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RADIO TONI, June 23, 2021

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Dr Angela Wilson, Hacking the Hacked Unconscious Mind

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with – Dr Angela Wilson The mind power lady

We have a wonderful guest on the show tonight and before I introduce Dr Wilson where we will be talking to Hacking the Hacked Unconscious Mind

Mind Power Lady, Dr Angela Wilson is Known as the authority of the largely inaccessible unconscious mind. She consults, coaches and trains on how to hack the unconscious mind. So, we can solve human suffering from the cradle to the grave. She is COVID-19 mind matrix specialist and holistic health educator, certified training provider, international speaker, author, and more.

Angela was born as an unexpected extra in the family, she lived a life of being discriminated, tortured and enslaved since birth. Her birthdate was her apology day, and ongoing catastrophic events could have driven her to the end at any moment.

Dr Angela, now has the privilege of living in the medical professionals’ world. It allowed her to observe human suffering and she takes a proactive approach to dominating her destiny. The awakening moment at age six saved her from living in the hell from within. This led her on a journey searching for what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.

As a result, Dr Angela discovered other forces trying to use this part of my mind. I had to fight 24/7 to dominate it. It saved her from suffering like others but uplift to the next level although I was facing devastating moments, like: from drawing at birth; living in fear of being poisoned or abandoned by doctoral parents; daily slavery, discrimination and torture; sleeping with smelling crawling bugs in the quilt; being disfigured by family, forced to use the incorrect birthdate record, to escaping from forced marriage; facing the threat of being removed from genealogy and miracle survival from a potential accidental death in Fi Ji sea. knowing that I put them as the beneficiary in my will when I reached my dreamed success in my early thirties, my parents only expected my immediate accidental death. My early success allowed me to invest over one million US dollars in the past decades, researching the energy loopholes of all kinds of mindset, techniques, etc. I have spent over forty years refining this hacking the hacker formula, benefiting from my unique upbringing in a western medical family with 11 generations of Chinese herbal medicine practitioner Heritage; the 22nd generation on energy healing; academic study; holistic qualifications; rich clinical experience; and unstoppable cross-disciplinary testing by risking her life researching how human mind connects with the physical world, metaphysical world, quantum physics and effects business, career, and personal life. My mission is to rise by lifting others.

Welcome to Radio Toni we are so privileged to talk to you tonight Dr Angie it’s a privilege to have you with us today. We have so much to talk about…..

  1. Lets start at the beginning and talk about your childhood. What was that like? How did you escape childhood trauma and mental health issue?

  2. How did you get to Australia?

  3. You started your business in your early 20’s how hard was that?

  4. Your life’s work is around the unconscious mind – why do people think its inaccessible

  5. What causes the unconscious mind to largely inaccessible?

  6. How did you discover to use the mind at a multidimensional level?

  7. How did you hack the unconscious mind?

  8. Lets talk about the bootcamp – what are the benefits for listeners and where will they find the course?

  9. How can people participate?

  10. How did you escape childhood trauma and mental health issue?

  11. Are you still available for one on one consults?

  12. What’s next for Dr Angela Wilson?

Thankyou so much for your time.

Dr Wilsons links and connections –

Guest, Dr Angela Wilson

Guest Name
Dr Angela Wilson
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holistic mental health educator
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Mind Power Lady, Dr Angela Wilson is COVID-19 mind matrix and holistic mental health educator, consultant, trainer and coach, certified training provider, international speaker, author, and more.

 When most of us live in COVID 19 fear, the sense of uncertainty, she had led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find over forty years ago. Called as the authority of the unconscious mind, she shares her cutting-edge discovery of the easy path to liberate from mind prison that every leader, master, gurus, practitioner on personal development, healing, law of attraction, Neuro-linguistic program, meditation, cultivation, enlightenment are looking for but most are heading to the cliff edge and driving themselves to the end without awareness. Join me May 18th at 12Noon PS-Time as I have the pleasure to interview the Mind Power Lady herself Dr. Angela Wilson 


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Radio Toni is hosted by Toni Lontis, author of Resilience – Memoir of a broken little girl discovering a women of strength and beauty. She is Australia’s rising talkback radio queen, who is not afraid to facilitate interviews across the more difficult conversations of our day, bringing her brand of social consciousness to the airwaves.

Radio Toni is a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to making their life journey inspirational, wanting to leave a legacy for others.

Toni is an inspirational woman who has dedicated her life’s work to helping women and the men who love them to find their passion, purpose and voice.

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