Spiritually Naked, March 4, 2017

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
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Spiritually Naked
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Guest, Wilbur Allen

Spiritually Naked with Steve and Stephanie Banks with guest Wilbur Allen

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, March 4, 2017

Wilbur Allen
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March 4, 2017

UFO researcher Wilbur Allen talks to us about an experience he had with an alien encounter when he was five years old. This encounter has led Wilbur to a lifetime of research into the presence of alien craft that he records in a fixed region of space over his home nightly. He explains to us his process for recording the data, the equipment he is using and what he is consistently finding. He has had encounters in many places and tells us about some of his experiences and who the aliens are and what they look like. Wilbur talks to us about what he found about how alien races are using naturally occurring aspects of the earth to travel in and out of our space. Wilbur also tells us about an alien object that has been implanted into his hand and how it has affected him physically.

Solomon tells Wilbur why he has been chosen to work with a particular alien race and who they are. Solomon tells Wilbur why the multidimensional portals are over his home and why. Solomon passes on a message of gratitude to Wilbur from the beings that are working with him. Solomon enlightens Wilbur on some of the data he has been collecting that he was unsure as to why he was experiencing this phenomenon in the way it was happening. Solomon enlightens us about the larger idea of our existence and our relationships with what we call alien beings.  

Guest, Wilbur Allen

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Wilbur Allen
Wilbur Allen
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U.F.O. Researcher
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Engineer/inventor Wilbur Allen is no stranger to UFO encounters. An alien encounter in the UK at the age of 5 left him face to face with a group of grey ET's. He is a former White House/Air Force One engineer and a contract photographer for National Geographic.

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Spiritually Naked

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked is a gateway to profound insight that exists within the physical and non-physical realm, offering a rare opportunity to connect with Solomon. Solomon is a collective consciousness that Stephanie channels live on the show. Steve and Stephanie bring to you an interesting guest where they explore life from another perspective. Stephanie then channels Solomon for Steve and their guest to bring new truths to light for your exploration.

Steve, Stef and Solomon are a refreshing concoction of optimism and realism where opportunity for inner transformation and lifestyle change is kept simple. Spiritually Naked is a meeting ground for the collective conjunction of varying beliefs, bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical world. It is a place to shed personal layers of limiting beliefs and expose the authentic you!

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