Threshold To Ascension Radio, March 7, 2019

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli
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Threshold To Ascension Radio
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with Ashli and guest Solreta Antaria

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli and guest Solreta Antaria

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, March 7, 2019

Solreta Antaria ET Communicator on Threshold to Ascension Radio
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March 7, 2019

Join Ashli and her guest Solreta Antaria, known internationally as the ET Communicator as they continue on their conversation from the September 6, 2018 interview delving deeper into the consciousness aspect of ET Contact and sharing tips on how to expand your consciousness.

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Soul Star by Solreta Antaria

Guest, Solreta Antaria

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Solreta Antaria
Solreta Antaria
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ET Communicator, Clairvoyant, UFOfilmologist
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Solreta Antaria is a caring compassionate clairvoyant born with natural psychic ability that has expanded to include ET Communication and UFOfilmology.  She has seen & felt spirit from a very young age.

Working from the heart, Solreta sets up a clear safe space before each reading then tunes into positive messages & guidance to assist you in shedding light on your life path  She brings forth various directions & opportunities life has on offer, tuning into a client's energy field (aura), seeing colors & symbols while often seeing Spirit guides, Angels, ET's & Ascended Masters. Solreta is based in Melbourne, Australia and works with clients around the globe via Skype.  Solreta has also twice been a featured speaker at ECETI's annual conference.

Solreta uses Clairaudience & Empathic abilities to help people gain greater understanding & wisdom on their soul path. Solreta has a passion for high vibration Raw food, manifesting goals, sharing & helping others. 

She has studied Kinesiology, Reiki, Crystal dreaming & has an Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences.  She is known worldwide for her ability to receive communication from Star Nation Beings alerting her to UFO sightings which she expertly films.  She has been interviewed on Japanese and Italian television.  Solreta works in her own practice doing both Psychic readings & Kinesiology (combination of Chiropractic & Chinese medicine) specializing in reducing stress, allergies & goal setting. 

Star Journey by Solreta Antaria

Threshold To Ascension Radio

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli
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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli

Ashli has an innate ability to bring the esoteric into 3D life.  Through her own contact experiences – and the initiations of her personal spiritual journey – she is able to support and encourage others beyond the illusions of their limitations into their Self Mastery.

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