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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio, July 18, 2023

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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio
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Guest, Dan E. Hendrickson, award-winning, best-selling author with seven novels to his name.

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Dan E. Hendrickson, award-winning, best-selling author with seven novels to his name.

Guest Name, Dan E. Hendrickson

Dan E. Hendrickson
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What is our modern day fascination with Pirates? Dan E. Hendrickson's novel explores the storyline of a female pirate and why we all root for them (guest pitch)


Since the 18th century Pirates have been idealized and romanticized more than any other profession throughout history.

Dan E. Hendrickson's is back with another great storytelling adventure. Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess.

It's one of those classic great stories that makes you just hit the pause button in your life and dive in. Please let me know what you think.

Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author Thrills With Adventurous Tale Of A Pirate Princess 

   Historical Fiction Book of the Year!

“An appealing pirate adventure.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“Which is exactly what Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess does in ‘kegs.’ Not only is this tale captivating, it also offers gifts to those fans who are looking for everything from historical fiction to adventure to romance to the need to see a female take the lead. … Avast Ye Readers! Put down the swords and pick up this book; you will be thrilled that you did so! 5 out of 5 stars is an understatement.”

--Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess is a fascinating read, one that many people should definitely take the time to read. In his book, readers will be able to see these historical events through the eyes of characters that will show a different perspective of, and maybe shed some light on the atmosphere of such an exciting, tumultuous time.”

Can the daughter of slave-trading pirates leave her past behind to find love and happiness? This central theme is explored in the explosive, action-packed Amazon-best-seller, Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess. 

“In my stories I like to mix action, adventure, and romance, with real-world issues,” says author Dan Hendrickson. “In some circles I have been labeled a bit of a feminist because I tell many of my stories using a strong female protagonist and show that women make fantastic heroes. To a big degree I owe this enthusiasm for strong female characters to the fact that I have two highly motivated and successful daughters who are my real-life heroes. I also have a son who is an officer in the Unites States Coast Guard and gives me lots of inspiration to write about.”

The book has gained a lot of recognition and positive reviews from the book publishing world and readers alike. Online Book Club ranked it as the Historical Fiction Book of the Year. Scores of readers have noted the powerful appeal of Hendrickson’s novel. One five-star reviewer noted: “Most books about pirates focus upon men and their daring exploits. It was refreshing to see how a strong and resourceful woman could hold her own in that time period and culture. It is a good and enjoyable read.”

In the book, Brandy Erasmus was raised by her notorious parents to be a pirate until they died when she was 15. She then escapes with her uncle to live a life in a port in Jamaica. All goes well until a famous English Navy Captain and his first mate, who are part of the abolitionist movement, come into the tavern one night and turn her life upside down. Brandy never wanted to go back to a life at sea because she now hates her pirate background and the ship she was raised on, but finds herself drawn to the first mate. The pirates were slave traders and therefore in complete opposition to the abolitionists. Circumstances come about where Brandy has to decide to reclaim her parents’ ship and crew so that she can aid her friends and save the man she loves.

Please let me know if you would be interested in having Dan on your program. 



In an interview, Hendrickson will discuss the following: 

·       Why do so many people enjoy a heroine with criminal family ties?

·       The compromising allure of the pirate lifestyle of centuries ago.

·       How we make difficult, soul-searching choices about which path to take in life.

·       Whether we can escape our past no matter how much we change and transform ourselves.

·       Reflections on the global slave trade that pirates were involved in.

·       What we are willing to do for love.

·       How he uses a journalistic style of present tense/third-person to put readers in a you-are-there-as-it-happens vantage point.

·       How he goes about inserting realistic, action-packed fight scenes, based on his martial arts work and having been trained under legendary Hollywood stuntman Bill Shaw.

·       How he blends high-stakes action with human drama.

·       Why he likes to write of big problems that he believes ordinary people can solve.

·       Why he writes of heroes, often imperfect, where they have to overcome flaws, make tough choices, and deal with moral challenges. 

More About The Book:

Heroes and villains collide in this swashbuckling romp through historical fiction. Brandy Erasmus is the daughter of the most feared pirate couple of the Caribbean, Eric Erasmus aka The Plague and his wife The Scarlet Mistress. They’ve ravaged the Caribbean in the impregnable ship the Red Witch for over a quarter of a century. 

One day, both are killed. 

Orphaned and hunted, Brandy escapes with her uncle to hide out in Kingston, Jamaica where she unexpectedly finds peace and contentment helping her uncle run a tavern. Fate has a funny way of turning the table though because a chance meeting with one of Great Britain’s most beloved sea captains and his enigmatic first officer turns her world upside down. Romantic sparks flare and adventure unfolds as Brandy is confronted with a choice to once and for all leave her bloody past behind and embrace a new life that promises love and purpose beyond all her expectations. 

But in doing so, she is confronted with the choice to reclaim the ship and crew she left behind and sail into hell to rescue the one she loves and embrace the cause he has already dedicated his life to


Dan E. Hendrickson is an award-winning, best-selling author with seven novels to his name.

His books have won literary awards from Feathered Quill, Online Book Club,, and Readers Favorite.  His writings tend to have a military/law enforcement flavor because they deal with issues like modern-day human trafficking, organized crime, high-sea drug smuggling, historical piracy, and slave trading. 

Hendrickson’s father was an English professor. He picked up on his father’s love of the written word and enrolled in Casper Community College, majoring in journalism. Although he found that he had an aptitude for investigative reporting, he decided that his desires lied in other areas. He went on to do volunteer Christian ministry work throughout the United States most of his adult life and continues to pursue those endeavors to this day. During that time, he gained a degree in Practical Theology.

Hendrickson’s diverse career also led him to serve as a sheriff’s deputy in Ohio for three years.

He now owns and runs, with his wife, Cheryl, an auto dealership that includes auto detailing and auto body services. 

Hendrickson also has devoted a good portion of his life to studying the martial arts. He has black belts in two styles, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and a high brown belt in Han Foo Wa. He has instructed at martial arts schools off and on for over 20 years. He has studied under and with several greats, including legendary Hollywood stuntmen Bill Shaw, and Troy Miller.

Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming, he now resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 


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