Spiritually Naked, August 5, 2017

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
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Spiritually Naked
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Guest, Mary Shores

Spiritually Naked with Steve and Stephanie Banks

Guest, Mary Shores

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, August 5, 2017

S.N. with Mary Shores
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August 5, 2017

Mary speaks with us about her book Conscious Communication. The ideas that Mary brings forth to us about understanding the power of our words, thoughts and the expression of them is the first step towards personal transformation. We discuss the ideas of how to be free of defining and limiting ourselves and others through our choices of language and communication. Mary also tells us how aspiring authors can become Hay House authors.

Solomon talks to Mary about how she can continue to deepen her practice of awareness of communication. Solomon also speaks to us about the human condition of limiting ourselves through our self expression and how to begin to let that go so we may be open to all possibilities.


Guest, Mary Shores

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Mary Shores
Mary Shores
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Author, Speaker
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Mary Shores is an author, business owner, CEO, thought leader and communications specialist. Like all accomplished people, Mary has created a principle that she lives by: Words That Work.

Mary is the author of Conscious Communications, owner and founder of Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc., one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. Mary has spent her entire career listening to problems and getting positive results under the most stressful conditions possible. What makes her business successful is what makes her life successful: her three-step Words That Work system of communicating. The principle behind Words That Work is to recognize the importance of effective communication and problem solving skills in the service of leading a more results-oriented and happier life.

Unlike others who have tackled the subject of effective communication from the vantage point of psychology, philosophy, linguistics or negotiation, Mary Shores’ Words That Work is based on experience. She has had the great pleasure of seeing her own successes echoed in the lives of her employees, customers and clients once they are taught, understand and implement her Words That Work method of creating dialogue.

Mary Shores’ communication system, Words That Work, will take you, and any part of your life, from chaos to being a well-oiled machine.

Conscious Communications by Mary Shores
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Spiritually Naked

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked is a gateway to profound insight that exists within the physical and non-physical realm, offering a rare opportunity to connect with Solomon. Solomon is a collective consciousness that Stephanie channels live on the show. Steve and Stephanie bring to you an interesting guest where they explore life from another perspective. Stephanie then channels Solomon for Steve and their guest to bring new truths to light for your exploration.

Steve, Stef and Solomon are a refreshing concoction of optimism and realism where opportunity for inner transformation and lifestyle change is kept simple. Spiritually Naked is a meeting ground for the collective conjunction of varying beliefs, bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical world. It is a place to shed personal layers of limiting beliefs and expose the authentic you!

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