Guest, Me Sah

Guest Name: 
Me Sah
Me Sah
Guest Occupation: 
Heart Charge Healer, Medium, Channel
Guest Biography: 

Me Sah, a Heart Charge Healer, Spiritual Medium/Clairvoyant, Counselor and Energy Coach from Santa Fe, New Mexico, has attained a highly attuned level of connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms. With her help you can experience enlightenment and expand your level of awareness.

For over 45 years Me Sah has been not only a spiritual teacher and consultant but a student of Spirit, metaphysics, spirituality, meditation, phenomenon, and the esoteric. As a medium, spiritual reader and guide, animal communicator, healer, and a metaphysical Priest she helps others make a connection to the greater consciousness of who they really are. 

Me Sah has a Masters of Social Work degree and has worked as a psychotherapist. She has been trained in crisis intervention, drug abuse, and family therapy. She is a  Heart Charge and bi-location healer, and is also certified in the Whitehawk Process. In addition, she has been certified in Matrix Energetics, Educational Kinesiology (Whole Brain Integration and Learning) and functioned as a practitioner, teacher and consultant. Me Sah utilizes various other alternative processes. New techniques and understandings are continually being  transmitted directly through Spirit. She was ordained as a metaphysical Priest in 1976 and as a non-denominational minister in 2000.

Daily she deals with situations concerning dysfunctional energy patterns, non-physical beings, animal companions, entities and more. With a direct link to Spirit, one of the most important aspects of her work is to help people cross over and to help those who have left their physical bodies but are stuck between realms. Helping guide them to the Light gives them peace as well as to those left behind in the physical dimension.