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Greetings Divine Ones,

Today we will be discussing the self and the collective self.

Greetings Divine Ones!

This week we would like to talk more about our shifting earth. 

Greetings Divine Ones!

In case you missed our introductory column last week, I am pleased to introduce SisterTalk here at BSS Radio. I am Rose.  My sister, Rayla, and I are delighted to become a part of this wonderful group, as their new columnists. 

Today we will be discussing the shifting of the planet Earth and what we all can do to assist in the shift. 

Greetings Divine Ones,  

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to SisterTalk by Rose and Rayla at BSS Radio.  We are biological sisters who met in 2008, at the ages of 48 and 53.  Rayla is five years old than I am.  Due to circumstances beyond control of our mother, my sister was separated from my mother prior to my birth.  

How to deal with the fear.

Four A’s: Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Appreciation, Actualizationi

Whether we are conscious of it or not, much of our lives are driven by fear.  Not only do those fears run us, but they deprive us and others of the fullness of our authentic being--the love we are.  

These four steps can enable you to beging the process of liberating yourself from these fears.