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Article by SisterTalk June 8, 2015

Our Changing Earth

The Earth is going through some mighty changes. She is shifting. Are you ready?

Greetings Divine Ones!

In case you missed our introductory column last week, I am pleased to introduce SisterTalk here at BSS Radio. I am Rose.  My sister, Rayla, and I are delighted to become a part of this wonderful group, as their new columnists. 

Today we will be discussing the shifting of the planet Earth and what we all can do to assist in the shift. 

The planet Earth is alive.  Her name is Gaia.  The shifts are evident by the things we are seeing, the earthquakes, the floods, tsunamis, volcanic activity, weather shifts, landslides, and sinkholes over the past few years are all the evidence we need in order to know this is a reality. 

The earth is shifting at a quickened pace.  In order to keep up with the shifting of the earth, we need answers and we need them now.  We cannot afford to wait twenty years for the answers.  Time seems to be speeding up.  I am sure many of you have noticed more frequency of synchronicity occurring in your own lives. Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences, not related to cause and effect.  It is more than just a happy accident or serendipity.  It is proof that everything is connected as a unified whole.  It is an affirmation of life. So, the question at hand would be:  How do we get the answers to help assist Gaia in her shift?

The news is not the place to get answers.  Let me tell you friends, the news is all about ratings.  It is a fear based ratings game.  The more they can scare you, the higher their rating go.  Why is this?  The answer is simple.  It is a device used to keep the masses under control.  To keep the masses asleep.  Why does the government and the churches want to keep the population asleep?  Control!  It is a game of control.  As long as the majority of the earth’s population remains in slumber, they can be controlled.  It is not our innate nature to live in fear.  We were not created to live in fear.  The bible tells us over and over, Fear Not.  Fear is not real.  Fear is a low vibration word.  Words carry energy.  Love is a high vibration word.  Love is real.  Love is uplifting and freeing.  Our cells respond to sounds which bring health, healing and life or worry, illness, and death.  We need to be aware of what we are listening to and make a conscious choice to rid ourselves of the lower frequency words, tones, and vibrations. It is simple, high vibrations feel good while low vibrations feel bad.  We all choose what we feel every minute of every day.  It is a choice.  We are not victims to our feelings.  If we are not consciously choosing, we are choosing by default.  Either way we are choosing.  Instead of choosing by default, it is much better to be aware of our feelings and choose what we want to feel regardless of how a situation may look. 

There are many avenues which have recently become available to us to help us in many ways.   In this time of the internet, answers are at our fingertips.  Information on channeling, energy work, healing, health, and raising our consciousness (to name a few) have become very prevalent in the recent years.  This is not by accident.  It is by design of the Universe.  Others from planets near and far are stepping in to offer their assistance.  Universe has graciously blessed us with people coming onto the scene with great gifts and talents in the form of psychics and channelers to assist us in getting answers quickly.

Due to the energies on Gaia shifting quickly, we really need to educate ourselves and be aware of what is happening. It is time to take off the blinders, pull our head out of the sand, look around and see the change is taking place. 

Many are coming in now at this time, with a sense of knowing.  We have children who are beyond their years of age in wisdom.  They are movers and shakers and they are coming in to assist.  There are our alien/ET friends who are communicating with the people of the planet Earth, who want to help.  They are speaking to us through channelers. One of the first renown pioneers in channeling was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).  Jane Roberts in the early 1970s channeled Seth and wrote the book Seth Speaks.  Of course channeling has been around forever, dating back to biblical times when the Holy Spirit came to people to write the books which became the bible.

Gaia has put out a distress signal once again and answers to her call are arriving on the scene to assist.  In the new paradigm for the new earth, we need to embrace self-empowerment, love, and self-love.  We need to embrace new concepts that are in alignment with our divine being and with the divinity of God, Source, or All That Is.   It does not matter what name you want to call the Divine, as long as you are aware and in alignment with that highest Source.  This means letting go of old hurts and any sense of wrong-doing either to you or from you.  Forgiveness is essential.  It means having a sincere sense of thankfulness within you and appreciating everything in your life.  Forgiveness and Gratitude are at the top of the list of necessity. 

If you are seeking answers to soul questions, such as, Why am I here?  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  These questions can be daunting.  Such questions of a soul nature can be answered by channelers who are using their gifts or abilities to help assist with the shift.  This is why we are seeing more and more of them popping up everywhere. 

Not everybody is in a situation where they can afford to take a cruise in order to listen to Abraham-Hicks or book a session with Bashar.  But, there is good news for those who are not in the position for these luxuries.  A quick google search can put you in touch with call- in shows where you can get your questions answered for free.  You simply call in to the show, get in que, wait your turn and ask your question.  Not only are these shows there to answer your questions, they are very informative.   Even though you can only ask one or two questions at a time, with some patience you can get your questions answered over a few weeks.  One thing that is important to remember when seeking an authentic channeler is the information they give you will “fit” in, matching pieces of the puzzle that you already have.  They will also give you information of the higher realm.  If it is fear based, you can be sure it is not authentic. 

Every answer you could ever want or need is inside yourself.  Be still my child and listen. Mediation can help you access these answers.  Information given to you through channelers should ring true with your inner knowing.  There is nothing being kept from you.  All the information you seek is within your own divine being while there is also outside assistance available to reinforce what you already know.

It’s a Beautiful Day!  Blessings to All!