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Donna Seebo Show, December 4, 2013

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The Donna Seebo Show
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Put That Cell Phone Down & Look Me In The Eye

Etiquette...a word that isn't used too often in today's social environment. Yet it is very much a reality and when it comes to proper use of cellphones, texting and various other types of technology we are having a big wakeup call!  Wake up and pay attention because it will affect you in various ways.

Guest, Brian Haggerty

Guest Name
Brian Haggerty
Guest Occupation
Author, speaker, leadership coach, and business consultant
Guest Biography

Brian Haggerty has the rare ability to teach, inform, and influence people while simultaneously making them laugh and boosting their self-confidence. His smooth, but powerful voice captures the attention of audiences immediately, while his dynamic and thought-provoking talks create lasting impressions, and have made Brian a successful public speakers.

“Over the years, building trust and relationships was the key to our success in business and politics. And in order to have successful relationships, I had to embody every ounce of good character, responsibility and being of my word.” -Brian Haggerty

Since 2005, Brian has served his local New Jersey community in the role of Commissioner of Public Works, and as Head of the Department of Public Affairs. Through consistent goodwill, honesty, and humor, Brian has proved himself a unique and positive force in his community, capable of engaging minds, and inspiring hearts.

During his many years in politics, Brian's countless public speeches have led the charge toward positive change, and irrefutably improved the lives of people in his community. Brian believes however, that any natural talents for public speaking were passed down through his family. From an early age, he loved to hear stories of his grandfather, a New Jersey attorney whose courtroom manner was so dazzling, that people would take the bus to the Hackensack Court House just to witness him try a case. His father (who also worked tirelessly in government) was also a tremendous public speaker, while his mother (a school teacher of four decades) perfected his grammar, and fine-tuned his manners.

The key to Brian’s success, not only as a public speaker, but as a politician and businessman, lies in his unique ability to:

    Inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be.
    Empower each and every individual, from all areas, backgrounds, and ages, with the gift of who they are and how they can do anything they wish.
    Illuminate before audiences the great value of civility and the importance of how we present ourselves publicly.
    Demonstrate with kindness, how each one of us has a responsibility to conduct his or herself with graciousness, compassion, strong character, and a respect for all people.

A generous and engaging raconteur, Brian shares stories, anecdotes and personal experiences from his life to demonstrate how each principle he teaches has shaped and formed his approach to these ideals. While his personality and delivery is similar for all audiences, stories and experiences are chosen to perfectly fit the audience being addressed.

Brian believes that effective business leaders can learn to refine themselves, expand their knowledge of social and business etiquette, improve upon their communication skills, develop charisma, presence, and strengthen self-confidence for any social or business setting.

Donna Seebo Show

Show Host

Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, psychic, award winning author, teacher, counselor, minister, speaker and radio/television personality.

As a talk show host Donna really excels. Guests on her programs include CEO's of Fortune 500 companies to working mothers. Her interviews embody a golden voice that shines with passion, purpose, sincerity and humor. She is one of the few media hosts in the country who actually read the material authors submit before booking them on the air.

Tune in for an "Hour of Mind Power". Callers are welcome to call in for a live on air psychic reading during the second half hour of each show.

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