Spiritually Naked, April 29, 2017

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
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Spiritually Naked
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Guest, Jennifer Masters

Spiritually Naked with Steve and Stephanie Banks with guest Jennifer Masters

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, April 29, 2017

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April 29, 2017

Jennifer speaks to us about how she works with people to discover self-love. Jennifer tells us how emotional trauma can cause energetic blockages, which then can show up in our bodies as physical imbalances and disease. Jennifer relates many of our emotional and physical blockages to challenging relationships with our parents. She talks to us about blaming others for our experiences is a sign of belief systems that are imperative to look at and change in order to make our first steps to healing. Jennifer tells us how she works with people to transform from victim to victory by looking at our traumas as tools for personal growth.

Solomon talks to us about how we choose to challenge ourselves at times in ways such as misplacing items in order to become more in tune and in touch with our intuitive skills so that we listen to our inner guidance in order to find them. Solomon talks to us about asking for what we desire and gives us an idea of how to go from asking to manifesting. Solomon gives Jennifer some guidance about writing her books to bring to the public the idea of self-healing. Solomon tells us how to amplify our healing energies for practitioners of energy healing and for all humans.

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Spiritually Naked

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked is a gateway to profound insight that exists within the physical and non-physical realm, offering a rare opportunity to connect with Solomon. Solomon is a collective consciousness that Stephanie channels live on the show. Steve and Stephanie bring to you an interesting guest where they explore life from another perspective. Stephanie then channels Solomon for Steve and their guest to bring new truths to light for your exploration.

Steve, Stef and Solomon are a refreshing concoction of optimism and realism where opportunity for inner transformation and lifestyle change is kept simple. Spiritually Naked is a meeting ground for the collective conjunction of varying beliefs, bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical world. It is a place to shed personal layers of limiting beliefs and expose the authentic you!