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Digital Transformation, November 14, 2019

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher & Jay Matta S1E3

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Digital Transformation with Jack Maher & Jay Matta
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with Jack Maher & Jay Matta

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher

Jack and Jay speak with James Breunig and Hoda Alshami about Agile, DevOps, and how companies can implement Agile practices without big costs (especially newer and smaller organizations)and technology tools that enable innovation and responsiveness that delight stakeholders even in highly complex technical environments and regulated industries.

James walks us through an Agile (Scrum) implementation at a small IT shop (<10 people) on a shoestring budget, while enabling growth and scaling without any need to re-tool or re-organize.  Then Hoda tells us about the responsiveness they were able to provide to hurricane victims who needed immediate changes to business rules and capabilities in a highly complex and regulated environment, using the practices James describes.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher & Jay Matta
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Jack Maher

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher and Jay Matta

We explore what Digital Transformation is, and is not, to help organizations leverage their resources most efficiently, and to fuel their growth through increased speed to market, greater innovation, and responsiveness to changes in their environment and stakeholders. Episodes address specific topics and/or interview leaders who share their journey to date with the goal of helping others emulate their successes and avoid their mistakes.

The Digital Transformation show is a half-hour show that explores and illustrates how organizations use technology to build relationships with their customers, clients, and constituents to better understand and fulfill their needs.  Whether you're a small to medium sized organization, or in the Fortune 500 we help you see what others are doing so you can learn from their mistakes and successes. We explore both your internal and external focus.  By focusing on employees and associates in a meaningful way that improves their work environment and experience, organizations unlock customer obsession. By using digital technologies to engage customers and prospects, and help organizations disrupt markets to their mutual benefit.

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