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Article by Errol Strider May 30, 2015

Breaking free from fear and anxiety

A four step process that allows you to break free from the debilitating grip of fear

How to deal with the fear.

Four A’s: Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Appreciation, Actualizationi

Whether we are conscious of it or not, much of our lives are driven by fear.  Not only do those fears run us, but they deprive us and others of the fullness of our authentic being--the love we are.  

These four steps can enable you to beging the process of liberating yourself from these fears.

Acknowledge the fear and dis-identify from it.  The fear is not you.  The fear is happening and you are aware of it. To dis-identify from it, just describe it.

Accept it—the fear and the circumstances that trigger it.  This is what is happening and this is the feeling it produces.  Allow yourself to feel the feeling…but set a time limit. Feel it for, say, 30’” Time  yourself.

Express the feeling creatively.  Use the energy of the feeling to release you from it,  The feeling is dying to be expressed.  You can either express it as fight or flight or you can go to the 3rd F-word.  Faith--where you begin to act as if you were no longer afraid. (More on faith in another column)

I encourage you to  allow your body to express the fear—creatively—in a healthy way that doesn’t do harm to others—anger,  or to yourself-depression.

Now let’s go to the third A—appreciation.

The more creatively you express the fear, even the story behind the fear, and share that with others the more you will be appreciated and since that was what you wanted all along, you can bask in the appreciation. 

That sets the stage for actualization—where you actually become the person you are.  Fom that position you can activate reality and shape what you activiate into whatever your imagination would have it be—only one caveat—it has to be for the good of all.

This is a required course.  It's just a matter of when you take it.

Why be a slave to fear when  you can be free in love?

Think on't 

Andy Rumi