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Talk Radio Show Program

Spiritually Naked

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked is a gateway to profound insight that exists within the physical and non-physical realm, offering a rare opportunity to connect with Solomon. Solomon is a collective consciousness that Stephanie channels live on the show. Steve and Stephanie bring to you an interesting guest where they explore life from another perspective. Stephanie then channels Solomon for Steve and their guest to bring new truths to light for your exploration.

Steve, Stef and Solomon are a refreshing concoction of optimism and realism where opportunity for inner transformation and lifestyle change is kept simple. Spiritually Naked is a meeting ground for the collective conjunction of varying beliefs, bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical world. It is a place to shed personal layers of limiting beliefs and expose the authentic you!

Bi-Weekly Show
Station 1
9:00 pm PT
9:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Talk Show Program Host

Steven and Stephanie Banks Steven and Stephanie Banks Kamploops BC Canada Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Stephanie on Soundcloud, Steven on Facebook
Author of A Soulful Awakening, inspirational speaker, medium who channels Solomon

Stephanie Banks was born into a family of intuitives who encouraged fostering faith in accepting guidance from within as well as from other realms that surround our own. Prior to her near-death experience, she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Immediately following her encounter with death, her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. Stephanie has now dedicated her life to mastering ancient wisdom and writing candidly about all she learns through this process. Her unfailing connection to the non-physical realm has offered guidance and transformation to all those who seek profound insight into our existence.

Stephanie attended the University of Western Ontario, and is currently enrolled in the master class of spiritual enlightenment. Stephanie lives with her family in British Columbia.

Steven Banks is a student and teacher in the master class of spiritual enlightenment.

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Featured Guests on BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Featured, Guest, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters April 29, 2017

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, April 29, 2017 09:00 pm

Guest, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Guest Name: 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Guest Occupation: 
Gifted teacher, author, lecturer and intuitive coach
Guest Biography: 

“Jennifer, because of my work with you, I am in LOVE!”

– Lisa Barnes

As a gifted teacher, author, lecturer and intuitive coach, Jennifer will lead you through a journey filled with love and awakening. Her clarity, compassion and grace are a natural catalyst for exponential healing and love.

Jennifer has an innate ability to bring out the best in her clients empowering them to radiate their own love into the world. De-creating your past story blocks unlocks your unlimited potential. Her clients become amazing radiant magnets for love, success, wealth, passion and healthy relationships.

She is direct, compassionate and quick to locate the root of your issues. Whether it is self esteem, or becoming orgasmic, having been on this road herself, her deep caring and honesty clears the fog of misunderstanding. Her toolbox is filled with gifts that will dramatically impact your place in this world.

If you are looking for an extraordinary life in and outside the bedroom, Jennifer is the one to guide the way. She illuminates your path with a gift for cutting through your old story and getting to the underlying blocks. Whether you are single or coupled, Jennifer is relaxed, putting you at ease eliminating your discomfort.

Through Jennifer’s own journey of healing: depression, anxiety, illness, sexual trauma,unworthiness and lack consciousness, she radiates light and love. Her wisdom comes from living through her experiences and challenges. Through her own healing journey she has developed an amazing array of tools to help clients transform their lives. Through her 6 week first tier workshop, many clients find their soul mate, or TRUE LOVE as well as their own inner gifts and passion for life. Her coursework is uplifting, grounding and centering. Once you radiate love from within, the perfect partner presents himself. In the process your creativity and gifts are uncorked, like champagne out of a bottle, once out you will never look back.

Instead of feeling broken and fragmented working with Jennifer helps you get connected deeply to your inner being, your True Self. Mastery of the Self is the highest work anyone can do. As Plato said, Self Mastery is the greatest of all victories. Jennifer will be your guide so that you become a master of your life and journey into joy, peace and happiness. This is the greatest git of all.

Jennifer is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Alliance Coaching and The Spiritual Response Therapy Association for Healers. She also uses Neurolinguistic Programming.

Her books, Odyssey Victim to Victory is an autobiographical account of her own journey. Orgasm for Life is an amazing and exciting book to ignite your passion and get you back into the saddle, turn you on, power up and spice up any relationship.

Jennifer’s radiance is the power and blessing she has embraced along the way. Being comfortable in her own skin, authentic and true to her gifts, she shares the secret to finding your bliss within. Jennifer is here as a catalyst to help you.

Orgasm for Life by Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Featured, Guest, Jose Hernandez May 13, 2017

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017 09:00 pm

Guest, Jose Hernandez

Guest Name: 
Jose Hernandez
Guest Occupation: 
Artist, energy healer
Guest Biography: 

Joe Hernandez, is an authentic, gifted intuitive and talented artist. His readings are very sharp, and he has a deep compassion for humanity. Very down-to-earth, Joe cuts through a lot of jargon to get at the root of the issue. While he is practical and direct, Joe is nonetheless a very empathetic, sensitive and credible voice of understanding and guidance.

As the second youngest child of eight, born in the South Bronx in the 50’s, Joe’s previous life was defined by his drive, quick intelligence and defiant nature. He was driven by money and success, like many in today’s Western culture, and he despised any reference to spiritual things or the God of his Catholic upbringing. In the first days of the year 2000, following a mundane accident at work and a simple mistake by hospital staff in the ER department, Joe died twice in one night. Aside from the long term damage sustained to his physical body, Joe had a profoundly life changing experience during the more than five minutes that he was clinically dead. This experience was just the beginning of a new life marked by ongoing communication with Spirit. Joe himself believes that he left the ‘old Joe’ on the other side and those who knew him before couldn’t reconcile themselves with the man that returned. As is often the case with NDE experiencers, his marriage of 30 plus years ended and he painfully left the life he had lived behind him.

Over the past 17 years, since his near death experience, Joe has learned, with guidance from several gifted, generous healing therapists, and his Spirit Guides how to live with one foot here and one foot on the other side. He became an ordained Inter-faith minister in 2005 and began sharing his experience and gifts and speaking across the US. He met and married his soul-mate, Anastasia, in 2008 and together they developed the mindfulness modality Inner Immersion to share the experience with others, to offer Licensed Mental Health Practitioners (LMHPs) an engaging mindfulness tool and to continue his healing practice. Joe and Anastasia have worked with over 600 clients and have evolved the Inner Immersion modality to its current form which has proven to be highly effective in helping clients get to underlying issues and develop the tools to help themselves move forward in life. 

Featured, Guest, Barbara With May 27, 2017

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, May 27, 2017 09:00 pm

Guest, Barbara With

Guest Name: 
Barbara With
Guest Occupation: 
Psychic Medium, Composer
Guest Biography: 

A while back, I hired a consultant to help me brand my business. As a professional composer and performer, I started Mad Island Music in 1979 to publish my original songs. In 1987, my life as a psychic began, which led to publishing books. My psychic work then expanded into Conflict REVOLUTION®, step-by-step instructions for a revolutionary process of finding peace first and foremost within self. This led to coaching and training Con Rev® around the world. Eventually I published two CD of original songs, followed by more books. When I published Guerrilla Publishing, I also started coaching would-be authors to accomplish their dreams of becoming published.2016bwflower

After reviewing my stew, my consultant advised me to pick one thing to concentrate on. But I just couldn’t. How could I choose? It was impossible.

So we created four divisions: music, psychic work, publishing, and teaching and training. Mad Island Communications was born. Our vision statement, teaching & inspiring personal & global transformation encompasses all four divisions, and I feel best represents my personal mission.

Please enjoy exploring my Mad Island. I hope you are inspired into taking action for personal and global transformation. Grateful to be blessed with these gifts, I am delighted to share them with you.

Featured, Guest, David Low MS, PhD June 10, 2017

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, June 10, 2017 09:00 pm

Guest, David Low MS, PhD

Guest Name: 
David Low MS, PhD
David Low MS, PhD
Guest Occupation: 
Community Counseling & Religious Studies
Guest Biography: 

David Low, MS PhD is an author, former Adjunct Professor of Religion, drug counselor, and entertainer—a juggler for a few years out of college (which he still enjoys doing for charity groups). Today he does dreamwork, teaches meditation, and speaks on topics in popular spirituality and religion.

The first time David meditated in college, he had a powerful experience of light and transcendence. After getting his counseling degree he traveled extensively and visited different Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Sufi, Jewish, Christian, and Orthodox Sunni and Shi’ia Muslim groups, all the while recording sometimes “spectacular” dream experiences.

After getting initiation from his major teacher, David began having powerful dreams which ended up directing major decisions in his life, sometimes involving deities and other consistent entities aside from his teacher. In 2014, an epiphany” led him to write his first book, Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice: in Informal Textbook for Discerning Seekers.

His greatest passion is getting people to tune into more profound dimensions of spirituality, at both the personal and political levels. Aside from dreamwork, another tool he uses to do this is his “9-Point Spirituality System,” which helps people fine-tune what they are already doing in their lives to reach deeper levels of their own being. His next (“short and illustrated!”) book, Theories of Enlightenment: Ascending Paradigms for Seekers, is due to come out sometime in 2017.


Headlined Show information for BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, April 29, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
April 29, 2017

Jennifer speaks to us about how she works with people to discover self-love. Jennifer tells us how emotional trauma can cause energetic blockages, which then can show up in our bodies as physical imbalances and disease. Jennifer relates many of our emotional and physical blockages to challenging relationships with our parents. She talks to us about blaming others for our experiences is a sign of belief systems that are imperative to look at and change in order to make our first steps to healing. Jennifer tells us how she works with people to transform from victim to victory by looking at our traumas as tools for personal growth.

Solomon talks to us about how we choose to challenge ourselves at times in ways such as misplacing items in order to become more in tune and in touch with our intuitive skills so that we listen to our inner guidance in order to find them. Solomon talks to us about asking for what we desire and gives us an idea of how to go from asking to manifesting. Solomon gives Jennifer some guidance about writing her books to bring to the public the idea of self-healing. Solomon tells us how to amplify our healing energies for practitioners of energy healing and for all humans.

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, May 13, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
May 13, 2017

Joe talks to us about what he experienced during his 2 NDE’s that led him to understand his life’s purpose. He shares his struggle with what he experienced, as he was an atheist. Since Joe’s second NDE in 2003 he aligned with our truth of eternal existence and since then has been creating and using his art and other modalities to help individuals and groups find inner healing and self-empowerment. Joe talks to us about his workshops that he is holding for groups called Inner Immersion Modality Practice.

Solomon talks to us about the idea that for humanity, regardless of where you may think we are headed; there are no real boundaries to our potential. It is up to us as individuals to be the change we want to see. What you are in alignment with is what will be reflected back to you and the collective reflection is created by our individual reflections. By focusing on the fear that you may perceive will move you in that direction. There’s a delicate balance between being aware and being pulled in that direction.


Headlined, Spiritually Naked, May 27, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
May 27, 2017

Barbara speaks to us about working with Albert Einstein and the Group of 12 as she calls them through channeling. Barbara tells us about the work she is bringing forth through Albert that they call Conflict Revolution. Conflict Revolution is about bringing peace to your life through working with Albert’s Unified Field Theory using intuition, intellect and emotion. Through this process she works with people to get past their inner conflicts to find resolution to move forward with a greater understanding of their selves and their process.

Solomon talks to Barbara about how we are moving into a new time of change which brings with it a new process for dealing with old conflicts within and how to make this change. Solomon breaks down for us how to discover our own perceptions, influences and processes to make inner changes. Solomon brings to Barbara messages from Einstein discussing her influences on their work. Through this conversation Barbara is given a greater understanding of her contributions to their work to help people to find self-empowerment.

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, June 10, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
June 10, 2017

David Low speaks with us about the importance of dream and what he feels they represent to us. He talks to us about types of dreams we have and the affects they have on us from the whole mind, body and spirit state. David feels that dreams are always speaking to us and we talk about some common symbols within dreams. David talks to us about journaling our dreams and how we can increase our dream recall. He talks to us about when we challenge ourselves in our lives we will notice that our dreams have better recall and are more intense giving us a better opportunity to interpret them. 

Solomon talks to us about dreams and how it is up to us to decide for ourselves if dreams are something we wish to use to find guidance. Dreams are not always there for us to interpret but if we feel drawn to this idea then it is perhaps a sign from our higher selves to use our dreams as a tool for inner clarity. Solomon gives us many examples of tools we can draw from in order to discover our inner truths. Solomon talks about the possibilities that are available to us through dream analysis, which can help us, reach a greater understanding of ourselves.


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