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Bringing Intimacy Back, September 16, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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Guest, Jim Magadanz

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, co-host Dr. Kelly Bushey and guest Jim Magadanz, Retirement Expert, Professional Speaker

Title: What's The Plan? Finances and Retirement

Bringing Intimacy Back

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly
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Dr April Brown

As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the brain and Timothy box show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with yourself your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you. We explore intimate topics inspiring life story spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her doctor Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create the life you love or love the life you create now here is your host dr. April dr. Kelly see is real but they may just be made out to Kelly is having some internet issues but that's okay we're going to give you guys a wonderful shell today and still today's topic of the show is about finances and I know how many

oh my gosh what does that have to do with intimacy but it has a lot to do with Intimacy in the sense of when I talk into and counseled many relationships in a couple minutes behind one of the things they struggle with is the struggle of the communication of finances and so today's topic is finances and what's the plan of going for in retirement before we go to today's topic I just want to let you guys know a couple of things about bringing its Missy back so what is the thing is course we're at turn into a nonprofit and as a non-profit the not talk with the weird sponsoring this month is a mother's home to Great Organization for young moms and they help young teenage moms and they helped him get on their feet which is a wonderful organization another thing I wanted to let you guys know I am in relation to bring it to Missy back if you need any time

resources my third book is out so there's a third is the first book about intimacy between you yourself and your spouse and they're not internal intimacy of self intimacy is out and then the third book is everyday expression how do you become intimate in everyday expression and the last thing about bringing it to his feedback and just want to let you guys know that we're doing a retreat in Costa Rica and you're here more information about that let me bring all my gas here my guess is Jim back his ass and Jim welcome to the show Jam pleasure to be here yes yes does Jim has helped her about 40 years of experience yes and you've been a certified a lot of things a certified employee benefit Specialists Certified Financial Consultant a certified for Senior Living yes yes and as soon as I special needs and salted so a lot of things there.

5 in the sense of preparing individuals and couples into better financial situation for now and in the future yes the walking to the shop on my pleasure sample like that chartered advisor Senior Living deals with a lot of interpersonal relationships particularly with end-of-life issues and we just get in so many different dynamics of of Family Assets and so forth so these these two concepts really blend together yeah definitely because I was listening on the news today and I live in Florida and I'll covid numbers are extremely high and one of the social workers at the hospital was talking about how

there been so many people passed away specially for men and these women have not been able to know anything about finances

and how you know they're like oh my gosh we got to figure things out before something happens so I think this is a very good topic for us to talk about before I get started since this shows about intimacy how do you define intimacy

that's a great question doctor April

particularly when it comes to finances part of the intimacy is that overtime working at beginning relationships people have situation which maybe they don't feel comfortable sharing with another person and see what that intimacy allows you to do is share he you know I defaulted on this phone and I paid it back and I won't have it paid off the 10 years but I'm addressing it and being a responsible person and addressed it I want to let you know those conversations get much more difficult down the road particularly as you knew return because something that's been going for 10 15 20 30 years as you get your retirement all of a sudden

need to be discussed and it's one of those conversations if there's something I need to let you know even passwords simple was a simple as password but I'm sure we'll get into that is as we progressed through our discussion and do you suggest people have in used to Scott conversation prior to getting married will have conversations prior to marriage but I actually had to go through unless it was like a year-long program where you get all different types of baskets and stuff like that is I recommend for most people you had children Your Time Finance is the values what are your goals

why marital counseling for a year you didn't see metal counseling for a year

it was part of the marriage process that we did it was all up. It was required to actually we both went to that together and it was about you luck just play process having all that information up front but then as you start to Progressive life

I've babies you know I'm still have your parents are all the different changes in the economy life changes and resend the hard part 2 is it is when you have a child born at the hospital the hand the baby to you and say good luck and you walk out the door just like you've got this baby there's no instruction manual what are we going to do it so some of that you used to have to learn for experience but fortunately there's professionals such as yourself doctor killing myself that people keep go to for guidance as they try to navigate all these challenges as you mentioned that we're living in the ever-changing world that he is soon as you get used to something or learn it it changes which could be very frustrating some people

tiny plants even the definition of retirement plan has that changed over the deck taser in her mind would we envision retirement that look for our parents and grandparents is going to be completely different for us and our kids for example in the eighties recording the employee benefit Financial Foundation 60% of people at pension plan meeting they retire that your monthly income till we die and then it'll go to their spouse till they die today that number is at 4%

two people have had to now take responsibility and save for retirement themselves unfortunately even with 401K plans to employer where they get the employer match fewer than 50% were actually contributing to get that employer match it's it's crazy and

people now retiring which is about ten thousand people a day of the boomer generation 60% of those people are relying on social security

and when so security came out 1935 the average life expectancy was the age 65 now you retire at 65 you're going to live to 83 83 on average in a few got longevity the family is leaving to go to be in that so what we're faced with today is tremendously different than what we grew up with that's great question yeah and I'm curious on a my generation and I'm almost 50 I'm thinking there is going to be no Medicare or no social security in the younger people get divorced in some fashion

do probably going to have no choice to extend when you start receiving your full Social Security benefits for example 50 Union at 32607 to receive your full benefit s today by the time you actually get to 67 they might have changed the 70 so you can you have to figure that out exactly right things things keep changing its different Social Security I just really for sources now most planets financial planners will need rest three you've got your retirement plans at work you've got Social Security other assets with a fourth one's really becoming more important because most people most the savings are either in the 4-1 k plan or their home

everything else they've had to tap into where the lids off so now it's going to vacation and we've got money we can afford it we'll figure it out later with a home know her to play with Daddy's going up he now can take that reverse mortgage and Harvard did a study last July and found cuz it used to be the goal at retirement was that your home P. Barber did a study last year I found half the people 46% now of Emergen-C B tournament due to either refinancing and they didn't shorten the term they still have that 30 year mortgage in the average mortgage for some 165 to 74 is $77,000 will that wasn't the case even twenty years ago 15 years ago so things are changing adequate to a reverse mortgage allows you to get rid of that mortgage payment now the financial institution will send you a check until the day you die and then

you're the only paid off the bounce goes to your beneficiary kids whoever you wanted to go to that sell reverse mortgages are not like the first ones came up with these were very expensive. They require when our accounts we now that much different and I think many young people will end up talking into that resource we're going to take a break when we come back I want to talk about these four and the changes of even the pressures of today how did we decide because many of us they who are retiring or starting to retire think about it also have other responsibilities you know yes yes you know take care of that or do you say for the picture how did we figure all this out so we're going to take a break and we come back we'll talk about that are you and take a vacation in Paradise medication to rekindle the passion without the kids

a vacation where you can learn how to communicate where you and your partner actually hear each other and game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation don't wrinkle Brown who created vacation Counseling in Southwest Florida as a perfect option for you and your partner our Retreats are one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interests in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation for more information on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and Doctor April's other services we encourage you to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter called intimate connections at dr. April Brown. Calm remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and intimacy and you all are looking forward

free to connect vacation counseling can be your next vacation in Southwest Florida

what can that happen if Missy show where intimacy is real we're here with Jim Magadan and Jim has he specialized in retirement in helping individuals and couples prepare for the future the gym was talking about I guess the four I don't know if you call them aspects or four ways to retirement for sources of retired and then you are just now I'm explaining reverse mortgages

so as a couple is thinking about retirement and maybe there are planning things and as in today 12 things are happening

you know whether it is an unexpected Karen you got to take care of because of all the stuff dealing with code red or maybe adopt child can I find work because of all this

how do you start a conversation and what do you what do you think about how do you feel about that process

that's great question doctor April most individuals will think it's about numbers and it's really did the numbers is the easy part 2 hard part is those touchy-feely type questions in other words when we retired we want to live closer to the kids and grandkids and have to move from Florida to Wisconsin and now you've got winter or do we want to travel we want our standard living to remain the same that's really weird starts and in the perfect world where all the stars align

both individuals valueschools everything in the lineup in the same thing that's where we should reach it didn't work like that because maybe there's a second marriage and you've got a couple sets of kids spread out some of Wes mod least now now that conversation gets a little bit more complex maybe there's a business but I can't leave cuz I got to run my business or they might need help you know I'm out of the business and he keep playing mostly can't let go that's what makes it reverse the most challenging thing about reverse mortgages is

they no longer have control of their own home because he's essentially what you did now send it over to an institution who interns going to give you a monthly income till the day you die if they don't like to give up control that's one of the risk of retirement is slowly losing control of your assets most people who spent 30 40 years building up don't like that process that's right yeah and so I'll mention again this reverse mortgages to that is like you think one of the new

sources that more people are going to a wedding at again it's been around for years and TV now you see Tom Selleck he's promoting refrigerating of the company but he's there and in he's right it's not like the old mortgages from years ago a reverse mortgages it's got a lot more attention still don't see a lot of financial planners working with that forth but I like to leverage all the tools at our disposal and working with people I sent you what I've seen this dude just simply not saving enough in their own retirement plans as it shifted from the pension to now the individual responsibility safe for them and then we don't really know what it is cuz it's in the market and it goes up because down and so we're kind of guessing to a point

long-term where it's going to be as we get closer certainty we need more reviews and we can nail it down pretty quickly but the second part so security most people have no clue as to what they're going to receive for Social Security there's an easy way to do that if they go to and open account they can see all their numbers if they retire at 62 6550 week maximize at at Sunday's all they're all they have to do is go to create account login and see it so there's tools available people just aren't aware of them to leverage it and then the third of their assets most people have a hard time balancing today's needs with planning for tomorrow or they just you know I'm going to live for today and tomorrow I was going to bring one tomorrow branch and I'll deal with it then

look around and you will notice a lot of people retired and working part time there's a reason for that I want to keep busy. But every one of those is probably two or three working because they asked you to standard of living exactly be the old school. Was Willy need seventy to eighty percent of our pre-retirement income to retire on at this point now with the new economic environment it's almost impossible for expenses to go down in retirement a healthy couple retiring now

are going to have red around the neighborhood what does Healthcare cost in long-term care expenses right around $400,000 world and keep the longevity of the medical advances are tremendous and people be granted the life expectancy actually during covid-19 a year-and-a-half but that short-term as we get further and further away from the impact of this pandemic it will start to lengthen again and if there's any longevity in your family

the the next high-priority worry is if I can have enough money to live on her by going to run out of money

I thought yeah yeah and I was just thinking about thing I said earlier and since you've talked to a lot of couples in a lot of relationships and I like.

When couples get together and sometimes one person really understand finances extremely well and they wanted they take it over and they do everything is that sometimes better or worse than when two people come together to talk about it

that is definitely worse you think it'd be better but

yet you've got this couple in you get this financial expert Dune everything when that Financial expert dies now there's an issue because the server anything and there's no other advisers had in the loop and so that's a very dangerous situation in so they should always have another adviser tide in for that very reason

but that's a classic mistake that you have to be formal expert you use handle all of that household Affairs passwords to get into the simple things like that and Espeon scooper discussion but a death packet is it is also good idea in that cruise everything when I die here's what you need to do right right right I got. That's definitely help and I think people need to do that at all they just cuz you never know when something

yeah there's a place about when people have difficulties with finances and I see it and you talked about sometimes the dressing that emotional need that emotional stuff I've seen sometimes the many times we deal with our finances do what we saw our parents I didn't know if you sing or the first person in his like I need to run this by my my mom or dad to get their opinion in the challenge with that is the parents want to give good guidance

to the kids

but the financial world is so different but they grew up in my parents but they're home with a signature there's there's no creditor the down payment so you go ahead and you sign it and it's like I got my home is it's it's it's crazy they tried that 40 year mortgage that it didn't work out too well I'm thinking about now so well here in Florida on the chair about in Wisconsin the prices of Housing and everything is going nuts

it's and it's a good discussion going on now between the economist and the other advisors is is this

blooming Medallion homes where was $200,000 worth almost 400,000 Is that real or is it Memorex it's like 50 50 ft x you're saying you think this thing's going to last and the others are like it's a bubble this is Gible just coming in and pay more money than what they're even asking for these these guys are just beating it up so it's going to be interesting myself I see so many homebuyers now pay more than what they're even asking for the banks won't lend that. That's cash to get the home that's that's not the real value that and how do you even like these four sources

and you're thinking about retirement you know do you buy the house which increase the access to take that money and put it into your time and plan which is affected by the stocks and you never know where that's going

yeah if people who want to downsize tremendously they have this the big home where they had big family after you left the bad time tell one of my friends was a financial planner actually still there home their daughter bought it and they're going to live in an apartment for two years that's the game plan but they've got a cottage up north they've got the other things but it depends on what your goals and objectives that's where you really need to start probably the worst place to start is like our homes worth this much less cash in the next question is where we live now so I guess that's as we're talking about how to start in the sense of this conversation as a couple you first start with the emotions and, things down you know and then like you said starts with the goals

what it what what is Taco in which you suggest having a visual display or how would you suggest going about that for a couple

so I think individuals do need a track

the Gaijin so the proper questions can be asked because most individuals don't know the questions to ask if so many people come to mean in the AC in the markets going down what should I give the three key questions people come to me when they're thinking about retirement are number one is the health insurance number to when when should I start taking social security and number three when should I stop working it's not like years ago you brought a parents when our parents retired there was this on off switch today I'm working tomorrow in that that's no longer the case is really old school thought you really almost have based retirement guy rest actually had something called face retirement and it's got to be approved with your HR

in the benefit plans but a super working 5 days got to be at least 20% so I can take Friday off and 20% Then I could receive from retirement yet at Woody's work or could be three days working 40% off

you seem to have a blend now that he's over time versus that on off switch

you know back in the day I'm many people didn't have what they called financial planners explain what a financial planner is and is it critical that every couple halfway

that's a great question in all financial planners are not equal the

industry like to take a Doctor Oz pediatricians work with kids girls you know oncologist work with individuals of cancers they specialize in big financial planners Sun financial planners will not work with individuals we have less than $500,000 of assets and some will just charge in Florida they can do both then get commissions from the products they can charge a fee so I meant advisors off and we will move to Florida so they can fit you both ways most other states is one of the other day that's good to know and still what you want is is a checklist of questions when you initially beat the geyser to do to find out you know what kind of experience do you have to tell me about you were ideal customer

are they people like me or is it someone completely different what professional credentials do you have are you a certified financial planner a chartered Financial Consultant how many years you been in a ramp what do you do for reviews and so forth I what type of plans do we get in Risk Management in addition to investing or just investing because some planners will only do investing then won't do anything to risk management is addresses the risk

things like what if I did I would have I become disabled what if I go bankrupt what if I get sued all those types of things that you build all the Investments up that can tear the best staff for the default yeah with the vistas they also addressed the fluctuation in the market yes absolutely that's I have about 10 risk I talked about I protect leave your book and pretty now called live for today but plan for tomorrow and then we start talking about all this before we risk and how do you better get them cuz you can that you can accept the risk you can make it go away you can reduce it or transfer it to say the insurance company in Deptford simple life insurance through disability income Insurance salary Dakshin

yeah okay yeah and then they like you said it needs to have both the investment and the risk management

yes as well as all those something did the first conversation that book Numbers in the first conversation with a plan that would be about Solutions

it should all be about getting those planning to plan on getting done you should have been Green Copy work benefits go through all those most people get a copy and don't ever see him again I like a car owners manual it said the guard some place but I didn't see that years it's important we are aware of all those things GD individual that have to be an expert in them but you kind of got to know what you have I can't tell you the number of people have set down it's like a Hole by the way I've got this this thing you're not sure what it is and it might be $100,000 in CD that they just completely forgot about it it's amazing

I guess I'm thinking even if it's been in this pandemic it's just if you're working for a company you should start to look at make sure you have your ducks in a row now because this last year-and-a-half has been nuts for a lot of family you don't know what to expect in the change in working with couples that something that's been affected by this pandemic and its people who are actually in a pretty stable situation

I see exhibiting the same anxiety and concern of people in unstable situations because they don't know what's going to happen copies overnighter making huge long-term decisions that affect the work force automation has been speeded up we're on and zoom calls today there's so many meetings with zoom before I when I meet with with some individuals throughout the country just got an airplane fly and have our conversation and fly back. Just that it's efficient with resume building anymore it's the same thing happening in the world is the automation take a look at Pizza Domino's but the 24,000 of those white pizza delivery cars autonomous cars it'll drive them self

Amazon metal about a hundred thousand trucks all those bands that people are buying to do we do and travel the country or having a hard time finding because Amazon scooped up for autonomous vehicles supposed to be interesting here in the next two to five years things continue to accelerate so things unfortunately you're not going to stop changing it so that's a whole different attitude that we it it's so much more different than from when I parents grew up I called the new economic environment things are always changing I wonder how often should couples sit down and really talk about these things as you would think all back in the day we talked about every five or six years but I like it's totally different than it was

yeah 5 years ago a lot of customers week would call that and clients is will set it forget it forget it and yeah that's pretty dangerous stamp tax law changes and so forth like children even when you start dinner. It should be pretty regular cuz they 25 to 35 it changes all the time and see you on keep abreast of those there's a little what's the kids around there's a quiet time should we say when people become empty nesters and when they have to do their pre-retirement planning was probably too quiet time but you want to definitely touch base with advisers as well cuz now you got more discretionary income so once a year is it

good place to start even when you're younger and once you get mid-fifties it could be even every six months cuz that's where you need to do the pre retirement planning your Medicaid planning you start talking about social security are you fully insured any 40 quarters that's Way Beyond what we talked about today but you need to know if you can be eligible for Social Security in in Medicare part A or if you're going to pay a premium for Medicare Part B if you haven't worked I'm here and that's important we have one spouse who doesn't

yeah and then what's your retirement you still need in reviews because that's where my expertise really lies is in the distribution strategies we're going to take a short break when we come back I want to talk about I know there's some couples out there who is struggling in this sense of should I put this money in retirement but I don't know in today's world where the economy is going you know and if I put it in retirement I won't be able to touch it but I just keep it in my pocket but it won't grow as much as you know so yeah I'm going to talk about that and see if there's any questions from the audience will take a break and will be back in a moment if you're listening you have a pulse if you have a pool you have stress if you have stress you should get a therapist

therapist you go online type in therapist near me then you find a list of letters l m HCL PC and CC navigate and understand all this go to doctor Kelly dr. Kelly specializes in supporting people who suffer from stress and more you can have help today dr. Kelly

welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real when we've been talking with him a good dance and we've been talkin about retirement and retirement intimacy and as couples especially in this pandemic season couples struggling some of them are struggling and some of deciding you not do I take money out of retirement do I put money in retirement I don't know what's going on in the world right now should I save it and sometimes there's a theory that if you put it in you won't be able to get it out when you need it what do you say about all this so we have to look at what's happening today there's three significant events happened is we have a historical High national debt and we may soon be adding the other 3.5 trillion that's big

all of us tremendously the next thing is we have historical low income taxes in historical low interest rates so the interest rates great time refinance auto loans homes a everybody kind of gets that but with the debt that's got to be paid somehow in income tax is bean lill is not going to do it so it'd be the only option we have is some point we're going to have to increase income taxation so what approach is what I want to do is start exposing tax money to taxes now when income taxes are lower and down the road when income taxes have to go up I can pull it out tax-free and so that's the strategy real or no income tax at retirement

so one of the tools that I like using this is called The Rock I redo it individually on a 401K if you make too much money you need to do what's called a backdoor Roth IRA cuz they have limitations how much money earned but everybody can you working we can get you into a rock that red because what that allows you to do is distributions from a Roth IRA are taken from the money you put in first which is already been taxed and then it gets earnings and so forth cuz normally with retirement plans if you take money out before 59 and a half you can have a 10% IRS penalty

state tax federal tax and evening state of Wisconsin There's 3.3% tax so you can lose like 45% but with The Rock

contributions came out first and if you recall where you want our names are the only portion that are subject to penalties in tax income tax so if my contributions body pain text and then that rains and I take them out I don't have any state federal income tax nor any IRS or state does words if I put in $1,000 my Roth it grows $1,200 x 700 on my Roth IRA

I just take the $7. There's no Graham keishin to that provided the product doesn't have nice when it charges is some practice to you but I normally stock where you pay the charge of black journalists a cavity back in charges so that's one good strategy now the downside of that is now the $70 that I had in there for retirement but it allows you to get started on what you're saving is it is developing to have it at least getting stirred even if it's $25 a month we have a question from Lisa from Nevada she's kinda on this thing here her husband was to take money out and invest in Bitcoin

I have to laugh I have a repairman is at my house in Wisconsin Wisconsin sits on a big bubble of radon gas you look it up Google you see this big bubble underneath the ground is radon in still in Wisconsin yet that Rahab and all that so it might have been replaced and there's talk about how do you want to be paid and all that because by you could gave me Bitcoin and I'll ask because they say he is selling play Bitcoin is well it look at where it started what it's worth today look how much money you would be would make today so that's breaking rule number one hits by Los Al high value buying a number two is what you don't cheers to back in charges I was doing some reading on bitcoin the other day and they gave the example of an equivalent of year to go to an ATM

in withdraw $100 the ATM fee if it were Bitcoin between Alex it's really expensive too loud it is very volatile so the closer you get to retirement in it if you put some money you know what those other assets and I put money in Bitcoin and it goes down cuz it's just like being the stock market it's going to go up to going to go down and if you're close to retirement and put too much into it and it was Dad

you got actress reduce your stay in the living room or in 2008/2009 when the stock market went down what I saw most I don't know how early anybody reduce their standard of living but what did they do is work three to five more years I was going to ask that earlier cuz you mentioned about standard of living is it

to assume that most people that retire your standard of living is going to become a little it's going to come down there's no way of actually keeping it up your fortunately that's what's even if individuals were working part-time provided the house allows it to some people have to retire early due to help and now I have a choice they just the bodies were maybe you know whatever it is these the back you just can't work anymore I don't have any choice the money that allows you to provide you options

without that money there just aren't a lot of options your choices become fewer and fewer without that additional money did give you options that's what it's all about a couple if there are like you said it's about choices what if they have different choices on what to do with that money on how to spend it you know whether I save it for retirement or you know I help my parents out

children and trying to rehire that's a really good question because practically every couple has got that question something is everybody's everybody's got something going on and maybe I've got my mother that need some additional care and so forth and nobody else all the other kids are closed in now we're going to take a little bit of our extra money to help out cuz it her furnace died going to take care of cat litter freeze to death in will fix the furnace well does the other spouse have a say where significant other

you doubt that a cold-hearted person that's just an example of different types I see what younger families question is particularly with things going on with schools and face mask and everything is the discussion do we allow them go to public or do we send them to private or do we put them in the charter school of which cost differently I see that conversation going on among the younger couples with children today that's very kind of discussion in boy that can go through any which way yeah yeah and it's not I'm also believe you're having it to some of us are on visual Learners yes yes yes and so when I talked with couples and sometimes they've been arguing about money and finance

talk about sometimes doing some kind of visual display because you know what means Louis a hundred dollars can make one think the one person versus something to another but if you put it on a visual display on what it does or what you know what it's been so what I work with were engineers maybe mechanical engineer electrical are very analytical but yet when I'm working with doctors they're not so much Matthew I'll draw a big circle it's a legal pad to draw some pictures of Doc about it because they can grasp it really quick it makes sense I although they certainly can get technical Nana look with needed and they have too many times but I see that is Messenger

kids will do both will talk in and out of Saginaw the PowerPoint with charger and everything so they can see proof that black got this chart of debt national debt u.s. is she was thanking 44 that's when Ronald Reagan movies in the highest tax rate at that point was it was 90% 94 % and you live in California California taxes 6% on anything over 200,000 so we do two movies hundred thousand each and then one making the movies cuz he be working for free yeah it's supposed to so much for being on the show and if people are listening and they want to get in contact with you can you please share how they can get in contact with you and beat you in

at the fun some company funsun like the sun workshops and stuff

there's a variety of ways to follow up with us we we do workshops and presentations Zoom meetings gravity different things in my bank we need a result of the latter will work on a lot of that stuff that she's curious at the Fun Center, k e r r y and help set up a lot of his stuff is well okay thanks for sharing all that that's going to be nice to notes of your out there listening thank you so much for being on this show it's been awesome and for all our listeners out there are the upcoming show next week we have Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj has a great book called Unleashed your Genius on September 30th we have Richard Lewis he's talking about sitting with God and learning how to hear him and then in October we have a slew of couple starting with George and Denise's Suarez on October 7th and Rachel and Aaron

star on October 14th will be talkin about love and recovery and boundaries and relationship so if you're listening and you really enjoyed listening for please going to a website that you can say we're at nonprofit you're able to donate but also you can follow us on Twitter Tik-Tok Facebook Instagram wherever LinkedIn we're all in Olivette so it's been a wonderful show thank you so much again for being on the show and this has been to bring an intimacy back show me see is real I see you guys next week

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