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Submitted by The Eunice on 21 August 2022

Resonation Podcast with The Eunice

Resonation Podcast with The Eunice
Show Host:
The Eunice

Resonation Podcast with The Eunice

A high-vibe variety show! A little talk, philosophy, music and comedy!

Topics include; health and wellness, natural living, local farming, traditional practices in nutrition, energy, frequency, resonance, raising one's vibration, music and sound therapy, electromagnetics, and biofields, grounding, consciousness, meditation, animal healing and communication, community, barter and trade, collaboration centers, child-led education, music, comedy, philosophy, minerals, crystals, precious metals and true sovereignty. 

Concepts/themes of channel: 

The message over the messenger

Light over dark

Resonate = return to sound

Re-sound = re-"sounding" information, truths, experiences of others

Basis of show; what RESONATES with audience 

Reso-NATION = community, country, world and UNIVERSE!

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Resonation Podcast, November 1, 2022 Brian Bruno, Apple Ridge Farms, best foods grown sustainably
Resonation Podcast, October 4, 2022 Guest, Dr Kia Pruitt, Journalist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, helps clients realize their dreams & lead joyful lives
The Eunice
New York
Teaching artist, Inside Broadway, writer, actor, singer, comedian, and Founder of Studio be Media

Eunice is a full-time photographer, teaching artist and podcaster in New York City. Since 2009 she has been creating and producing child-led, parent approved, summer and after-school programs in the performing and visual arts. She also produces small, local family friendly live events that aim to uplift, connect and build strong healthy, happy communities. She loves cats more than dogs, but not by much. A perfect day includes hours in nature as well as spicy food. She’s never met a cheese she didn’t like and abides by her strict code of “moderation in moderation.”

She feels called to use her gift of gab on this platform to spread good news, cool things or just silliness to raise our collective vibrations! She aims to encourage all to live their lives to the fullest, find their purpose, come together, help each other, live in true sovereignty and celebrate this amazing gift of life itself!