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Guest Name
Tamara Richardson
Tamara Richardson
Guest Occupation
Evidential Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher
Guest Biography
Tamara Caulder Richardson was born in the foothills of Hickory, North Carolina, with a Cherokee and German-Swedish heritage, and was born with the gift of "the sight", which sees into the other world with clarity that others don't. Early on she realized she “knew things” that others did not and sensed spirit people around her. She just did not understand why at the time and what spirits wanted from her.
As a small child, Tamara thought it was common for everyone to astral travel at night, or remote view locations or people, to know future events before they unfolded, or to communicate with disincarnate beings. It was around her teens that Tamara realized she was very unique and different from her family and friends, which did not know the things she naturally knew. Coming from "The South”, these types of spiritual gifts were not really discussed, or encouraged.
Growing up she had no one to speak to regarding her natural abilities. Tamara was concerned “if found out” she would be not taken seriously, or made fun of, or worse – feared by people. So on her own personal time, Tamara spent many hours in the school library learning about her abilities and studying books by Dr. Raymond Moody such, "Life After Life" as his co-authored book written with Dannion Brinkley: "Saved by the Light", who was hit by lightening and became highly spiritually aware and clairvoyant. From a teen on, Tamara was intrigued with reading "life after death" inspirational books such as these with the same message, “life goes on” and so does that love connection with people we care about that have crossed over. 
However spiritual events changed her life. From age 3 to 24 she also had six near-death experiences (NDE's) that she believes greatly enhanced her spiritual gifts. She has been to heaven and felt the abundant love, saw an angel heal her from a head injury, heard the voice of God, and talked to Jesus in heaven many times. She hid her NDE's till recently, where she is an active participant in International Association of Near Death Studies.

After having a long, successful career as an advertising executive and also a boutique owner, Tamara started to become more attuned to sensing and communicating regularly with crossed over spiritual beings. She tried to put her spiritual gifts in the background since childhood but with the years, and more acceptance of her own self as an adult, the opposite happened – her gifts heightened exponentially. 

Before deciding to turn her life over to serving God and spirit, Tamara had long conversations daily with God for 12 years. Tamara wanted to know how God wanted her to use these gifts and wanted to feel “called to serve God”, and she did indeed. The response she got about using her gift and why God gave it to her was, “to help heal and reunite families with loved ones on earth through heavenly messages of love from loved ones that have crossed over”. 
Since then Tamara has given up her advertising career and is a full time professional psychic medium, offering spiritual knowledge in workshops, heard on the radio in the US and UK, giving live public medium demonstrations and private medium / life path readings around the world. 
Tamara has developed her natural psychic medium abilities through advanced mediumship classes with TV/stage medium, authors, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, former nun and owner of, The Journey Within, Spiritualist church in NJ and UK’s Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell - all of which were teachers at the famous medium school, in England.
As far as Tamara’s spiritual gifts… she is a mental medium, a highly developed clairvoyant where she can see what others look like that had passed over and can see them show her full memories like a filmstrip in her head, all with evidential information that the sitter can validate. 
Her remote viewing ability helps her in readings since spirit can take her mentally to places to prove to their loved ones that they are still around and evidence of their presence. Tamara is also clairaudient and clairsentient and therefore can, "hear and sense" deceased people around her during readings. She gets details such as whole scenarios (from past childhood experiences, present or future events - but mainly "in the now and the past" come through on medium readings), time periods, names, ages, clothing styles, phrases, facial expressions, emotions and most importantly, the love from others comes through in her readings.
She can also sense illnesses in people, and advise them on better ways to fulfill their purpose and stay healthy. However, she is not medically trained. She acts as a spiritual assistant and only passes information along from Spirit to someone. It is up to each person to get a full medical exam and take responsibility for their health and well-being.
As a spiritual teacher she also understands the transition from life to death, which is the passing of the spirit from this material world on this physical plane to the spirit world on the ethereal plane. In either world, we are a spiritual being. In this world we experience life through the perspective from the body we are given. We do not have a "spirit", we ARE a spirit, and we ARE the Soul which lives a life in a body and then moves on to the teaching and learning’s on the other side. We don't lose our basic nature and personality. It is common for spirit to communicate in Tamara’s readings their passion, habits and personal quirks to let their loved ones here on earth know… it is them.
Tamara is directed by God, her holy guardian angels and spirit guides. Prayer of humility, love to God and thankfulness is a daily routine for her. Tamara’s loving guides give her positive information and allow her to speak to family and friend spirits bringing detailed messages of hope, love and encouragement.
She also has a gift to assist others in their "life path" or soul progression with messages that hit the very core of the soul of that person to help them along on their journey. She understands the huge responsibility it is to give messages from crossed over family members to the living and to assist in someone's soul journey. All messages given are with respect, and said in a loving, gentle, and insightful helpful way to the sitter. Tamara only delivers positive messages to help further that soul to a higher purpose.