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My Philosophy/Slant for the Program:

We each are connected to the “Life Force” within and thus have the wisdom to answer any question about life and living that might arise. My role is to share the things that have made a difference for me with the hopes that they resonate with my listeners. If I have direct experience with another I may share that, however, most of the time, I simple will listen and support them in coming to their own answers through meditation, prayer, reflection and self-enquiry.



“Life-Changing Moments” a BBS Radio Program, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff is designed to support humanity in walking through these times of transition with greater ease by (1) allowing yourself to be nurtured by learning to see and seize the amazing moments of awe in nature…magical connections with others, synergized happenings and to use such times to (2) support you in holding the uncertainty of these days with an awe and curiosity of all that has brought us to this point in history; (3) to honor your role in the process by living at this time; staying well, remaining vibrant, being on alert as you increasing stand in your own power, observing and living in such tumultuous times AND (4) we hope that the content of this program will so resonate within you that it will be a catalysis for creating more moments of awe, connection and synchronicity in your life.


A Brief Paragraph About Our Title:

Life-Changing Moments (of Truth, Beauty & Awe) is a program dedicated to creating an awareness about the beauty in the little things in life and that life-changing moment can occur at any time. There are moments of magic in each day if we take time to be in the wonderment of life we will fully enjoy them such as being awestruck by the glance of a child or the glimmer of the sun coming through the forest. These special moments sometimes are missed if we are only focused on the agenda of the day or worldly concerns. In order to keep our selves balanced, we must remember to enjoy these magically moments as we open up to the challenges of these times.

In addition, it’s our intention with this programming that YOU will be inspired and moved in a beautiful way…with additional “Life-Changing Moments” in your life. And with one little awareness, one small shift….then everything in your life shifts. Together We Learn…Together We Grow



Life-Changing Moments

Moments of Awe, Beauty & Truth are magical

We are going through “Times of Transition”

Seize those special moments of awe!

Allow a secondary “attention” to keep you aware of the possibility of the moment

Let us learn to “hold” these times of uncertainty, in body and spirit.

Just by meeting (being with) a time of challenging you may be able to transform a piece of it

When you change just “one” thing in your life (a habit, a practice, a way of thinking or speaking) EVERYTHING in your life shifts.

Calling all Workers for the World!! Are you being called to serve? To make a difference on the planet? To play your role?



What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the Purpose of My Life?

Thus, How do I live?

Many of you probably chose to be here now! Honor yourself by taking care of YOU! (Good Food, Movement/Exercise, Rest, Relax, Living In JOY)


MOTTO: Together We Learn…Together We Grow (this has been a main tag line of mine for over 40 years!

Ways of Living: from my website / bottom header/




This programming is designed to support listeners (humanity) in walking through these times of transition with greater ease by

  1. To support listeners by bringing awareness to the timelessness and awe of enjoying “magical moments” by creating an antenna for seeing and seizing the those special moments of awe in nature… magical connections with others… synergetic happenings

  2. Learning to hold the uncertainty of these days with an awe and curiosity of ALL that has brought us to this point in history

  3. To honor your role in this process by living at this time by staying well remaining vibrant… being on alert as you learn to stand in your own power… observing these tumultuous times…

  4. This program hopes to inspire you to (1) KNOW you are MORE than you think you are (2) There are Universal Laws we can depend and Principles for Living that can guide us (3) We are here to grow, experience, learn, enjoy and to BE! (4) Life is Purposeful (5) Each day is filled with possibilities of experiencing addition “new life-changing moments” (6) Your prayers, intentions & thought forms support you in co-creating life. Thus: Watch what you think, say and do! (6) The Life Force within you is the same Life Force within everything on the planet. We are ONE.