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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 30 April 2021

A Fireside Chat with Lance White - Zany Mystic

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
Talk Show:
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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

The shift into 'new dimensions' is instant and already is... visionaries have paved 'the way'. Let's unite as a unified quantum field of Consciousness, Light and profound Joy. 

Change the world within, sitting cozy, warm and loved with: A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic!

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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
Talk Show Host, Psychic Healer, Author, Speaker, Question Triggered Channel, Meditator, Personal Empowerment Facilitator

Lance B. White, famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and exceptionally adept practitioner of question triggered channeling, L.B. White is Zany Mystic.

Born in Santa Barbara, California in 1950. My journey has taken me to the depths and heights which is ultimately part of a spiritual journey. In 2007, I wrote an irreverent account of my journey called Tales of a Zany Mystic, offered at Amazon Books. One year prior, I was asked if I wanted to do a weekly radio show. This marked the birth of a weekly internet radio show on BBS Radio: A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic

BOOK Information - "A page turner!"

This autobiographical tale chronicles the author's life, having "chosen" to be born to two gay alcoholic parents. Following their lead, the author struggles throughout his lifetime with being gay, severe alcoholism, drug abuse. It's a spiritual odyssey, which includes an insider's look into an esoteric school studying the ideas of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Later, his meteoric rise as a drug dealer in San Francisco, California to the gay "party and play" (PNP) scene culminates with a warning from a living angel. After two arrests, encounters with other angels and many mystical experiences, the author transcends his lifelong battles.

He speaks with eloquence of the coming shift in consciousness which coincides with the Mayan calendar's end date of December 21, 2012. He now devotes his life to spirituality, writing and broadcasting his radio show, A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic. For those with issues about being gay, addictions, or desiring to advance spiritually, this book has it all. A heartwarming personal triumph which offers humor, wit and style; a fascinating story, but more than that, a "ray of hope".

During the 1970's, I did Werner Erhard's EST training, their Six Day Experience, the Advocate Experience, Vipassana meditation training.  Prior, I was in an esoteric school studying Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.  I chose to leave, upon discovering that the teaching had turned into a cult.  My closest friends were the first two students to join the "Fellowship of Friends" run by Robert Burton, and we worked on many projects relating to spirituality over the years.

For the past 12 years, I've done pro bono healing with an international group of professional healers.  We do remote healing, for those in need.

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Hi, Lance!

We're really enjoying the shows you do with Tim Glenn.

Can't afford the personal session with him right now, so we appreciate the

entities he's channeling and their advice about not staying in 4D and using

it as a jumping off point into 5D (and more freedom) 


Hi Lance, I love your interviews. I happened to catch the May 7th interview with Laura Walker, but only the last few moments of it...will you be posting this soon? I really hope so, wondering how Laura is doing and what she has to say!

L. Thompson


hi lance,

i just want to thank you again for the work you do.  i found you with andrew and have been so impressed with your discussions and perspective.  and hearing you with aug tellez, once again i feel i want to reach out to you and thank you for sharing your understanding of the situation.  
nice work!! you have affected my life tremendously just by being you.  you are one of very few role models of the sacred masculine in my opinion.  it makes me breath easier knowing you never give up. 
keep doing what you’re doing and i hope you are feeling good and better each day as the dreaming of those of us who have courage unfolds in the beautiful ways we will start to experience more and more of. please know how beautiful your voice and being and clarity has been for me over the years.  
i am celebrating with some wine this eve and am more verbose than usual…. please forgive me.

beth meeker


Wow! Loved your book! I look forward to your next one. I'm not much of a reader but felt compelled since I listen to your show  weekly. Could not put it down. I finished it in a weekend. So brave of you to be so honest. Your truly an inspiration. God bless!

~ Patricia K


Hi Lance,

Your show has become one of my favorites.  You've profoundly shifted my reality.


Frank B.

Hi Lance,

I listen to your show about as often as I can - though I confess many times it's by way of YouTube reruns as your BBS broadcast starts here on the east coast at 10:00 PM on Friday nights. Seems like I'm often tuning in half way through the broadcast just because Friday nights are kind of busy for some reason. Actually, I'm listening to the archive of Friday's show with Dr. Carmen Boulter as I write this and just had a thought.
I also listen to Satsang with Shusara on BBS Thursday nights and find her show to be fascinating as well. Any chance you might ever have her as a guest on your show? I know you have interviewed many many spiritual guides, but there's just something about her that seems very special. Just a suggestion.
Anyway, I really like your folksy and conversational interviewing style. You are truly kind and generous to all of your guests.
Peter H



Hi Lance,

I am new to your show and somewhat new to BBS. I have just finished listening to your interview with Simon Parkes and have to tell you it is outstanding. I learned so much. It is as if I am the closest I've ever been to the true knowledge of what is going on here.
I was really getting into it, when, as you know, it was cut off.
I would very much appreciate knowing when you can do another show with Simon. And especially if you can start out with the subject you left off with, which had to do with "magic," and "science," and the difference between the seen and unseen worlds, etc. and how that emphasis on the seen world may have come about.
Thank you so much.

Hi Lance & Serena, I loved your new show, the subject matter was just perfect for me, and you work together so well, my attention stayed easily throughout your discussion. I recently started walking on the beach every other day and it's amazing the gentle information that comes through. Also, walking barefoot has proved to be a natural anti-depressant, sleeping aid, and an easy way to get exercise, and it's all free! One message I got from the Sea was," All your needs are met right here" - It's so simple, blew me away. So now I call the beach, my favorite place of worship, as it is all there. Thank You for your special show! Love,


Hi Lance: Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the discussion with The Lady Of The Woods, even this many days later the wisdom you both shared is still with me. I do hope she will guest with you again soon. Thank You so much! Regards,


Dear Lance, The Lady of the Woods capivated me from the very beginning! Please have her on again. LOVED, LOVED her energy! And thank you for being such a great host week after week, always letting your guestsexpress themselves withoutinterruption. Much Love,


Once again, an absolutely riveting radio show. This is a keeper to listen again and again. Kevin is one of my all time favorite heroes. He does not hold back. You and he together are the Dynamic Duo of Truther News. Many thanks and much love,


Hi Lance, Don't know if you remember me but we emailed some time back. I just wanted to say thanks. Since my Kundalini Awakening I have continued to try and follow my intuition and where it is leading me. Since I found your show, it has always been a source of comfort. I was listening this weekend to your interview with Stella Osojoros. I have been struggling so much with the power of what is coming through me. I have gotten to the point where my body constantly flits outs and I can go into weird positions and trance like states. I believe I am birthing something through the top of my head. Ok if I am in my livingroom but not so ok if I am at work. :) Something told me that Stella could help me. She lives less than two hours from where I am. I emailed her yesterday and she emailed me back and feels that she can help me. I plan on getting one of her treatments in her home very soon. So I am saying thanks. I have a good feeling and hope. I love you Lance.. : )

Nancy T.

Hi Lance now finished your book. Have to say I admire your ‘will’ to overcome such battle with addiction. Amazing to keep Aids at bay for so long. A true growth through adversity story – The Hero’s Journey and a Warrior of the Light!!!

Lots of love Josephine

Hi Lance I am halfway through reading your book – Wow what a story! I have the greatest admiration for your honesty and I can see your soul shining through your experiences. Your book makes mine look tame. I love reading autobiographies because I find people interesting and yours is not only interesting – it’s educational! Can’t wait to read the rest – so thanks Lance for sending it to me.

~ Love Josephine xxx

BRAVO!! Whew ! Not a dry eye in the house. Really was captivated by the interview, any one of us could have been in that situation. Hard to imagine what Suzy went through, and she tells it so well, I felt you both treated it with sensitive honesty and lovely light humour, what else can one do huh. I remember when you were on the 100 monkey and talked about stopping your meds and I wonder how you are doing, you still have that twinkle in your voice. :-) I to made that choice a year ago and what a smart one it turned out to be, though not with aids. Personally I can't wait for a world where everybody is friends and love is truly love and not just one small part of it. We have proven so thoroughly that hate, anger and judgement get us nothing, so I especially enjoyed the part in Suzy's story about meeting and forgiving the man, what a load off that must have been! Just before my mom died she smiled as she woke up in her hospice bed and told me she had just had a wonderfully loving conversation with my dad, who had been dead for 3 years, then she laughed and said, "I never said that when he was alive did I". It was not the happiest of marriages but now it seems all is well.

~ :-) :-)

Thanks Lance for your BBS show.

~ Lots of love from Scotland, that yank, Davy J. and his venerable wife Ruthie, we both had the hankies out.

BRAVO!! You did a superb job with this one. Sure can tell your heart is deeply invested in this situation. Most of us don’t have a clue about how deeply important this info is now and has been in the past but more urgently and ongoingly in the future… to all of us and to all the living creatures that populate Mother Earth, her land, air and waters.. Now was a GOOD time to do this with everybody’s attention on the “occupy” movement growing global. Your guest appreciated what you brought to the table. He would love it if more people were as informed and articulate as you so obviously are. Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on the audio for this show so that I can share it widely amongst friends and family. Thanks!!

~ Astrea

Hi Lance,I really enjoyed it and think you're great. A real class act :) Please give me the link to it so I can post it on my sites and hopefully get you some more listeners. Thanks for the on-going support. Yours in Light,

~ Pedram Shojai President, Vitality Health & Wellness, Inc

What a lovely show. A lovely woman and a wonderful mix of spiritual. In 1977 I went to the Findhorn Foundation to live and the nature aspect was sooo important. One night I was helping cook dinner and a Citron pulled up out front and a Frenchman leaped out and yelled, "vare are ze fairies?" "vare are ze fairies?" so many stories. I have been to Ireland many times and one time my venerable wife Ruthie and I, while traveling all the way around, had so many laughs about the many times when we were trying to follow sign posts about how we could hear the men who had put up the signs saying, "Aye, Paddy thisel fool em". Also wanted to mention Inelia. I feel nobody had shown and addressed the topic of fear as well as her. She is fearless and lets one actually melt into their fears and actually see them for what they are. And what a lovely laugh. I felt Irish was a wonderful follow up to Inelia. I missed the first minute and would have to play it again to remember her name, so Irish will do, I think she would be fine with that. I also loved the bit at the end where you both were talking about when you you are not afraid to say, "I don't know". One of my fav sayings has been, "A wise man knows what he know and knows what he doesn't know." Our integrity is the frame work we hang our joy an happiness on. Also when she talked at the end of how many are just here to just live our lives so do the best job of that you can and let that be your enlightenment. One day we will all come together for a big party. The sooner the annoying control folks give up the better, love is the only effective way of living and as you say, what gives us greater joy that doing for others, amazing how much comes back at us. Lots of love Lance and keep up the fine work, you are always so prepared and ask the questions I think of. For example, you brought the interview back around to her first trip to Ireland and this opened up the bit of day to day 'enlightenment'. Who knows the future, but either way I am excited, a good time to be 64. :-0 Did I just say that ??????? :-) damn, so glad I had fun.

~ Davy Ex pat in the Highlands

Hi lance, This is Davy Ex pat yank in Scotland, Be Here Now and a joint guy. :-) Well, my wife Ruthie and I were driving up to Scrabster Scotland, the very north, to catch a ferry to the Orkneys for a bit o business and a weeks hols. Ruthie downloads BBS radio for out journeys and we always listen to you, Mike Q and Nancy + more. You were talking about ELE with Cal Garrison, the Red Star and shit/fan. Then, how's yur memory these daze?, slate wiped blank etc etc. Can't remember what day it is or where you are going, WELL, we arrived and while in the que for the ferry and decided to go in for a cuppa, I went to put on my jacket and cap and realized I had left them hanging on the hook at home. Hell I even remembered long johns, shorts and my cooking spices but no jacket. We were a wee bit annoyed at me cause going to the top of the world with no jacket ain't smart. I remembered what you and Cal were talking about and reminded Ruthie that you and Cal both said you can't even remember where you are going sometimes and we had a good laugh. I later found a great jacket and bought it. Great program, you two are good, most interesting. She's a character, as you are. :-) Only way to be. Again, well done on your interviewing and knowledge, always interesting because of the questions you ask and the comments you make. Thanks for the info it sure makes a wonderful trip go even faster. You should see the North of Scotland wild and wooly lots of windmills and the Orkney's are a little piece of heaven, 180 degree views always. The sustainability capitol of the world Ruthie tells me. All the best and keep on keeping on, what the hell huh, it's fun.

~ Davy

Thanks so much Lance for your fine job of interviewing such interesting folks. I have been on this path for 42 years myself. Cast upon it one night with a joint :-) and a copy of Be Here Now. Never the same again, an unhappy childhood can have such a wonderful outcome as it gives one a powerful desire to find happiness. I ended up having an 'inner experience' that showed me worry and fear do not exist in our 'real' life. :-) Naturally life caught up with me and lessons were learned. I am an Ex pat yank from Chicago married to a lovely girl from Manchester England, who also loves your show. We live in the highlands of Scotland 2 miles from a paved road. Tranquility in all directions. I could not help but follow my heart in this life time and here is where it led me, all came to me, everything. I do feel for all my old pals who followed their 'shoulds' and now reaching 65 are running even faster on the wheel to keep up, just when they thought they would be enjoying themselves playing shuffle board I guess. I never understood this concept of waiting to really enjoy life when you are old, think of all the Mountain Biking in Scotland I would have missed, that would have been just plain silly. Gratitude has been my guide and my mission to spread. What a lucky man I have been. I would love to hear you interviewed one of these days. Soon all will change and it's about time to. Yours in joy and gratitude,

~ Davy from Rafford Scotland Morayshire

Love your show alot. When my wife and I listen we are always laying in bed and she falls asleep. Can you please make sure BBS posts your show in the archives. The last show archived is March 5. The David Sereda interview was awesome. I am passing that interview to many of my friends. Thank you for all that you do for the education of the masses. Nameste' Paul Ps. All of Cliff Highs linguistic predictions are coming true. WOW!

~ Paul from Kansas

I just wanted to say that I found your show a couple of months back and I'm so glad that I did. You have some really interesting guests and I enjoy your interviewing style. Very relaxed, friendly, grounded and warm. Please keep up the great work and I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU. Much love

Nene xx

How do I ever begin to thank you? You are amazing! You create such a sacred space in which one can expound about their work, their mission, their soul purpose for being. And you do it such a friendly, loving, inviting way. I am so grateful to have been a guest on your show; but even more than that, I am so grateful to have made your acquaintance. And my hope, prayer, and intention is that we can remain friends on this crazy journey we've signed on for as lightworkers. I am sooooo looking forward to receiving and reading your book and relishing the exquisite work of art that it is. Thank you for ALL you are, and all YOU do! Wishing you a glorious day filled with magic and love~

Lori Daniel FalkMystical Artist & Spiritual Life Coach

This was an absolutely fascinating show!! And you were worried about what to talk about for an hour??? I was not familiar at all with the Joshiah material, and now I MUST read it ALL!.... As well as listen to this interview again. Thanks to you and Don! Excellent tips on meditation! It is the way I do it, except for the balloon. I put thoughts in a basket! LOL If I have difficulty getting them in the basket, I breathe and chant "I AM LIGHT."Think I'll have to go "withinside" before I have any real feeling for how it resonates with "my truth", but I do like his view of it being an individual creation within the One. Love ~


I LOVED this show!!!! Both of you! Your exchange of knowing and energies was fantastic! The real key, as expressed by John, is fully in accord with my own experiences. This is why "the harvest" may be small. Only in fully surrendering all ego and intellectual arrogance, as unto death, can Spirit and Truth be known. Nostrodamus's use of "Aquarius" and "Cancer" prompted me to take notes on things I want to think more about before I try to put them into words. If I make sense to myself, I'll share my thoughts with you later! LOL Thanks again for a wonderful experience! Love you ~


Congratulations and thank you & John for a GREAT show this evening! I've heard John many times. This was different. I've never heard him quite like he was tonight. He started out normal John Hogue doing what he's expected to do and what he expects to do and then magic happened! When he said "The only time that really exists is the eternity of the Present" everything seemed to move to another plane. He seemed to get really real in talking about what's happening and what's likely to happen. I hope anyone who didn't get the chance to listen to this one will patiently await it's appearance in the available archives and jump on it at the first opportunity!~


Great show! You are such a kind host, and I am grateful for the chance to hear Mahala for the first time after reading her words for so long. Your show comes at such an important time, and I really appreciate it. Peace ~


It was a joy to listen to your show!!! I really respect Mahala, and was thrilled she was on your show. Loved the show. Mahala confirmed for me what I have been thinking and believe. As always, you were a great host. Now don't get a big head. :-) ~


Hey, thank you so much-- how fun-- sorry I usually talk a little too much, but the Beings always have a lot to say!! You were great and guess what-- a fellow from Australia who was listening just went right to the website and ordered the book-- cool huh? you ARE the best Lance-- hugs!~

Carol May, Sacred Voice for the Light:

My Interview with the Zany Mystic on July 20th, 2007. I had the immense privilege tonight to be interviewed by Lance White, the "Zany Mystic". Lance has a wonderful show on BBS Radio, which airs on Friday nights at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern. Check it out here. You can also listen to my interview with Lance - it was a blast! Thank you, Lance! Blessings, ~

Hi Lance. First, I LOVE listening to Mahmood's voice!!! Obviously I loved this interview because I am in agreement with everything he said!! I'm sure you liked his views on meditation and diet. LOL I did too, because I've learned these things by trying all the extremes, or as you said, "the hard way." His tribute to mothers was most apropos, since this is Mother's Day weekend! His energies were very high and pleasing and it was great to feel yours rising to meet his, even though in the beginning you sounded a bit down or tired. Could it be said that you drew a breath of Spiritual energy? A very good show!! Love ~


Hi Zany! I want to tell you I was really pleased that you interviewed John Hogue Friday. I've heard him on C to C, Unknown Country and other places and am always intrigued by his material. He's for sure one of a kind! Nobody else could walk in his shoes and fill them with quite the gift and mastery which he has in abundance. I want to tell you what I thought he felt quite a lot of during this interview with you that I don't think I've noticed in any of his interviews with other hosts. He was particularly relaxed, comfortable and at home. I don't think he wanted it to end. Neither did I! I sincerely hope you will hook up with him in the future for more! I appreciated him for elucidating the shift toward the Feminine a bit. Or even bringing it up for that matter! Would really like to hear more about this. Also his calling the 2012 end date the "last Chicken Little prophecy" and saying that it is not a doomsday or rapture date but one part of a thirty year time window where a lot of things are ending while others begin was refreshing and mind opening! Don't you think he has a unique viewpoint on political matters, etc? Only his particular viewpoint, knowledge and study could enable him to. It would be great to have this interview transcribed! There's just so MUCH rich and provocative thought here as well as data... I'll stop here not because I don't have more to say but because I'm running out of time! Keep it up! Love, ~


Here we go again, my eversodearest Lance - how INCREDIBLE !! How incredibly small this earth is becoming - Jean -Claude is talking about Cyprus ,whose 'fate' has been parrallel to Malta's,totally. And that is what you are doing with your program,Sweetheart - we all connect and bundle our energies -it CAN be done and it WILL be done, because we remember ! I neaaarly fainteed when he mentioned the C1 vertebra that ''got thrown out'' - well,that happened to me when I fell out of a window when I was three and died. Cept that I didn't - I had a BALL between galaxies (had never heard of galaxies back then,but I flew thru them all them same,what an Experience ). Obviously didn't'' die:),even though the doctors said so -but my C1 was whacked out ( a few other vertebrae as well) and my skull was broken. I've always known about the ''death from a fractured skull' -but the whacked out C1 never impressed me much -that until tonight -Yeehaw ! Wrote you a post last friday because of your also then amazing chat - don't know if you got it,because my server fell out right after I'd posted you, so I don't have an inkling if you know how I simply lose it when you get those treasures aboard your ''chat'' -what a BALL ! WWW means World Wide Web -and we weave and we weave the WEB and the GRID . We shall OVERCOME ! Love Ya ! ~

Hanne Mylanus-Andersen

Hi Lance I absolutely LOVED the energy! The information I could understand through the garbled sound is so much in accord with my understanding that I'm somewhat astounded. I knew that was the way I see it, but I'm a bit surprised to have it fed back to me from another human! I am glad I got to feel the energy! Love ~


Hi Lance, This post to tell you that I enjoyed your interview with Patricia a tremendous lot! You really know how to 'pick' your guests -they are fabulous. Read on the Starseed forum that you invited Marilyn La Croix to your Fireside chat - she and I have been friends for a long,long time - she is a pearl! As I wrote above: you know what guests to invite, and that is the art. Love ya,still And your blog ~

Patricia D.Cota-Robles

Hello Lance, May I congratulate you on yet another fantastic show. I enjoyed the show very very much and couldn't stop smiling ..... I loved the analogy with people's relationship with money, it certainly made me think again lol...... Anyway loved it and your new pic on bbsradio looks great.. Well Done ~

Pringle Tronik

Hi Zany, After the sound straightened out I enjoyed being introduced to the host (ess?) of Spiritual Hollywood. I am out of breath trying to keep up with her! Amazing. And you were already energized to the max! Also I have been reading your recent posts and recognize them as coming from your blogging adventure. I'm not an expert on blogging but I've enjoyed every bit of your sparkling wit! Did you just begin this blog or is it something you've been doing right along? Great fun! Love, ~


Lance, everyone who knows you and your work is/was right! You ARE the best interview I have had. Thank you so much for your openess, your truth of heart and the balance of being that you bring to the dialogue. You are a gift to all of us. Blessings, ~

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Ph.D.

Hi Lance, How I loved your "Fireside Chat" with Gerardus -incredibly deep and good. And what a fantastic idea to set up a radio program: "Conscious Radio from the Infinite Consciousness" -because that is what it is. I really hope Gerardus comes back again on your show - I loved every minute! We've got the world-wide-web to spin a world wide net and connect the GRID! And now it is not "only" in writing, but also in speaking. Wonderful,Lance -that's what we came here to do/BE. One is All- and All is ONE. Love and lots of Laughter -the real fat belly ones .... ~


Lance, your guest was adorable. It was like listening to a wise grandpa! And to think he is older than my parents, and has been awakened for so long, I wonder what his life was like...feeling isolated. Maybe he addressed this issue, I got a call from an ill friend kind of in the middle of the show, so I missed some of it. As lonely as I felt, he was so far ahead of his time, he must have felt very alone. Now, of course, I never feel alone even when there is nobody physically near me. Maybe that is how he felt too! Good show, I enjoyed it, very nice man! Night night, ~


Zany! This was really good. How in the world do you find time to do such an obviously great job of reading so many books and with such depth of understanding that you can intelligently and comprehensively keep pulling these interviews off the way you do? I've got three pages of notes and know for sure I missed a lot. Your guest is a virtual encyclopedia. She too must have a photographic memory. Obvious that this work has been a labor of love for her. Lots of intriguing info! Love, ~


Hi Lance, Have been listening to your ''Fireside Chat'' with Toni Sar'h Petrinovitc and had a wonderful time. This even though the sound came and went on and off -(satellite I guess) but I could fill in the ''voids'',so to speak,because we are on exactly the same wavelenght and are into the same 'material' or what shall we call it ? -''non- material'' ? :),thus there were no voids at all. Just Lovely. -We have not been wasting our time going into all that metaphysical stuff for years on end - (even though most people 'round us didn't get a hoot :) Now we can 'gang up' Worldwide, share our experiences and say '' Yaa-haaah''! -and not "A-hah''! any more,like when we just started out....Yeehaw !! Love, ~


Wow, Lance, it sounds like Hellen is describing a REPTILIAN! This is a GREAT discussion. Blessings to both of you! ~

Juliet Nightingale... host of Toward The Light on BBS Radio

I had a chance to catch up on some archives and had to comment on one of the most profound show I caught although all of them are great this was exceptional.... a fireside chat, the zany mystic interviewed the guy that wrote going deeper I am amazed at what he said in fact I am going to make copies of it and pass it on way of shifting the consciousness in a small way. I hope we can hear more from him on BBS. As I always, I love you guys and thank you so much for all you are doing to raise awareness and consciousness of the planet. ~

Nancy M. in NJ

Zany, Bashar has long been one of my favorites and the interview was outstanding! His comments about us actually being the timeline we are aware of prompted me to expand on that thought.....if I am experiencing an awareness of something I do not like, then if I change my thoughts/vibrations and keep them changed, am I dissolving the parallel timeline? And WOW! Otherware with Liz Millar is expanding on that thought! I'm getting to go on a great mind trip for the weekend even if I don't leave my house! ~


Just wanted to let you know, I am enjoying your show. And am amazed that Alice is from here in town! I especially enjoyed hearing that drumming can do the same as chanting Ommmmmmm. Super! By the way, I love drums. It was my first love instrument as a child. Thanks for a wonderful show!!! Love ya, ~


Dr Cash was a WONDERFUL guest! I had no idea she existed, much less right here in the Louisville area. I'm certainly going to check out her site. Love ~


Zany – Wow – To say any more may be deemed self aggrandization given the affinity I know I share with your guest which gets the highest rating so far for anyone I have encountered and given the virtual laundry list of his perceptions akin to my own although I doubt I explain them as clearly. He is correct, in my view, about many things. ...and you do ask great questions. I look forward to the day you might have him return to explore time and starchildren.Keep up the good works Zany or is it Merlin Sim GET THE ARCHIVES UP!!! LOL ~


I caught your show last Friday before listening to Liz'. Good job! Liked your guest immensely. I ordered his book and look forward to reading it. I have a personal family interest in this topic. Tragic! You are truly a hero. Blessings, ~


Zany's radio show with Sal Rachele was super. I hope it will be archived. I want to hear it again!!! Very informative. Love, ~


This was one FANTASTIC interview!!!! I was on the old Operation Terra list until she shut it down. It was so good to have her back with new insights. I so appreciated her openly admitting the misinterpreting the earlierinformation.......... been there done that, but that's my own story. Just, THANKFULLY, there was no musical interference in this one. I only wish I could have understood Don's conversation with Dolores Cannon. Love ya ~


hey Lance, Although I do not check my website every single day, the last time I checked it the counter was a little over 1000. Tonight it is over 8000. How cool is that? I have not heard from Morgan, so I don't know if people have been ordering the book, or looking at the site out of curiousity of who would be so CRAZY on internet radio?!? LOL THANK YOU FROM THE STARS!!!!!!!! Ciao baby, ~