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Bringing Intimacy Back, October 7, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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Guests, Jorge and Danisa Suarez

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, co-host Dr. Kelly Bushey and guests Jorge and Danisa Suarez 

Title: Returning to Passionate Love

Couples Month

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the bring intimacy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with your self your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you that's we explore intimate topics inspiring life stories spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and tell those dr. Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create the life you love or love the life you create now here's your host dr. April Kelly good morning dr. Kelly a good afternoon yes depending on where you are when you listening to this
if you do before we go deep into the topic I just want to let you know of course about my book that is that I have which is calling proving in Missy and we just released the third version of it so the first one was self spirit and spouse the second was focusing on South and the third of course it starts with you and expressing intimacy everyday intimacy which is amazing so
as we're talking about intimacy I want to walk them against here yes hurry and Denise welcome to the show you so much we are so so grateful to be here with you guys I know this is what we love to do let's talk about intimacy come on let's bring it on Monday I'm glad look ready you know in for those of you that are listening and you can observe this you should see the most fascinating couple guys look fantastic. It looks like everything right so let's get to the the glut of it fighting the good fight wow
well doctor April will be introducing you but welcome welcome thank you where are you you guys are in we are in mountain time what time are you guys again
eastern time in Florida is from a lover so we were a little confused with the time today but hopefully everybody is ready to talk intimacy whatever time of the day it is for the morning or night
yes yes and before I introduce them how I got him connect with them. Tell you may not know is that I was reading my Bible verse and you need to just popped up and I can't remember what it was the Bible verse he was but it was so inspirational is like I my gosh I got to get to know this woman
it's amazing
that. YouVersion got me by surprise connected with a lot of people I didn't really know the extent of the influence of the platform to be honest with you and the fact that I said I think you'd want of them wearing a couple of them Christians Dexter broke a lot of people will female Christian and then sex like all in one sentence sounds like a little bit of
good good idea to let me let you guys know a little bit about them there were a couple that believes to live life in sexual and integrated side integrity and a husband and wife team up over three decades of learning and working together and how their relationship flourished there I guess you both grew up in Dominican Republic and you have a special passion for those Latin countries and helping people connect and so you guys have a lot of them DVDs conferences and that kind of stuff. So I just said let's get into it how do each of you to find intimacy first of all I want to stablish Zone Foundation
intimacy is an art you can see something that typically you don't know you were not born knowing how to be intimate so it's an art that has to be told to vacate it it's like learning to play a musical instrument you know I play the piano when I was a little kid I did not just jump into the piano I just started playing fluently any song you know whatever I have to submit to a discipline of learning the skills learning the foundation that notion of learning the basics reading whatever it takes two to make you a better musician for eventually being able to play a song on the piano so intimacy is very similar you first start exploring Discerning knowing your partner's language and getting acquainted with all those things that might not might not be so familiar to you in the first place and then
you think about you start exposing yourself to different scenarios then you get to develop those skills and put them into practice hear the word intimacy they needed Lee associated with sexual activity and while there is part of the sexual activity through last in fulfilling intimacy. To connect in the emotional in the spiritual and then at the physical or sexual so there's got to be a foundation of understanding the person the soul out of the human of your partner the spirituality of of the person that you're with so that then you can I set a consequence as a result of that then explore the physical aspect of things so it is not just sexual it is actually a bigger word. And tells me the entire first
yes yes I'd love how you put it at the it's an art
now and the Art of the wholeness and that's where your wife is speaking about yes and how many people they struggle with that yes and we find that not only do we started out with our Latino Community with with our dinner Spanish-speaking community and we realize that the issue understanding intimacy sexuality relationship is something that is blocked also in the Christian World which then try send Jose the Hispanic it just goes across different cultures for believers if there is a steel stigma is this. We don't talk about this thing and people don't learn they rely on well we believe it should work well now there's a lot of intricacies so as you said we've continued developing resources e-courses stuff that people can have their own because we find that some Churches or
organizations they will not open platforms like this show like you guys to open and discuss this topic that people are dying because of lack of knowledge so we're creating I'm actually we just breathe or our website so that people can have access to free information little videos I mean courses stuff that they can all wow a little nugget of information
yeah I wonder why you don't want my mentor said that sex was God's idea you know he it was he was the inventor of that and that's even said it is not good for man to be alone right and so I just wonder why where are the church went we're not going to go into that deep but why it's so scary when it's actually quite biblical perspective on map the lack of familiarity with the theme of the topic many many leaders many church leaders pastors whatever they are to try to stay away from from facing those those truth that are so clear in the word of God I think from the beginning sex was. Define got the idea for a man and a woman to join together to leave their their parents and form their own little nest and there they could actually
are building something for themselves intimacy so if that sex has been distorted to such a magnet in today's society into this world. It's the construction and the taxes are running away from you or seen forgetting that we have the one that is doing pure and beautiful we have the original instruct actually it in a baby book we devote an entire chapter Divine sex where we talked about it was dad's idea Mr polding you idea and we're not creating anything and it will I'm on are booked with wooden there's nothing that is I mean obviously with you
does it down and put the ideas together but we cannot take credit for any of these things they come from the word of God and when we teach our children are young people are our new Young marriages even the older marriages listen this is God's desire for you want you to enjoy it he wants your flesh to get hi this is the way this is the right way and we give them that we imparting to them that freedom they embrace the beauty of sexuality and then they disconnect from the lies and the easy microwave crop dinner stuff that the world is offering you know many people will plan their wedding but not their marriage quote me on that one I don't know where I heard it first but you know how many people will they will plan their wedding but their their marriage and that that's
that's longer than a ceremony and so doing that is actually still like if I were to if I if I'm trying to establish set up an argument based on my own before I even filter through the work I think we must start at the right place so let's go to the word what does the word says about any situation including marriage and then come up with their own conclusion when when I think of you know. Establishment of marriage including sexuality and all that I also think of all the the the approaches that humans have taken on this subject starting with the selfishness like a lot of people in dealing with our culture so you know Hispanic cultures we have learned that we have been we have been introduced the sexuality in a very selfish way so we start with what
surprise me what is going to fulfill my desire My longing what I I am first so we grow up as adults now a time of marriages here we bring the same mindset forgetting that there's someone else in this relationship that needs nourishing and is nurturing that needs attention that needs to be those needs to be met by the partner and we disregard all those so another quick little definition of intimacy could be okay to eat what is it to be intimate world to be intimate is to know you better and to be known but you better so it's a very simple definition of fingering flute so many areas so many didn't tell so many aspects of of each other. It is a great way to to see it in a very simple way
play with that Fanatics of the word into me see some invitation to come and get to know me better I thought you do I'm also open for you to know to know to know you
perfect you have referenced a couple of times the word of God in our podcast so far you've said it a couple times can you explain that further for our listeners because it seems it can be ambiguous for some people yes and we believe that we were created by God we believe that there is a blueprint of from from the Creator there's a manual on how to operate when you buy a computer there's a manual that tells you how to maximize the use of your computer will give refrigerator will the same way we believe that you know we were created by God and he left a blueprint for us to follow to leave for feels like so when we see that Mom in the beginning of creation he said that it wasn't good for man to be a long we see that he created us in the context of relationship he wanted us to be in a relationship
it created a man and woman and then he said I'm going to bless you with this go have sex to make a lot of babies feel they're so he wanted us to have sex and imagine the very beginning the Earth was empty and he keep the blessings that he gave the gift that he gave us make sure you feel the Earth that's a lot of love making video reading the manual you know he says you know I'm disconnect a little bit from your family so you have some time for the two of you to get to know each other intimately to get to know each other well continue you no respect one another love one another if we follow those things selfishness comes a little bit to the side the influence of the world third element become a little bit to the side and we can send her our attention on one another and grow
I'm in a relationship
I agree with you I think that part of the the problem becomes when you have the manual and the Creator's hand going you know populate the Earth right and it's where are some religions and some belief systems say that you're not supposed to enjoy it it truly is or procreating what would you say to the person who says and believes that it is not for pleasure what what is that okay so let me just let it go to the man okay so I want you guys to listen to what the word of God says I'm just I'm really straight up from Proverbs The Book of Proverbs Chapter 5 Verse
18 listen to this may your fountain be blessed
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth radio a rejoice
implies you know a good experience and loving do a grateful dear May her breasts this is there's no way around this word is a part of a female body right met her breasts satisfy you always may you ever be intoxicated and I do love this version with her love
so the the song is about the author is implying that you are not only to preserve a woman from your days of Youth right meanings of the relation of his long-lasting we're going to be married and we still going to have each other when we age you know I mean but we don't mind sharing you know I made it we still enjoying what God has gifted us with so there is a process longevity there seconds distance the that creates a level of satisfaction that you cannot match with any other experience we have discovered also as a side note here that many of the addiction and behave
that are kind of a more controlling of you and out of your that fit more under you know the specs addictions... The song control behaviors that get you in trouble they have to do with this longing that we all have for connection when you don't develop that connection with the one person that you are completely unlicensed to do it then you going to be wandering around man are very well known to do that there's a longing in our soul is always finding of finding purpose and meaning not trying to fight. Meaning and significance by connecting with someone or something for that matter of the problems start is talking about a naked breasts is stuck in a bottle satisfaction in the breast which means there are some people want to take it and stay all how much each size. You know how man sent
you know it's like no it's talking about nakedness and interactions he's talking about you know the same thing that is saying to want is sticking it to the marriage so it implies that we're both enjoying the nakedness of our bodies and finding rejoicing in that are available for her husband
yeah right so Proverbs is actually written by King Solomon to his son correct so this is Cesar proverb from a father to his son saying love the way your usual nuggets Archer is pretty he talked about intoxication right so after that you see that they they feel Intoxicated by Each Other's Love and Preston's and and are enjoying that and and that's that's what we need to promote we need to promote at Unity we need to promote that satisfaction we need to promote that you know the truth is the truth it in that in truth even through difficult times we will be able to rejoice.
I filled it to be friends of a person of Faith because you always find hope you have something to look forward to even though the president may be challenging illness temporary situation you still have that knowledge of this is meant to be lasting and this is meant to produce Rejoice yeah you know what there's a lot of shame in it and I'm sure dr. April you you know with all your marriage counseling that you've done and sexual intimacy counseling do you find that shame is an element with a lot of couples that come into therapy or yes I was just thinking about everything that there is pain in the sense of how I'm specially with the Christian family that many times women look at it as it's a beauty
you know and they don't look at it as you know this is something that is really part of his spiritual aspect of what God wanted man and women in husband-wife but they look at it more as a Duty or something dirty
part of the life of a poacher teaches if we go again by 2
Nestor you know in history not just on the Bible but in history when she was preparing to you know connect with the King she didn't just show up she got herself in the mood she went and got herself massages and oils and got her so pretty and Spruce
got into it with herself and her femininity like she's knows some Julie some specific dresses you got to choose you know what I want to feel my best but it's so cheap and better ourselves so we we need to do the same I always say I put makeup I get dressed not for him now he gets to enjoy it as a by-product but I do it for me I like to see these product in the mirror I don't like to see me with my hair all messed up and I looking like you know I I need help I like to feel like you know I'm ready to face the day on my own and then people actually not only your spouse with people are going to perceive that attitude even when they star hard bass do you know what that the fighter that's what she gets herself and we went out we want to help women being tuned with ourselves and with their identity and with a power and where do I
they've been gifted I'm with they've been gifted with sexuality not on to their daughters they're not talking about it with their children or even with the man they were not talk. They don't have what to pack down you and I you don't always cheer with we've done some schooling we've done some we've come out of that that Christianity or that black you do American Community or the Latino in with it but then again I did a conference that he's available also on our website on women sex you know sexuality because we need to understand how we respond however bodies liar we need to know where would you go
when were best friends and when were not so we can learn to set boundaries so we can learn to open doors so we can learn to ask for what we need and sometimes that we got to grab a statement you said we need to ask for what we need what you need to know dr. April you probably see that a lot she doesn't want marriage counseling to me that marriage counseling I'd rather whatever so but you need what about the ladies and I have had some that are come to counseling with me that say I can't communicate what my needs are sexually I'm sorry for that. After April
we have been every time I get a coupon to our Counseling Center we have seen I think it high percentage of women not knowing how to express their sexuality they don't have the freedom to do so and it might be something that comes attached to the culture you know the if you express what you need sexually you might be missing categorized I might be Josh that they get offended because they've read that I'm not good enough for I'm not doing it today
turn off their manhood is threatened say up and they practice and well I am not the same thing or person that you practice on I am at individual with Bistro deeper here I really do because you're really striking on some things and I don't mean to dominate but I have to tell you
that it is not about the machismo as you said and it's a woman does say that this is what I like then some men feel threatened I'm going to felt threatened where did you get this idea and they will not speak up because the wife says if I I've had a couple clients a while if I suggest something not only will they think that they're not cutting it cutting the mustard as we say in my culture
then they fake orgasms because they have to fake an orgasm because they have to keep up with that you know make sure he's doing a good job but he's not so what would you do right I want you to think about this while we go to our first commercial break what you would say to the women who pay for gasm good question right after April
take a break and will be back
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welcome back to the bring an intimacy intimacy is real so we've been talking with her a and Denise did I say correctly I'm just making sure yet I'm a c c counseling and we've been talking about intimacy and God in Sex and that's the Kelly post a wonderful amazing question about women that sometimes we have a hard time asking for things and so we can X become not authentic which is not God wants us to be authentic and in the bedroom we have instead of asking for what we need we have faith orgasms so as the couple used to what if your thoughts and Dad into Justin's but there's women out there who would not be with their husband
I think. He's actually faking an orgasm is removing the the opportunity to to be intimate with your man speaking to the woman right when you fake an orgasm but you're not only not being truthful to self but you're killing an opportunity to start maybe it's sexual conversation many couples what we have realized he said they don't know how to have sexual conversation because of the things stick man or whatever you know coming from a shameful base culture like they connect sex with something bad dirty or ugly or whatever it was we have already clear that is that is totally the opposite sex is something good that was created for both men and women equally so there's a right for the man to express his sexuality
as much as there's a right for the woman to be freely expressed in what you feel and that's where we coming empowering woman giving them a boys to express their needs a ride of the voice yet because we need to bring it into context
would be nice by doing
but who asked
service because we are telling him you're doing good when he's not it's it's the form of the lie you can we continue building on something that is unreal I think it's exhausting to I think I wonder women that are so tired I mean if you have to take so many things in life like Beyonce
because don't you know they think they're doing good they're not going to change anything and then I say for those that get the courage that year a show like this and they said you don't want no more and then they say to her husband that says all your broken you were doing just fine so what happened to you now you're broken something is wrong with you because it was fine before or I'm doing all the right things you just like well no I ate and then that's where you know honesty trust everything is to come so no I was not having a good time. Maybe it's time that we bring a professional to guide us through this my intention is not to put you down so women need to know the language to use because it is a very delicate and sensitive thing for the mail yeah I can imagine it's delicate Tomas Julie then we went over them
I've been married for over 20 years and they have come to counseling because this thing is exhausting as you said dr. Kelly they cannot take it anymore and they they have never a very very rarely experienced an orgasm in a long time relationship I mean that's why I coming to marriage without the knowledge without the foundation come to be so damaging I'll see you Saturday so I'm great grateful for programs like these shows like these I can expose the truth and I'm bringing some some some strength and some voice you don't put a voicemail so this is great work cited to be a part of this about how to say how would you suggest couples who have never talked about any of this
how did she suggest a start we like to give them an easy way to start cuz we don't want to start a 2d butt with a lot of things that we don't even know yet typically a little book let's buy a book after that we feel comfortable but let's get a book and sexuality let's read even if it's one page what do people don't be ambitious you don't need to read a book within a week with into a thick one page is that all the time you have read it out loud you don't take turns out loud there's something in there that you're going to have to enunciate that it's going to come out of your mouth that you're not producing that you're repeating but that is going to start making you feel comfortable stir something in both parties right to to start a good deep conversation
what did it say to you and that is a very safe way to start hopefully when they engage in a therapeutic situation and then you know they will be different strategies more strategies to grow their bare tool belt into how to communicate intimacy and sexuality set the bedroom has so much pressure and for sometimes formatting for women that get this performance anxiety to start the conversation outside of the background what are your thoughts about the beautiful I love it by you for a walk which is part of what we try to create and in our office here in Colorado Springs we have available couch we have at end of the year so we were very like-minded in created
here at where we can work with a couple I'm so they're going to see your is important that is void of pressure but that is conducive for a good conversation on a crowded restaurant may not be a good idea to start this kind of conversation at a family gathering it's not a good time to start this conversation when we're going for a walk and these days that you need some more wood pressed for time might be a good time some people love to start this conversation in the group because they feel more comfortable like joking about me you know what I mean it is so it is that they're so out of touch with intimacy which is that the heart of things that they feel embarrassed if they bring up the topic like on the 101 for Matt they just feel out of that way so
guys do whatever day and she hasn't had sex for 3 months for it for a coffee or invite your husband you don't like even with your garden you were doing a chore that it's just the two of you you're fixing to cross at you know and like while you're there there's something that it's going to take some of the inside of your folding the laundry and then we can also come first initiate something to see how that girl's try different approaches and see what is more fruitful and a little tape while we are at it when you do make sure that you are describing your own feelings and never describe the feelings of your of your partner because when you described his or her feelings you are implying you might be charging you might be not helping them
feel more comfortable in this conversation because I feel that you're attacking me the criticism is never going to take it to a good place so our suggestion is you don't describe start by describing where you are and what you are experiencing without implying that that's produced by by the partner that way the communication is open is inviting is more appealing than that
wonderful yeah yeah I mean earliest book about females in your practice and dealing with men what suggestions do you give to men who are struggling with performance anxiety in some aspect part they come with their own load of Shame and send me such a key ingredient here in this in this equation because Shane has the power to remove your your right
222 enjoy sexuality intimacy all together because you're ready come to this post you already removing the opportunity from to yourself from yourself and when you are able to that's why we oftentimes recommend individual counseling is just deal with this shame come the nation always Guild that you bring into this relationship it's so that you can be free in your mind in your heart and you can actually offer a better product
have the Cobalt when there's a performance anxiety connect intimately and physically without getting to the art exercises for you know nakedness and touching and caressing and pleasuring that we stayed you're going to go this far
that removes the goal you know and that puts you at a place of enjoying each other's bodies and actually in it again in our book we devoted chapter where we talked about the phases of lovemaking because throughout life when are always going to be able to eat it all so if it is the sexuality with teaches orgasm dream and that it's rationed ribbon when one of those elements is not present people feel they cannot have funds basically many aspects of the physical in the front that is not that Target so we teach that in part of that is the plastering and the connecting in the nakedness that is not necessarily going to end in orgasm or penetration
yeah. When we had our girl
daughter and the baby is is the girl that we closed the factory in open up an amusement park also you know people look sometimes I know we have another breakdown. But listen they stopped kissing I can't tell you how many times people have told me they stopped kissing
I'm like well my last name is Boucher and I'm French you know so I don't get that I don't know how people app kissing. You need to start kissing if you have stopped it because this medication good sex and good sex also has to do with kissing and years
yeah it stops truck stops close Nissan something beautiful that happens in those things that you guys are face-to-face if you realize let me know how much I don't have should we wait for the break going to go past this bike. If you think about the only creatures that are by the sign created to face-to-face have intimacy face-to-face or human
all other animals and living creatures they don't have that opportunity that humans have come face-to-face think about there is something that God intended in that face-to-face encounter to provide room and access to each other
Souls like I cannot hide away from you I cannot run away from you I mean we're not against positions and all that kind of stuff you know that's a face-to-face there's value in that case is a very great starter for that intimacy that you cannot just let the other person do it alone and you just be there you engaged in it in the sexual act actually you can just be there and let the other person do whatever they want to do I'm at the female you know so I'm East shows also a sign of openness and willingness to be intimate at a different level
beautiful I like that response yes and that is allowing people to be vulnerable and I think that's what some people just have a hard time with is that Thunder bility that's feeling safe God man got man gottman it is one of the largest institutional that that teach on on
couples therapy a relationship for over 40 years so we we really use the material no wonder we are so it's okay so they suggest that a kid should last at least six seconds like me to stop with the 6-second not just like you know you can create something meaningful in a quick I'm not going anywhere my love I'm here for you and that creates that safety that the doctor April you've been suggesting safety burn ability but I'm here I'm not going anywhere so yeah those listeners that are saying you know if I kiss my husband he's going to want to have sex so I do not want to have an intimate kiss because I don't want to have sex
or I can have sex every time I kiss him and he would want it what would you say Jorge
well I mean disa training process also but takes place you know you are not wild animals we are thinking they are a tional mean we have been given that wisdom tooth to know how to navigate those things these are you can you can sleep because sometimes you know the tendency is to believe that that men are more Instinct than than women because women did Pickler go based on emotions you know conquer me by my ears and then I'll respond but the truth is that we are equally capable of applying self control I'm not a wild animal that don't you know every direction does not need a a a resolution I'm not I'm not I'm not an animal I am in stinking human that God has given self-control and if you don't tame the tiger I'm bad wild wilderness
you'll never be able to conquer any area of your life my friend you know when a man is able to conquer sexuality his own sexuality that man is ready to conquer the world like he can be exposed to a lot of money that does not belong to him and he won't touch it you know why because he has to learn the principles self control I can't control myself even when I'm being invited to have a sexual experience with someone else beside my wife that's where the problem starts we need to set priorities in place we need to give our hard permission to conquer the comfortable and to to focus on the things the real thing that's going to bring satisfaction in the end cuz you can go around the world and I'm try everything you want to try as a male including sexual
including women here and there and you're so still going to be empty because what you're really driving to to to find you driven to find his soul meaning significant connection and value to what you do and in the end it one night stand is not going to give you that but a Norwegian relationship with your wife is going to produce a satisfaction deeper than you could ever imagine so with that's why this is so important dies with me to embrace our marriage is like like like we mean it like there's no tomorrow this is the one opportunity we have been given to discover of sexuality and maximize it and maximize it because he's so here we read it earlier in Proverbs 5:18 19 go go read it again it's only in that Fountain of joy and and and and satisfaction that has been given to me that was only for the guys
make me preach now don't make me bring you guys are they want to connect with you guys tell us a little bit more how can you go about doing it and what products you guys have Christian in Spanish 1 f is there were trying to put a lot of things that will connect to other places but our website is brand new and it's full of free Continental resources e-courses it is PCI, I'm 68, and there's so many things that they can a little bit at a time a little bit every day or is it
every week being rich by if you also want to practice your staff and if you're welcome to the to follow us to cuz we do like by Denis Suarez office deol and then Pastor Jorge Suarez add pasta to Jorge Suarez very easy to find them also know but we're Jane but we're ordained Pastor Stephen the doors that you don't trust where we're coming from with the topic so complex in our complex and sexuality so yep we do conferences where we have a TV show on TBN TV in Spanish that is weakly and that being a blessing to Latin America
fantastic you guys would be great to officiate a wedding I love it
yes you guys have been amazing thank you guys so much and we would love to have you guys got any time on the show yes
at some point I will definitely and definitely text you her out in the Bible ask because you just never know yes I don't know how I'm going to find you guys we're actually working on some projects with them to have some different studies some different and it something based on the book Divine sex we're trying to quote the book actually came as a need to give people something people that will not come to counseling or will not see the foundation. You know sex with created by God. The sex is for two. Sex is beautiful and so we combine a few techniques to go and and have amazing text the title I think the title cannot be more perfect for a good quick.
Venetian Divine sex you know when you taste a good steak and then you got this is divine right so it should create pleasure to give you pleasure satisfaction so that's why we came up with that title Divine sexy notice give it to you so don't stick with the husband of your youth for those of you that are listening truly this is indeed a timely topic
because some people have been in kind of like quarantine with people that they haven't really enjoyed and just imagine if they would have taken some of your advice that they heard today and they put up a fight if they were they had a different warranty we also offer what we doing our in our Center here in Colorado Springs we offer what we called the three days so they get three days soulmate Clinic 3-day soulmate clinics it's like a marriage intensive for we just Embrace a couple take them by their hands they come spend 2 3 days with a very individual cater to been customized and we get to the bottom of things man we have seen Miracles we have him transformation a very high successful rate because of the way that we have created this this time to go
is there a similar to where you do look for April it's like I was like what we doing what we ought to do it in Deerfield Beach Florida so yeah we do you know couple to couple and I'm specially with minority couples you know man need to feel represented sometimes they get a little funny so it's it's good that for each member of the of the of me being the male and the female then we fight we understand we represent and then we come to some agreement and Betty walk out of that place with hope and we stopped and skills in their hands
to overcome any any trouble that they have been suffering
that is going through sex addiction distance you know cold distance in the in the relationship there's been a while. There's no sex or intimacy if if you're suspecting that something is happening if it happened and you just staying because it's easier you don't have to leave in status quo you can store your relationship we've seen a man and then one of the show's or one of the podcast I don't even know what how many places would share about this particular couple that had he had had affairs and they are happy together enjoying a fulfilling marriage so it can be different I don't settle for that reach out for professional help these days there's more and more of us like right here in this call and then there's three different resources that you have Brady from
therapist that but you can reach out to and like us there's a few people out there that you can reach out for help and store what that gave you and start enjoying life and if you think you can accomplish it in 3 days like for example the vacation counseling and then also what you have been just imagine what Jesus did in three days in that grave
today's Brava brava
wait for candy big we do have some upcoming topics and future shows how to keep the spark alive on living working and parenting together that's next week couple Synergy on the 21st and the six pillars of intimacy on the 28th so if you haven't already started follow the bringing intimacy back she'll be sure to follow us on the Apple podcast or whatever podcast platform you use we are thrilled to be a part of your journey right after April and thank you that's the Kelly and it's been amazing yes yes this is been a drink you want them to be with you guys thank you has been nipping it in Smiths Station where is Missy is well thank you

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