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Guest Name
Christopher Graves
Guest Occupation
Hip Hop Artist
Guest Biography

65 Max Entertainment Inc. Presents Chris Chips, AKA Christopher Graves who was born in 1983 in Blythe California. Growing up Chris knew he wanted to become a hip hop artist. His word play and flow was compared to other renowned artist's, At the same time he is without a doubt one of the next hot hip hop soldier's you will be hearing from, for years to come. Chris who has dreams and aspirations of becoming the next big thing in the entertainment Industry, decided to move to Oakland California in the year of 2000, during his high school year to become a emerging up and coming artist seeking opportunities in the Bay area.

Chris Chips is currently working on his Auto Biography called “To The Max' A True Story” and his latest projects and Mix Tape “JackN 4 Beats”, Albums “Certified" and his new 'CD' coming out this year " Epidemic"  including his new hot single Lonely'