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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli

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Threshold To Ascension Radio
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with Ashlie and guest Linda Lowebeck

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli and guest Linda Lowebeck

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, March 28, 2019

Linda Lowebeck of CE5 Copenhagen on Threshold to Ascension Radio
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March 28, 2019

UFO and Galactic Contact is a world-wide phenomenon.  As more individuals in countries around the world begin sharing their personal experiences and photographic evidence, A 2017 survey including respondents from 24 countries revealed that at least 47% of the global population believe “in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe.”

Tonight Ashli continues expanding horizons as she chats with Linda Lowebeck, Founder of CE5 Copenhagen about the experiences she and her group have had in Copenhagen.  Born with awakened psychic abilities, Linda had her first visit by a Star Being at the age of 6 and is able to assist those participating in her CE5 Contact group with feeling and seeing the Galactic Visitors that join them on their monthly SkyWatch.

We'll talk about the consciusness raising aspect of opening to contact with Benevolent ETs as well as the unfolding awareness of contact around the globe. We'll also discuss Linda's healing modalities and personal contact experiences.

Linda's website for CE5 Copenhagen

CE5 Copenhagen

Guest, Linda Lowebeck

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Linda Lowebeck
Linda Lowebeck CE5 Copenhagen
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Founder CE5 Copenhagen and Psychic Medium
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Linda Lowebeck was born in Copenhagen, Denmark with her psychic abilities awakened. As a child she loved astronomy and dinosaurs and at the age of 6 she saw her first Star Being.  Around that same time she began having  telepathic communication with her Guides who presented themselves to her in human form.

As she became aware that she needed assistance and tools to best utilize her innate psychic abilities she enrolled in a 3 year psychic medium training program in Copenhagen.  She also underwent extensive healing to clear her own energy and old emotional patterns in order to be a clearer channel.

In navigating 3D Linda received a bachelor's degree in nutrition and a master's degree in IT & Organization yet follows her passion on a daily basis as the Founder and Owner of her own psychic consultation named Wonders of Clairvoyance. 

She is a professional psychic medium including clairvoyance (past-presence-future), contacting the deceased, and regression (past lives healing). She also does energy healing and Shaktipat (kundalini transmission) both face-to-face and long distance via Skype or Email.

In 2013 the guides that presented themselves to Linda in human form slowly got replaced with Star Being Guides.  In 2015 Linda saw her first physical UFO in the sky and this led to exploration that resulted in her founding CE5 Copenhagen in 2018.  CE5 Copenhagen is a UFO contact organization, based on the works on Steven Greer, his Sirius Disclosure Project, and the ET/UFO contact protocol which he developed.

As the Founder of CE5 Copenhagen Linda and the group meet once a month around the New Moon, do the contact protocol and have a beautiful out-of-this-world evening.

Linda’s passion revolves around the consciousness raising aspect of contact with our Star Brothers and Sisters.

CE5 Copenhagen

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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli
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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli

Ashli has an innate ability to bring the esoteric into 3D life.  Through her own contact experiences – and the initiations of her personal spiritual journey – she is able to support and encourage others beyond the illusions of their limitations into their Self Mastery.