Sports and Life, August 25, 2017

Cameron Live with Cameron Datzker

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Sports and Life
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with Cameron Datzker and friends along with guests Carmela Tunzi, Shannon Leischner and Ken Pfeifer

Camerons Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker and friends along with guests Ufologist Ken Pfeifer, Hypnotherapist Carmela Tunzi and Psychic Medium Shannon Leischner

Headlined Show, Cameron Live August 25, 2017

Cameron Datzker with Cameron's Sports and Life radio show
Broadcast Date: 
August 25, 2017

We are launching from Mission Control, Cameron's Sports and Life. Guest Stars Psychic and Healer Shannon Leischner and The best Hypnotherapist Carmela Tunzi with us live and talk about 2017, psychic predictions and hypnotherapy. We will also have Ufologist Ken Pfeifer on talking about UFO sightings. We will give up laughter, fun, and the next solar eclispe. all on LA TALK RADIO and BBS RADIO. Friday Nights from 8-9pm.

Pay Attention: We are Launching Nasa, A New Show and it will be both Humorous and Insightful. Cameron's Sports and Life. Friday nights from 8-9pm.

Guest, Ken Pfeifer

Guest Name: 
Ken Pfeifer
Ken Pfeifer
Guest Occupation: 
Ufologist, UFO Investigator, Editor, Entrepreneur, Veteran
Guest Biography: 


Guest, Carmela Tunzi

Guest Name: 
Carmela Tunzi
Carmela Tunzi
Guest Occupation: 
Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, entrepreneur
Guest Biography: 

Carmela Tunzi, CMNLP, CHT, CJSJ, CRM, CMER

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Carmela is a lifelong entrepreneur with a natural gift of working with people, making her an expert in communication. She positively impacts everyone around her and is highly sought-after for her intuitive healing qualities.

Carmela's solutions direct her clients to their highest wellness and needs. Having an innate gift with people of all types and personalities paired with a superior solution-oriented approach, she's been granted years of success of healing with positive outcomes.

Carmela has an interest in human psychology and behavior gave her an incredible edge. She became acutely aware or the mind body connection and fascinated with psychology and human behavior. Carmela studied a variety of modalities to achieve stellar results in one’s goals. During Carmela’s research on “attaining excellence” she found NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which opened new doors for understanding the human brain – how we interact with it and, more importantly, the tools to have outstanding results. Carmela has worked with top performers in many industries over the last 15 years and has helped hundreds of people achieve all kinds of results. Her specific areas of interest include high performance solutions, communication tools and techniques for overcoming obstacles.

Carmela contributes to her community by attending Los Angeles Health based and spiritual fundraisers.

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP

Certified Mental Emotional Release Therapy

Certified Hypnotherapy

Certified Master Reiki Teacher Practitioner

Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner


Guest, Shannon Leischner

Guest Name: 
Shannon Leischner
World renowned psychic/medium Shannon Leischner
Guest Occupation: 
psychic, medium, energy healer
Guest Biography: 
Shannon Leischner is a world renowned psychic/medium and energy worker who was born with powerful inherited abilities from generations of truly gifted family members. For over 20 years, she has been changing peoples lives through intuitive life path coaching and angelic communication in order to help people from all over the world to overcome physical and mental traumas, limiting self beliefs and to help them find their divine life purpose.
Shannon has an extraordinary ability to communicate, interact with, and cross over spiritual beings. Her immense relationship with the angelic realm has taught her that there is definitely more to this world than what we are able to see. Quite often in performing energy work on a client, she intuitively sees the root cause of an ailment or trauma and helps to shift the energy to alleviate all that doesn’t belong or serve them. 
Along with her metaphysical training, Shannon is a Certified Life Coach, has an MPA in Public Administration and is a Martial Arts Master with a 6th Degree Blackbelt in several styles. She was a featured speaker and radio guest at ECETI International Conference in Washington State for James Gilliland and produced two subliminal wellness CD’s with Cody Sullivan and with James “iMelodicAngel” both available for sale on her website.
Shannon has been a guest many times on “LA Talk Radio” with hosts Cameron Datzker, Guy Towe and Jennifer Hill, “The Kim Iverson Show”, “Darkness Radio” with host Dave Schrader, “Be The Light Now” with host Reverend Michael, “Paranormal Radio” with host Rubbiz Fire. “XStasis” spanish radio with host Jorge Arrendado, and has numerous interviews on “Blog Talk Radio” with host Andrew Aloha and many other radio hosts. In 2012 she was a featured guest at The Country Music Awards Gala and The Media Madness Celebrity Event in Hollywood. She has also been a featured guest at The Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach. 
She has been featured in several publications including “Light Workers World Elite” by Maximillion Lafayette and will also soon make her debut on several HBO television programs.

Cameron Live

Cameron Live with Cameron Datzker
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Cameron Datzker

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