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Resonation Podcast, November 1, 2022

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Resonation Podcast
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Brian Bruno, Apple Ridge Farms, best foods grown sustainably

Resonation Podcast with The Eunice

Apple Ridge Farms, in Saylorsburg, PA, owned by Brian Bruno and run by a group of hard-working people who are dedicated to producing the best food possible in the most sustainable way possible.

Resonation Podcast

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Resonation Podcast with The Eunice

A high-vibe variety show! A little talk, philosophy, music and comedy!

Topics include; health and wellness, natural living, local farming, traditional practices in nutrition, energy, frequency, resonance, raising one's vibration, music and sound therapy, electromagnetics, and biofields, grounding, consciousness, meditation, animal healing and communication, community, barter and trade, collaboration centers, child-led education, music, comedy, philosophy, minerals, crystals, precious metals and true sovereignty. 

Concepts/themes of channel: 

The message over the messenger

Light over dark

Resonate = return to sound

Re-sound = re-"sounding" information, truths, experiences of others

Basis of show; what RESONATES with audience 

Reso-NATION = community, country, world and UNIVERSE!

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