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Article by SisterTalk July 12, 2015

The Law Of Attraction

We are not victims. We create our own lives.

Greetings Divine Ones!

Do you ever wonder why it is that bad things happen to good people?  There is a simple answer to this question.  Whatever is happening in your life is happening because of the Law of Attraction.  This is a very easy universal law to understand.  What you think about and feel today, creates your tomorrow.  So, if you are unhappy today, feeling blue, let down, miserable, then tomorrow you will have a day that portrays those feelings and thoughts.  Events or people letting you down, more unhappy feelings, and a general feeling of being miserable.  On the other hand, if you are happy, upbeat, feeling loved and joyful, then your tomorrow will carry more things to bring you happiness and loving feelings.  That’s pretty simple, right?  In actuality it is harder than it sounds.  How often are we really aware of and consciously choosing our thoughts and feelings?  Most people get carried away in a flood of emotions and thoughts that are triggered by the events occurring in their life rather than having control over their thoughts and feelings.  The key to this is to be conscious of our thoughts and feelings and to choose what we want to feel and think.  As the days roll by, turning into weeks and months, those predominate feelings and thoughts build power.  As they build power it takes time then to reverse the effects of our creations.  I personally would much rather be happy than to be sad, angry, confused, or feel lost.  I believe most of us would rather experience good feelings than bad feelings.  Of course, if you want to feel bad, that is an option that we all have.  Many people are becoming more and more aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect our reality and form our life experiences.  The book, The Secret, was among the first to explain the law of attraction, but it left many with a feeling of incompleteness.  Fortunately, there are many teachers now who are making more knowledge available on how we attract things into our lives.  A simple internet search can put you in touch with a lot of information on the subject. 

These teachings are not new, they reach back as far as bible times, and are taught in many religions.  The Bible gives clear instruction on how to use the Law of Attraction and gives examples of it in play.  The Bible tells us to keep our focus upon the things which are good, pure, honest, and lovely.  It tells us to let go of fear and to believe that what we want, will be supplied to us.  “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” -Hebrews: 11:1. 

Jesus taught the Law of Attraction even though he did not call it that.  The Bible tells us over and over “ask and ye shall receive.”  The key is to ask, with faith.  Ask with the knowing that you will receive what it is you are asking for.  Rejoice in the receiving, even before it has been given to you.  Feel it as if it were in your hands in the very moment you are asking.  Be the person you would be with having what you are asking for.  Act as if you already have it, knowing that it is coming!  The final step is letting it go.  You have asked, you know it is coming, now let it go.  Don’t try to figure out how it is coming or where it is coming from.  Just know it is coming, and let it go.  When you try to figure out the how and when, you are not letting it go.  You are not trusting or believing.  Instead you are trying to make it happen yourself.  Worrying about details, trying to figure out how it can be possible to bring about what you want is not trusting that what you want will come to you.  The Bible tells us the key is to trust in God and allow Him to work out the details to bring you your hearts desires.  This is telling us, do not worry about the details, just trust it will all work out. The Bible says, “ask in faith, not wavering.”   When you look at your life and focus on what is lacking, or noticing that what you want is not there yet, you are not showing faith and trust.  Keep your eyes, thoughts, and feelings focused on the good things you want in your life.  Think about those things instead of thinking about what you don’t have yet.  Do not look at the lack, but instead feel the abundance of all good things coming to you.  The happier you feel, the more gratitude you feel, the quicker the things you desire in your life will come to you.   

Your thoughts are like a tree that produces fruit.  Your thoughts also produce emotions.  Our feelings are very important in what manifests in our lives.  As you think and feel, you will receive.  “You will know them by their fruits.” –Mathew 7:16 

“Ask and ye shall receive.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened to you.”-Mathew 7:8 

The Bible does not say, some shall receive.  It does not say, ask and if you are deemed worthy you will receive. It says ALL who ask, ALL who seek and ALL who knock, will receive.  The Law of Attraction is not something new!  The central theme of the Bible is the power of faith and belief in the things not yet seen. 

Every person is constantly attracting things into their life.  It is not by coincidence that the things happen in your life the way that they happen.  It is through what we are attracting that our life goes the way it does.  There are many similarities written in the bible to those taught through the Law of Attraction.  All the teachings of both boil down to a simple rule.  What you believe, what you think about and focus on, and how you feel, will create your reality.  You, every individual, can control what you think about and how you feel.  The choice is entirely up to each person.  We all have been given the power to create our own lives, to respond to things in the manner we chose, and to think and feel however we so chose.  Just remember, those thoughts and feelings you are having today, will create your tomorrow, so be mindful of how you feel and what you are thinking about.  Don’t just let your mind wander on its own because you never know where it may take you.  Make your thoughts positive and your feelings happy.  You have nothing to lose in doing this, and a lot to gain! 

Blessed Be!