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Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli
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Threshold To Ascension Radio
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with Ashli and guest Joseph Tajalle

Threshold To Ascension Radio with Ashli and guest Joseph Tajalle

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, February 21, 2019

Joseph Tajalle talks the spiritual & physical benefits of magnesium and specific amino acids
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February 21, 2019

Ashli welcomes Joseph Tajalle back to the show.  A life-long explorer into all things quantum physics and metaphysical, Joseph returns to share his knowledge and first hand experience of the benefits of magnesium and specific amino acids as they relate to supporting our physical vehicles during this time of spiritual recalibration and emf attack.  Joseph healed himself of psoriasis & eczema over almost his entire body and has dedicated much of his life's work to assisting others in understanding the root cause of many illnesses.  Joseph is not a doctor, but he is an individual who cleared himself of something that 20+ doctors told him was incurable.  Joseph is back to share more of his knowledge in the hopes that we continue to wake up to the benefits of not giving our power away to any authority figures without first doing our own research.  


SuperShotz for chelation

Guest, Joseph Tajalle

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Joseph Tajalle
Joseph Tajalle
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Quantum Shamanic Healer, Matrix Energetics, Owner URTHealer
Guest Biography: 

Joseph Tajalle is affectionately known as Chief Joseph.  His journey in this incarnation brought him from his birthplace of Okinawa, Japan - where he interacted with small galactic beings he called "the brownies" - to living in the United States.  Born of an Okinawan mother and a Cherokee father, it wasn't until Joseph was 17 years old that he found out the father he knew as his Dad - who was Guamanian - wasn't his biological father. His initiation journey at finding his biological father (who his mother told him was dead) is a story of Divine Synchronicity.

Joseph's passion for natural health started when, overcome with psoriasis and eczema on 98% of his body, he gave up on the pharmaceutically driven US medical system and their toxic chemicals and started researching the root cause of his ailment.  The long and winding road of Chiron, the wounded healer, brought him to an understanding that it was toxins in his body that was causing his immune system to be on overdrive - not his immune system attacking his body.  And with that knowledge he cleared himself of the psoriasis and eczema that was so bad at times he'd have to wrap his cracked and bloodied hands and feet in bandages.  His investigative journey also introduced him to an Arapaho-Iriquois Medicine Man who was also an Ortho-Molecular Biologist.  

From that introduction Joseph developed his proprietary chelation product called SuperShotz* and the topical StopItch* under his business URTHealer - for YOU are the Healer.  For people called to heal their body naturally, this chelation process (which includes the product, cleanses and awareness of the toxins in your life) provides a pathway out of many conditions if one is willing to do the work. 

In addition to Joseph's passion for natural health, he is also an experiencer, Sun Dancer, energetic healer and avid student of the downfall of the Archon Network.

His new website is under construction but provides introductory information. You can also reach him on Facebook.

*Anecdotal evidence only:  StopItch/SuperShotz are natural supplements which are required to carry the following labeling:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your Health Care Practitioner before starting this or any other program.

SuperShotz chelation

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