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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela L Henderson

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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio hosted By Pamela L Henderson brings you honest discussions and topics about what's real in the world, having open discussions of your ‘Truth’ pertaining to obstacles and challenges that one will either endure over a period of time that has caused hardships and limited resources. Pamela who has overcome Injustice and obstacles on her journey had a vision to help give a platform for young adolescents to speak about how we can together as a diversity culture make our voices heard and be able to move forward through Social Growth. If you take a stance against bullying, you are standing against it. If you take a stance on a contentious issue, it means you believe strongly about it one way or the other. This stance effects everyone, therefore her talk show will allow leaders and the community to be heard, and to heal through the discussions at a happy medium and to suggest solutions or resources to help bandage the wound that needs to heal.

65 Max foundation(s) focus is to enrich and empower each student academically by providing an Online presence or a classroom setting that allows each participant to participate in a group intervention (openly). Our Goal is to establish Social Emotional Growth that will instill the confidence and (OJT) skills that are needed, through the proposed goal #1 to develop a persons thought process by taking accountability as we empower each student to enhance their customer service skills by implementing hands on training that builds integrity and self esteem, and to advocate skills that are needed to attain careers through Social Growth by pursuing a professional or entrepreneurial career.

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Pamela Lynnette Henderson
Former Founder AND Principal at Sixty5Max Entertainment Inc and Founder of All Roads 65 Max Foundation

Pamela L Henderson (Founder) All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation Inc.

Pamela is a inspiring leader who is focused to help sustain growth opportunities that can help make a difference in her Community and abroad. Pamela is the CFO and key player of 65 Max Organization, working with the youth and inspiring artist (s) having a desire of becoming the next big thing in the music Industry.

Pamela realized in her community their were limited resources for at risk youth that were desperately needed and decided to take another leap of faith and established her 5013© Non profit in 2012.

Pamela vision was to establish a OJT program that creates jobs within the foundation, and to help mentor girls who are underprivileged and live in disadvantage areas, falling through the cracks of the School district, judicial system, Homeless, battered women and displaced women Veterans.

Pamela expertise as a professional customer service executive has allowed her to utilize her skills to help empower young adolescents by encouragement to take responsibility first, and to move forward towards Social Growth.

In 2014 Pamela attended the National Development Institute where she received her CNC certification and journey on to JFK University IEL Entrepreneurial ship program, in 2015 where she received her certification. Under the direction of Mayor Tim Gray son Pamela partnered with Supervisor Federal Glover, at the Y-Summit venture. In 2016 under the Obama Administration Pamela signed a Commitment Of Authorization to give a second chance that will give a pathway that leads to opportunities to at risk youth/adolescents to seek education and employment. Pamela is a member of the Pitts-burg Chamber Of Commerce, and in 2015 Pamela was acclimated as a Board of Governor of the NANOE organization where she received her CNE, CDE certification.

Pamela mission is to continue to help empower, young adolescents to lead by example and to open up her foundation Internationally, Pamela was named and honored 2019 Women Of Power.


2015 Board Of Governor N.A.N.O.E
2019 Professional Organization Of Women Of Power Excellence:
2019 Latin American Immigration Association:
2015 Fair Chance Business Pledge: Obama Administration

All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation Inc.
Twitter  3377 Deer Valley Road Suite # 285 Antioch, Ca 9453
PH: 866-465-1629   FX: 866-998-4786