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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 8 September 2021

Life Changing Moments with Sharon Ann Wikoff

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Life-Changing Moments is a program dedicated to creating an awareness about the beauty in the little things in life and that life-changing moment can occur at any time. There are moments of magic in each day if we take time to be in the wonderment of life we will fully enjoy them such as being awestruck by the glance of a child or the glimmer of the sun coming through the forest. These special moments sometimes are missed if we are only focused on the agenda of the day or worldly concerns. In order to keep our selves balanced, we must remember to enjoy these magically moments as we open up to the challenges of these times.

In addition, it’s our intention with this programming that YOU will be inspired and moved in a beautiful way…with additional “Life-Changing Moments” in your life. And with one little awareness, one small shift…then everything in your life shifts. Together We Learn…Together We Grow

Bi-Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
5:00 pm CT
5:55 pm CT

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Sharon Ann Wikoff
Northern California
Radio Host, credentialed Parent Educator/ Consultant, Qi Gong Practitioner, former Elementary Teacher, Piano Instructor, EFT Practitioner, Student and Teacher of the Art of Living Life & Universal Laws & Wisdom

Sharon Ann Wikoff has worked with children and families for over 4 decades. She is a credentialed elementary teacher, adult education Instructor, piano instructor, EFT Practitioner and group facilitator. Throughout all of her various fields of work, the "relationship" aspect of working with others has always been of primary interest to her.  In the 1990's Sharon studied with the Jefferson Center for Character Education.  She brought their Character Educational Program back to her elementary school, trained the staff and oversaw the program for a number of years, until she moved out of state.  The program was instrumental in creating an uplifting atmosphere on the campus and eagerly supported by parents and administrators.

Sharon has been hosting her own radio programs since 2006. Her programming has included The Morning Show, The Family Hour, The Kids Hour, The Voice of Change and Voice of Truth. She enjoys being a voice of truth as well as speaking as a voice for the voiceless…our children. Sharon had a column entitled: “Listening to the Children” in the Gazette for several years when she lived in Northern California.

Her journey in life has been one of exploration into numerous spiritual fields of study namely: The Alice Bailey Books, Qi Gong, The Course of Miracles and the Course of Love, Esoteric Studies, Hanmi Buddhism and studied with Sat Shree for several years. In addition, she’s been the director of children’s spiritual education as several metaphysical churches, namely: Unity, Unitarian Universalism and The Center for Spiritual Living.

Over the last few years from her direct experience she’s observed that it’s essential for all spiritual understanding to be grounded in the practice of “daily life”. Learning to discern truth from untruth, fact from fiction, and taking action based on the deepest truth we know in any one moment, are the ways we can best live our spiritual understanding.