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John F "Jack" Maher, MSIS, PMP, DOL, CAL
John F "Jack" Maher, MSIS, PMP, DOL, CAL
New Albany
Digital Transformation Evangelist, innovator, speaker, author, DevOps Trainer & Coach, & sometimes bulldog

Jack is a leading expert in decimating costs and dramatically slashing the time it takes to get business enabling technology solutions from idea to market while improving associate engagement.

Jack is Co-author of Standing On Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation, and the creator of Deterministic Process Design® which received USPTO recognition for business and technology architecture, consulting, implementation, and process design.

He is well known for delivering previously troubled projects, highly complex and difficult programs, and especially organizational transformations. Clients include Nationwide Insurance, American Electric Power, Johnson & Johnson Ethicon, and McGraw Hill, to name a few.

As a forward-thinking problem solver, he gets things done! Jack is instrumental in working with C-level executives to bring consensus on complex issues and getting directional alignment around organizational transformation.

Jack and his team will transform your organization with resilient processes that accelerate your delivery, creating a path of repeatable and evolutionary methods that transform your practices to support DevOps with a focus on delivering business enabling technology faster, better, and cheaper.

His knowledge, experience, and lessons come from his time at Nationwide as the executive who designed and led the teams implementing Lean, Agile and DevOps processes supporting enterprise technology development & delivery value streams.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Xavier University and a Master's degree in Information Science from Penn State and has worked his way up the business and IT ladders in Fortune 500 companies.

Jack is also a US Army veteran and an avid scuba diver.

Digital Dialog

Digital Dialog with Jack Maher
Show Host: 
Jack Maher

Digital dialog

As we enter the digital age,

the frequency and amplitude of change
continues to increase in every part of our lives.

We must use digital tools to survive.

When properly used, digital tools enable the savvy to thrive.

We explore the intersections, overlaps, and voids of today's digital reality
and the many ways we create and deliver value as we align our resources with our values.

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The Digital Dialog show offers a range of guests the opportunity to share their experiences, their work, their art, their ideas, and their messages with Jack & Jay, the other guests, and the world. This is a forum for feedback and expression.

Our Story and Show Structure

Digital Dialog is an entertainment show that leverages the intersection of guests who have interesting stories to tell and audiences who want to be engaged with topics that interest them in a meaningful way.  Our theme of “digital tools enable the savvy to thrive” appeals to different audiences in different ways but unite on a common goal of thriving in an increasingly complex landscape.

The show recording experience is an example of how we are applying contemporary tools in ways that enable us to develop valuable relationships.  We facilitate the creation and delivery of value and core values in every dialog or value exchange.  The biggest example – our show enables authors to let prospective fans become aware of them and their work.  The author and fan both win with an introduction that may not have happened until later, if ever.  We have the pleasure of enabling those relationships, and we benefit from the relationship we build with our audiences.  We also share our knowledge, experiences, and relationships with all the above in our quest to provide services or introductions to those who can provide relevant and valuable services as appropriate.  Our show is equally applicable to entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, authors, spiritualists, and many others.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher & Jay Matta
Show Host: 
Jack Maher

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher and Jay Matta

We explore what Digital Transformation is, and is not, to help organizations leverage their resources most efficiently, and to fuel their growth through increased speed to market, greater innovation, and responsiveness to changes in their environment and stakeholders. Episodes address specific topics and/or interview leaders who share their journey to date with the goal of helping others emulate their successes and avoid their mistakes.

The Digital Transformation show is a half-hour show that explores and illustrates how organizations use technology to build relationships with their customers, clients, and constituents to better understand and fulfill their needs.  Whether you're a small to medium sized organization, or in the Fortune 500 we help you see what others are doing so you can learn from their mistakes and successes. We explore both your internal and external focus.  By focusing on employees and associates in a meaningful way that improves their work environment and experience, organizations unlock customer obsession. By using digital technologies to engage customers and prospects, and help organizations disrupt markets to their mutual benefit.