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The Balanced Millionaire, September 25, 2019

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The Balanced Millionaire
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Guest, Midori Verity

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

Guest, Midori Verity

Guest, Midori A Verity

Guest Name
Midori A Verity
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Marriage & Communications Consultant
Guest Biography

Midori specializes in relationship development and people knowledge. She is a consultant, author, show host, and Certified Behavioral Expert, offering this expertise to improve communication results for individuals and teams.

She offers 25 years of experience in running her own businesses and leading diverse teams, helping others to achieve their goals through focused and mutually supportive interactions.   Her specialized knowledge of DISC assessment results and the principles of Neuroscience make her a strong and insightful advisor to individuals, groups and entire organizations.

Midori has a demonstrated knack for guiding individuals to objectively recognize the personality traits in themselves that may be holding them back from achieving their greatest results.  Her engaging, high-energy personality helps her connect and keep the attention of the individuals and groups she is mentoring.  At the same time, the personal warmth that accompanies her in-depth expertise enables her to give honest feedback in clear and motivating ways, yielding significant self-improvement in the individuals and organizations she helps.​

She has a degree in Communications and Sociology from the University of California, Davis. Midori is honored to be on the Professional Advisory Board for Parents as Partners: The Autism Education and Change Network. She’s also proud to be the Relationship Advisor for the global organization, Women Network, and has been featured on FoxNews, CBS-San Francisco, Prevention Magazine, YourTango, and leading radio and media shows.

Guest Name, Midori Verity

Midori Verity
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As a modern-day professional, you’re charged with the monumental task of being everything to everyone. A rockstar in your profession, a stellar partner in your relationship, and finding time to take care of yourself. This causes an internal tug of war that usually leads to burn out, diminished self-confidence, and lackluster results because your attention is divided all over the place. All you really want is to feel like you’re achieving some level of success in all areas of your life… but instead, you feel like you’re falling short everywhere.

What if you could create the success you crave inside and outside of work? This looks like achieving your professional goals, while also “having a life.” What if all it took was retraining your brain so that instead of everything being so hard, overwhelming, or busy it became easy?

Midori Verity inspires your audience to address what’s really causing their problems - negative behavioral loops - so they can catapult to new levels in all their roles.


Midori Verity is the Founder and CEO of MOX Life, a certified human behavior specialist, and is a mindset success coach, best-selling author, and show host. She is completely transforming the way ambitious professionals go for their goals by helping them discover their best path to excellence - the path of least resistance. In order to do that, you must break down her negative behavioral loops and replace them with new patterns. This is what creates easeful, lasting success in all areas of life - you feel like you’ve finally arrived.

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The Balanced Millionaire

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THE BALANCED MILLIONAIRE: "For High Achieving Professionals Who Want To Elevate Their Business and Maintain A Balanced Life".

Learn from successful entrepreneurs how they grew their companies from the ground up and learned the hard way what it took to get to 6-7 figurers and more. Expert guest reveal their secrets and actions that got them through toughest of professional challenges, and how it drove their success to higher profits and personal triumphs.

You have limitless potential. Eileen guides you to think and act more expansively. Train your mind to think beyond current conditions. Once you immerse yourself, you cannot go back to your old habits.

Learn the processes of creating a transformation in yourself and translating this to your career, which will also change the three other key areas of your life—your relationships, health, time, money and...FREEDOM!

Shifting Direction...You can change course and propel yourself into a proven new way of thinking that will lead to personal growth, generation of fresh ideas, and a flourishing business. You will learn how to live the lifestyle of your choosing, without dictating external stresses.

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