Guest, Jose Hernandez

Guest Name: 
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
Guest Occupation: 
Artist, energy healer
Guest Biography: 

Joe Hernandez, is an authentic, gifted intuitive and talented artist. His readings are very sharp, and he has a deep compassion for humanity. Very down-to-earth, Joe cuts through a lot of jargon to get at the root of the issue. While he is practical and direct, Joe is nonetheless a very empathetic, sensitive and credible voice of understanding and guidance.

As the second youngest child of eight, born in the South Bronx in the 50’s, Joe’s previous life was defined by his drive, quick intelligence and defiant nature. He was driven by money and success, like many in today’s Western culture, and he despised any reference to spiritual things or the God of his Catholic upbringing. In the first days of the year 2000, following a mundane accident at work and a simple mistake by hospital staff in the ER department, Joe died twice in one night. Aside from the long term damage sustained to his physical body, Joe had a profoundly life changing experience during the more than five minutes that he was clinically dead. This experience was just the beginning of a new life marked by ongoing communication with Spirit. Joe himself believes that he left the ‘old Joe’ on the other side and those who knew him before couldn’t reconcile themselves with the man that returned. As is often the case with NDE experiencers, his marriage of 30 plus years ended and he painfully left the life he had lived behind him.

Over the past 17 years, since his near death experience, Joe has learned, with guidance from several gifted, generous healing therapists, and his Spirit Guides how to live with one foot here and one foot on the other side. He became an ordained Inter-faith minister in 2005 and began sharing his experience and gifts and speaking across the US. He met and married his soul-mate, Anastasia, in 2008 and together they developed the mindfulness modality Inner Immersion to share the experience with others, to offer Licensed Mental Health Practitioners (LMHPs) an engaging mindfulness tool and to continue his healing practice. Joe and Anastasia have worked with over 600 clients and have evolved the Inner Immersion modality to its current form which has proven to be highly effective in helping clients get to underlying issues and develop the tools to help themselves move forward in life.