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Guest Name
Nancy L Hopkins
Nancy L Hopkins
Guest Occupation
Author, Radio Show Host, Investigative journalist
Guest Biography

Nancy L. Hopkins is a "researcher of reality", meaning the truth. It started with the Assassination of President Kennedy when she was fifteen. In searching for secrets, Nancy joined the U.S. Army and went on to study Electronic Warfare. Because of a university background in the Soviet Union, Nancy worked in the highest echelons of the U.S. Intelligence Organization of the 1970's.That experience uncovered many secrets that fueled research culminating in the nonfiction book THE JOHN KENNEDY - JESUS CHRIST CONNECTION.

 As Nancy had been informed, she would never be published in the U.S. It was not until the advent of the Internet that the book was made available to others. In 2010 someone hacked the Internet Service Provider and took the book down.  That pissed Nancy off and she countered with self-publishing a novel based on fact THE 9/11 CRUSADE. This book takes problems with the official version of events and tells a more likely scenario through fictional characters who know the secrets. That followed with the nonfiction COSMIC REALITY, which is two books under one cover. The first book is THE JOHN KENNEDY - JESUS CHRIST CONNECTION and the second DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE.

 During writing of DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Nancy was led to conclude that for humanity to survive we had to become subservient to the Creator God of this biosphere we call Earth. Nancy calls this Creator God Gaia, believing the ancient word for “Mother Earth” is an energetic power word. That realization of the need to believe in Gaia led to commitment. Six months later Gaia countered with the gift of Shungite. It also led to a new mission to “get Shungite to the masses”.For fifty years Nancy uncovered one awful secret after another. She wrote about it and tried to tell others. But deaf ears and blind eyes were mostly the result. And then those who were enlightened came together in Face Book groups.

 One of those groups is the ODD Group and they have a show on Wolf Spirit Radio. Nancy is the host once a month and the discussions delve into subjects covered in COSMIC REALITY, which equates to almost anything that is solution-based for identified problems.What is unique about Nancy is her technical background in Electronic Warfare, which led to a scientific understanding of energy as the basis of reality. “Matter is energy in relationship to itself”, and  is the pillar upon which Quantum Physics is built...and is also one of the most critical secrets kept from humanity.

1. Reality is what we think it is. 
2. Majority Rules. 
3. Those in power keep everyone else from knowing Rules 1 and 2 of Cosmic Reality

Nancy weaves her scientific and metaphysical understanding of the Energy Universe into far ranging subjects that have the goal of empowering individuals to gain control of Reality. And Nancy spends a lot of talk on the magical mineral and gift from Gaia called Shungite.Shungite’s ability to hijack the mind-screwing, physical body destroying Electro-Magnetic/WiFi system controlling present reality, is just too sweet a solution.   When Shungite is introduced damaging EM/WiFi fields are changed to healing and enlightening signals. This is an undisputed scientific observation.But Nancy takes it further.

She has realized that Shungite’s proven healing properties, beyond protection from harmful radiation, is intensified by energy emitted by those believing Shungite is Gaia’s ultimate weapon to regain control over the planet.   The more people believe in Shungite the stronger it becomes and, in turn, the stronger Gaia becomes.So, if you do not want to hear scientifically based information on why there is a Creator God and why Shungite can be a magical weapon you should NOT listen to the ODD Collective Radio Show - Cosmic Reality (3rd Sunday every month at 1-3 PST / 4-6 EST).

If you feel comfortable thinking about magic being just energy manipulation and that energy manipulation will empower you, this may be a show to your liking.

The website provides information on many topics and you can find Face Book Group links to take you farther down the rabbit hole and illuminate the path to escaping this “Mad Hatter” kind of reality we find ourselves.