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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio, March 26, 2024

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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio
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Guest, Michael Glaspie, Author, Business man with amazing philanthropic works

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Michael Glaspie, Author, Business man with amazing philanthropic works

Guest Name, Michael Glaspie

Michael Glaspie
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An abused child grows up to be a successful business man. Out of that abuse and poverty, he spends is life in service of others, bringing housing to the poor, bringing local government back to the people even being in the right place at the right  time to help people, even saving lives. 

I think we can help each other
   I just finished an important book.
   The first in the series is:
   "I Talked To God"
   "Amazing True Stories Of An Ordinary Man"
   by Michael T Glaspie, That Little Kid From Ortonville Michigan.
   (all this on this book cover)
   I'll begin the interview with the Terminal Illness Diagnosis
   I received in late May which was the catalyst, the inspiration
   to drive me to write these stories. We all have a story in us
   and your audience needs to know how to tell theirs while they can.
   They will learn what drove me to author this work and do it
   before it was too late.
   This book in closing remarks invites readers to join the movement
   and submit their story for consideration, for the next in series:
   "We Talked To God" "Amazing True Stories From Ordinary People"
   Pardon the pun but I'm on a deadline to share these stories.
   All the details are at a quick read site:
   I'm sure you know;
   Books like
   "The Shack"
   "Heaven Is For Real"
   "God Is Not Dead"
   "I Can Only Imagine"
   All went on to become major Hollywood Films.
   I believe this Topic is among the most read of all Genres.
   I just started sending review copies Monday
   and am getting back remarkable reviews from every person I sent to.
   Many asking me to send an advance copy to a friend or family member.
   One such request even said "my brother needs to hear this".
      One review said: I did not believe I would read 141 pages of
   any spiritual book, but was spell bound and could not stop turning
   When I read the last paragraph I felt I had to have even more.
   I of course would like to send you an eBook for your review.
   Just hit reply and say "yes"
     MY BIO at 
   Also there you will find recordings  of some of the free seminars I
   held every Tuesday
   for 12 years "How To Be A Better You"
       The book stories are real and I hope will be a part of my final
   legacy .
   A life time spent helping people achieve their dreams.
   I have extensive public speaking experience and for years was an active
   member of the Professional Speakers Bureau of Michigan.
   I have spoken to large and small audiences and have held
   5 day boot camps where I taught "Marketing Thru Technology to an
   of 50 (limited event seating) paying $5500 per seat. I also taught an
   extension class for the University Of Michigan.
   Please advise if you feel my legacy efforts are
   not worthy of pursuit.
   OR, hopefully, let me know if you would like a review copy?
   Just hit "reply" and let John know.   Thank You!!
   Lastly, you may want an affiliate link at Amazon for 4% on all sales.
   This book is gaining tremendous interest already!
   Mike G
   Author of a Future NY Times Best Seller
   "I Talked To God"
   "Amazing True Stories of An Ordinary Man" 

Mike G. Bio

January 1973, successfully passed the real estate examination to become a real estate agent in the state of Michigan.

January 1974, became a top listing agent in the entire county of Midland Michigan.

1974 through 1976 honed sales skills and knowledge of real estate practice.

January 1977 successfully passed Michigan’s real estate Broker examination, becoming one of the youngest brokers in Michigan.

November 1977 elected to the White Lake township, home township, Board of Trustees for a two year term obtaining more votes than the next three candidates combined. Served as White Lake township board of trustee member from 1978 through 1982 / two consecutive terms as a trustee.

1982 became the first and only that year Buyer’s Broker in the State of Michigan, a concept developed by Mike G, including all legal documents and full compliance with real estate laws.

1984 was elected to President of the Michigan Rental Housing Association, a 3,500 professional membership, serving 1984 and reelected in 1985. During his tenure he held two private meetings with the then governor of the state of Michigan, and co-authored legislation benefiting the impoverished, and rental housing owners, so as to provide a mechanism by which those in need would have their rent checks paid directly to the property owner, effectively opening up the rental housing market for these individuals in need were to beforehand virtually locked out of the marketplace.

1986 became the number a top selling real estate broker or agent in the entire United States. Having successfully sold 188 individual transactions (the closest competitor that year was 156 transactions).

1988 retired from real estate practice, owning at the time over 300 individual pieces of real estate. (Retirement lasted 90 days.)

1988 Held two marketing through technology week long boot camps in Las Vegas. 50 seats, $5,000 per seat. Sold out each time, back-to-back months.

1989 Started Business Network Communications, a telephone company, first as a reseller for a large long distance company, and six months later as an independent phone company, not as a reseller, with offices in all 50 states and approximately 77,000 independent salespeople.

Business Network Communications was doing roughly $18 million per year in sales in the commercial phone business, just 18 months after formation of the company. Business Network Communications was the first telephone company to offer brandable and rechargeable prepaid calling cards, many of which may still be collector’s items today.

1996 sold Business Network Communications and retired for the second time but only lasting 30 days this time around at retirement.

Early 1997 Mike G became involved in the new emerging World Wide Web.

1997 One of Mike’s companies was the first to give away web sites Based upon fill in the blank templates. Giving away over 60,000 sites with an average income of $24.50 per month from the extensive list of options made available. Like email connected to the site, auto responder, photos, opt in form, order form ETC.

1997 Mike developed several new methods of marketing and direct marketing strategies for the Internet, such as

1) The first company to offer an affiliate program

2) The first company to develop a privacy statement on the page where any prospect was asked to enter any information about themselves otherwise at the time the methodology was the Privacy Statement always was shown on another page, i.e., distracting the prospect from taking action on the order form. This practice now which reads basically “We promise never to rent or sell or share your information with anyone for any reason”. This method is widely in use to this day as marketers have learned not to distract a prospect from the call-to-action page.

1999 Mike G developed both BannerCo-Op and then BannersGoMLM. BannersGoMLM was, and is, a free network marketing program rewarding the members not with money, but with advertising and a system which provided for a one-to-one exchange. In other words, every time a banner was hosted and seen on a member’s page, that member would earn a credit to have their banner posted on another member’s page. It was wildly successful and built one of the largest databases at the time on the internet.

2001 Mike G was asked by the senator with auspices over the authorities to prepare a white paper which led to several important modifications to the now existing spam laws.

2008 We’ll fast forward. Mike G, this year and the next, earned the distinction of sponsoring more people into a network marketing program than had ever been done. 11,000+ people in program one, over 5500+ people in program two, and over 5300+ people in program three. And we are not speaking of downlines, but directly sponsored members into three different network marketing companies.

Mike G. has gone on to become one of the most prolific website owners and marketers on the internet.

Every week on Tuesday evenings at 7pm Eastern, Mike G has for years hosted a free conference call/ podcast teaching people specifically, “How to be a better you.” It’s all about marketing. It’s all about sales. It’s all about life and success.

I Talked To God front book cover

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