Guest, Cheryl Scott

Guest Name: 
Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Scott
Guest Occupation: 
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Event Promoter, Naturopath, Healer, Visionary
Guest Biography: 

Cheryl Scott RN, PhD, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is an Open-Minded, Out-of-the-Box health care professional seeking Truth and Joy upon this home we call earth.  Dr Scott has a wide range of interests which range from working as a lactation consultant in a large HMO system, spending her time as a busy national speaker on health care issues related to women and infant’s health.  She lives in the tranquil town of Volcano, California (population 100).  

Cheryl is currently developing a non-profit, Sustainable Living Education and Healing Center on her property in Volcano. The Education and Healing Center is following the model of Michael Tellinger’s UBUNTU community, which is based upon the concept of Contributionism, which is an effective model of alternative living which takes us out of the Matrix of fiat-based financial slavery.

Cheryl’s Masters and Doctorate are in Holistic Health.  She has had three years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3 years of training in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional and Modern Herbalism, and Naturopathic medicine.  She and her sweetheart, Bill O’Hara have been very actively involved in living and promoting health through Distilled Waters therapies. She has been reversing her severe osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder syndrome and other health issues through Distilled waters therapies and Bill has been able to heal from stage 4 throat cancer using these therapies as well.

Cheryl’s thirst for her Knowledge of Truth and Joyful Living has recently taken her to Taipei, Taiwan to Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference.  She had the opportunity of meeting the Lightworker, whose code name is Cobra, in Taipei. Cheryl published the conference notes which has been widely embraced by thousands of people around the world whose eyes are directed to what is being called The Event.  

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