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Life Changing Moments, April 1, 2023

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Life Changing Moments
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Life Changing Moments with Sharon Ann Wikoff


Headlined Show, Life Changing Moments April 1, 2023

Do you ever struggle with creating a "Right" Relationship with your children of all ages? Join Sharon Wikoff for this program as she talks about creating "Fields of Freedom" for our children to live in, even our Adult Children.
Mother with her 2 adult daughters
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CREATING A “RIGHT” RELATIONSHIP… with our children…young and old!

Having a good connection with our children of ALL ages (birth to 50+) is so wonderful.  It allows for peaceful conversations, peace of mind and pleasant interactions.  And when the connection isn’t good, it can create disharmony, inner struggles and often an unpleasant state of mind.

There are many aspects to parenting, so in this program I’m just going to focus on one that I’ve come to call:


When we create a “Field of Freedom” for our children, they are able to be within that field/ space and exercise their freedom.  When I was teaching in preschool & elementary school, I loved to create an art center with a variety of materials and allow the children to create whatever they wanted to.  In addition, I loved to set up home environments where the children were free to play with all the toys and knew they could be creative and have fun.

With teenagers, I found that I could also give them “Fields of Freedom” in which to explore and live, knowing and hoping that they had already embodied what they needed to know in order to use good judgement in whatever situation they encountered. 

When our children become adults, and especially in the world we live in today, where every adult seems to have a little different view on life and how to live, I believe that creating a “Field of Freedom” for all is crucial.  Once a child turns 21 they really graduate into adulthood and have the right to choose their lifestyle, make their own choices and reap the consequences.  And yet as a caring parent this might be very difficult to observe.  How can we still be a caring parent, wanting the best for our adult children and as the same time allow them to live in a “Field of Freedom”.  This is not always easy terrain to walk on.

During this program, I will share some LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS that I’ve experienced and have supported me in navigating ‘Fields of Freedom” for my “children” of all ages…birth and into their 50’s!   

Life Changing Moments

Life Changing Moments with Sharon Ann Wikoff
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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Life-Changing Moments is a program dedicated to creating an awareness about the beauty in the little things in life and that life-changing moment can occur at any time. There are moments of magic in each day if we take time to be in the wonderment of life we will fully enjoy them such as being awestruck by the glance of a child or the glimmer of the sun coming through the forest. These special moments sometimes are missed if we are only focused on the agenda of the day or worldly concerns. In order to keep our selves balanced, we must remember to enjoy these magical moments as we open up to the challenges of these times.

In addition, it’s our intention with this programming that YOU will be inspired and moved in a beautiful way…with additional “Life-Changing Moments” in your life. And with one little awareness, one small shift…then everything in your life shifts. Together We Learn… Together We Grow

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