>call Ashley and roadside service to get you back on the road you know throughout the state of Wisconsin to get mobile service technicians it'll come out the campgrounds in 6:15 instead of campgrounds for customers it's something wrong with trying to expand sometimes you know the future or the past we didn't have as many of that doing on this many technicians were able to do that if something as we grow our business or really focus and I'm trying to get that extra service outside of the sale is a bill to help people when they're on the road at the rent a campground has any issue come up there a we want to do the trying to give the best service we can to get him taken care of but there's a lot of that we do offer the extended service contract things like that Across the Nation have to travel across the nation there are different manufacturers are different companies that offer roadside assistance are on across the country with our service contracts to get that part of the deal we will actually help find that that company for you to come to you which is better we try to be as much<br>keep Angeles is the RV business perfect on it and all we know is an industry we need to get better at service across the board and I think if he has anybody runs an RV dealership is something we're always trying to cancel improve upon our dealerships along were trying to expand their service facilities in every one of our dealerships in we own and in we look at buy a buy a new dealership something we look for is a service what is the service like right now and will help me improve it to give our stuff was a better experience across the board on Hamill more shaving with Steve more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show<br>don't let your financial woes keep you up at night and prevent you from living a life of Financial and personal freedom hi I'm Steve Sexton post of the saving with Steve show where did he talk about the in an ounce of money does Financial issues that could be costing me thousands of dollars causing stress keeping you up at night we're going to talk about money tax reduction saving more spending your investment risk management retirement and everything is so sweet with you having a healthier happy relationship with money soon as you've ever dreamed of living a life of Financial and personal freedom you owe it to yourself and your family to tune in to the saving with Steve show join me Steve sex and out of saving with Steve show as we talked about everything under the sun when it comes to money to learn more about the show visit saving with Steve. Us that's saving with Steve. Us saving with Steve. Us will see you soon<br>welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton talk about the ins-and-outs of money pretty much everything others that are you having a happier healthy relationship with Muddy hey if you like you can always go to the Facebook group like I said you get gifts gifts I review shows get the behind-the-scenes stuff with a lot of people love and with that let's start right back into Adventure months here we have Tom Hammel he's the RV Direct Auto and RV group you give us some great information about the RV industry we've been talking about the ins-and-outs of everything for getting her your rig fixed if you're having a problem on the road with a running ronan's the right thing but now let's talk about renting costs associated with that breaks down compared to airfare and things like that especially if you're staying at home with Shane<br>family and so on so you know what when it comes to reading Tom how does it compare with travel so if you're you know you got a family of four what size motor home would you recommend for somebody with a family of four small Class C motorhome with wood handle a family of four without a problem is to get the bunk over the cabin that are over the cab you got the bed in the back so the small Class C anywhere from 24 ft to be we went out up to 31 ft Class C motorhomes you going to be able to get that scanner the cost of that it's going to be under $1,500 a week for you to take a family to a hotel or people you need a couple rooms of the house you're spending money on you to spend thousands of dollars above and beyond but then you can get your own food eat your own food and maintained by a professional technicians we clean up and everything but the cost is really it's significantly less when you really look at nowadays<br>what are real but they are actually more efficient than an airplane when you're wanting to travel at lien on it at the time that you want to go versus and working around everything else seems to be all the more cost-effective I hope that answers your question little bit together travel plans for your way up till dark it's like weird look at travel plans to go to the Grand Canyon and you know we're going out there so here we are we got four people on a flight just there and back we're looking at more than $2,000 then you know a week in a hotel in a couple of rooms and $400 a night and then you guys eating out three nights out 3 times a day for a week and we're looking at $5,000 where if we're looking at 31 ft motorhome at 1500 a week plus gas<br>and then you buy your own food there's a Bath Savings there you know and I didn't add in the rental car that we were going to have to pay for there's a big difference in cost there and if somebody's on a budget cuz you know what this is all about saving with Steve you know a class E license pretty much everybody has one of those in California and other states you don't have to have a special license for a 31 footer which means in as long as you pay attention while you're driving you should be okay but you can actually save a tremendous amount of money and if you're on a budget an Arby's not a bad way to go anywhere near as much as alone and and staying in a hotel like I said the big the big things also get his Insanity. Every night and you get to prepare your own things and you know most most RV parks the rental for a night there is cheaper than Hotel also its significance<br>find hotels in everything else like that for sure not even questioning people to get there 2 hours early it's right in line and hang out with people you don't know and all that kind of good stuff so I get it I get it I totally get it now I want I want to talk a little bit more about the financing if I'm so if you're looking to purchase my understanding and obviously depends on somebody's credit as you could do 5 year loan 10-year loan 15-year loan is that correct I don't understand you're bigger cycle in 20 years at a house right now there's a lot of credit unions are getting better rates than some of the banks unfortunately but the rates are still good through a lot of our bank that we use are you can take these things the average term Harvey right now it's a hundred eighty bucks so 15 years again like I said some of them someplace you can actually deduct from the interest<br>I know a lot of people who have their RV in other states so they can avoid some of the taxes that go along with the RV so you want to look into that if you know what you know when I get a tax advice but you want to talk your CPA about the best state to own an RV in and you might want to find a bit way to be some sort of a resident there or something like that and talk about these RV groups there's manufacturers that have associations for people have certain certain types of coaches could you talk a little bit about that cuz I thought there's a big Community out there that keeps growing and growing Elkhart Indiana last couple days so busy to manufacturers in winnebagos got a big one of those group of forest Rivers got the Frog ruppersberger owners who have their ex and the rally next week down in Elkhart Indiana<br>people are involved in that which is kind of fun but the groups are fantastic things and how to do different things at least we have a few groups that there are customers are getting involved in more it would try to help them they have owners owners meeting at some of her dealership once a month will invite her orders come in to help out with different ways to help our customers at the Easter stories and then have been part of it for a long time Family motor coach association which has been a big thing for a lot of big motor homes across the country have been involved in community of people sharing ideas with each other in the manufacturers and dealers we understand what you're looking for and the guys on the force for<br>a lot of great things to say about some stuff that new product launches that are coming out on time do new products or coming out of what customers are looking for in the Arby's and they're listening to over there helping us make sure we had to add that car too that we can Dad or whatnot so there's a huge thing right now a lot of people looking for solar panels<br>what's the what's the must-have what's the new thing with RV in right now is it solar panels lithium batteries the AGM batteries in it give you a longer life but silver is huge right now in for solar we're getting that wi-fi boosters are big thing I just took the consumers younger buyer now is the average age of the kids of the initial a is coming down so that what's important the younger group is now they have to have their mobile device to play Kinect York it's the one connected once I get off because they were there all day enjoying nature in the outdoor stuff probably didn't you know all the new chairs that are coming out all the new math a different fireplace stuff to take them all with somebody stole stole those different things like that Band Wi-Fi so there's a huge deal the lithium battery still expensive but that does does a housekeeper expand their there camping capabilities off-grid a little bit so if you're a dick you know if you go to the nation of our national parks aren't all electrified there's only so many sites that he's Daddy<br>Campground in state parks national parks I'm on the board of directors for the wrva Wisconsin RV Dealers Association and we're trying to get Wisconsin to add more electrified fence to our to our state parks but look at that truck is so big as most of that Park so that's where solar comes in really big is looking better to hold a charge longer things like that it's so people can extend their trips and I can't get them or obstacles and she keeps expanding and having new technology I think it's this really really cool we're coming to the end here I just how can people get ahold of you at cunhado and RV group and you know start asking some questions see how are we sitting here in an RV or purchase an RV you know how can I go about doing that Tom Tom. Hamel is that time is k u n e and my cell phone number if you guys cell phone number 608-345-5259 buy those whenever is the best number to get ahold of that they had a few people to reach out to me I'm going to get in contact<br>my people that are the best place to put them in a Tweed welcome in every for every one of our customers that they would they have my cell phone number so I take it I told me we try to be very transparent on things and help you out as best we can but against Tom. Hamel it's Hamil at and then again phone number 608-345-5259 got it easy Arby director at Kuhn Auto and RV group want to thank you for sharing it with the experience here for adventure month be safety healthy and how wonderful day will hopefully have me on some sometime in the future so much and have a great day for sure your time go to their website and see if it makes sense for you next week we've got a special surprise for you we're going to be talking about Jackie go and I've on jankovic does a CEO and CIO co-founders of reward<br>funny they're going to be talking about the Earth recent merger and hey Will cryptocurrency Survive it's going to be a shining interview we got some smart people that know a lot about the end of this will look forward to seeing you next week stay safe stay healthy by thank you for joining us for the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton to learn more about the show and how to become a guest or sponsor visit saving with Steve. Us that saving with Steve. Us join us again next time as we continue to talk about everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money this has been the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton<br>

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