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Article by SisterTalk June 15, 2015

The Splitting of the Earth

Transitioning to the New Earth

Greetings Divine Ones!

This week we would like to talk more about our shifting earth. 

There has been much speculation on the rescue plan.  Delores Cannon, was given information about the detailed plans which inform us that the custodians feel the critical mass has reached the point of the transformation of the earth.  This plan which came into place from Gaia’s distress call, when it comes into play, will give us two identical earths, each earth completely unaware of the other.  The splitting will be so subtle, that the people on either earth will not even notice it, at least not initially.  The splitting of the earth has been likened to cellular division, where a cell divides into two, such as in the conception of identical twins. 

When the split takes place, the 3-D (old) earth that we now live on, will remain intact.  It will remain in the 3-D with the people remaining on it, living in the lower vibration of negativity, fear, worry, illness, and distress.  The other earth will be 5-D (new) and will resonate with the higher vibrations of awakening and positivity. 

Transitioning to the new earth is quite simple. There are only two requirements.  The first requirement is overcoming any accumulated karma.  To overcome karma, one simply needs to forgive self and others for any real or imagined transgressions.  Along with this, one must align with the higher consciousness or higher frequency.  This means letting go of all negativity.  Releasing greed, control, violence, hatred, and envy and embrace love, harmony, peace, understanding, forgiveness, and open- hearted. 

The second requirement is letting go of all fear.  This means letting go of fear of change, fear of the unknown, any and all fear that may be lurking in your heart, hidden in a corner of your mind, or anywhere within you, needs to be released and let go in order to move to the 5-D earth when the split occurs. 

Eventually everyone will move to the new 5-D earth, it will just take some people longer than others to make the transition.  You will know you are preparing or have made the necessary changes within, by seeing the changes occurring in your life.  When you see your life improving and going in the direction you want it to go, you will know you are on the path of the higher frequency.  You will look around and see that things are definitely happening, things are changing in your life. 

When you first move over to the new earth, you take you physical body.  Once you have been there a long time, your body transforms into a “light” body. 

All of this is in the Bible, in Revelations where it talks about the new heaven and the new earth.  How two people will be working in the field together and one will be taken and the other will be left.  It is like here now, you lose contact with people, they just drop out of your life.  You could find these people if you wanted to, but how often do we really want to?  It will be sort of the same concept when the shift occurs.  So, it is not like they just disappear, it is more like they just drop out of your life. 

In order to see this new world, one must start with the world inside of them.  To see a world of love and joy, peace and harmony, this world must first grow on the inside.  Excepting your Source consciousness, your God consciousness is an important step.  So, by now you are probably wondering what this new earth looks like.  The answer is simply, Heaven on Earth.  A total change in social, financial, educational, and economical structure, with everything changing into a way where there is no more suffering. In order to get through this process, we must open our heart to more than what meets the eye.  Ask for help from your higher self, the angels, God, and the beings from other planets which are extending their offers of help.  So, let’s open our heart chakra and raise up our vibrations in preparation for this exciting phenomenon!