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Hi Lance,

I listen to your show about as often as I can - though I confess many times it's by way of YouTube reruns as your BBS broadcast starts here on the east coast at 10:00 PM on Friday nights. Seems like I'm often tuning in half way through the broadcast just because Friday nights are kind of busy for some reason. Actually, I'm listening to the archive of Friday's show with Dr. Carmen Boulter as I write this and just had a thought.
I also listen to Satsang with Shusara on BBS Thursday nights and find her show to be fascinating as well. Any chance you might ever have her as a guest on your show? I know you have interviewed many many spiritual guides, but there's just something about her that seems very special. Just a suggestion.
Anyway, I really like your folksy and conversational interviewing style. You are truly kind and generous to all of your guests.
Peter H