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Life Changing Moments, March 4, 2023

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Life Changing Moments
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Life Changing Moments with Sharon Ann Wikoff


Headlined Show, Life Changing Moments March 4, 2023

In this program I will explore "Right" Relationships. What is a "Right" Relationship to you? When one has a "right" relationship with life, they will be inspired, empowered and soar. What are the "right" relationships in your life?
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“Right Relationships” is a term brought to my attention decades ago. Although the term wasn’t always foremost in my consciousness, I do believe it has been a constant in my life ever since. 

What does the term “right relationship” bring to mind for you? Does it mean one thing with thinking of a particular person and mean something different when thinking about someone else? 

What does a “right relationship” with one’s family entail?

What does a “right relationship” with one’s self look like?

And what might a “right relationship” with our Mother Earth look like?

I actually believe that “right relationships” are one of the most important questions we can reflect upon. 

During this program, I will reflect and explore the different types of “right relationships” mentioned above.  

In order to explore these fields, we will also explore what is a mis-guided or untrue relationship.  Perhaps, as we do so, “right relationships” will become more clearly seen. 

During this planetary transition, a transition that will lead to what some call the Golden Age, where everything is evolving to greater heights, I believe that RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS  are key to explore in order to navigate the terrain ahead.   

Life Changing Moments

Life Changing Moments with Sharon Ann Wikoff
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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Life-Changing Moments is a program dedicated to creating an awareness about the beauty in the little things in life and that life-changing moment can occur at any time. There are moments of magic in each day if we take time to be in the wonderment of life we will fully enjoy them such as being awestruck by the glance of a child or the glimmer of the sun coming through the forest. These special moments sometimes are missed if we are only focused on the agenda of the day or worldly concerns. In order to keep our selves balanced, we must remember to enjoy these magical moments as we open up to the challenges of these times.

In addition, it’s our intention with this programming that YOU will be inspired and moved in a beautiful way…with additional “Life-Changing Moments” in your life. And with one little awareness, one small shift…then everything in your life shifts. Together We Learn… Together We Grow

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