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Project Review With Q, May 4, 2024

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Project Review With Q

Part 46

Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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all right Google
Google, call
beautiful beautiful day to you all thank you so much for joining me on Project let's see if we can get some work done today thank you baby has radio for working you tails off for doing this it's just a privilege and honor to work with some credible communicators and thank you for the prq team for being steadfast I sure you behind the scenes were working and so forth and the mermaid of course I'm always thankful for her attire and how much she swims so beautifully and it's been an honor to work with Asha
Ronnie as well I can't help myself today be mermaid will be joining us and I'll get you some updates and if we have time we'll we're going to take the calls and I see the line that starts back up here so I'll do my best I want to get get to get information out here to the mermaid suggested and many others is why how the RV Works my reservations about money CRV tax bills and perpetuating the past and basically comes down to defining what money is and or means of exchange and one of my one of my favorite people to observe would be Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari report she understands that.
comes from being free on your land and with that you get to grow your own food then you get to decide what your mean changes of one guy has shingles I need another guy another guy has corn do you need to eat such a pretty pretty simple and so the reason the mermaid wanted me to get into his because I don't see the money the money monster very well because it's so foreign to someone who's lived off this planet and or other realm to very very bizarre believe it or not when aliens come to interact with you here actually don't do very good as far as why would I give you something
as a means when you live here and everything should be shared so sorry for and that you would need something
in order to get something on a planet you're born
what you can what you can now model very easily in the five minutes that you live is the Industrial Revolution at least working with the American experience the Industrial Revolution was engineered and was engineered by aliens and I'm sorry to inform you again is a being that doesn't have as much capability as you say they don't have as much writing you in them although they look human they don't have the capacity to have massive amounts of Consciousness will have the look as a great participate in your society and then they turn up his Barack Obama Sentra so these are really these are really bad folks that are pretending to be in your Society or etcetera but those are those guys are not really the problem those are just a puppet that are being puppeteer
and so when I look at money
at least in our modern days which I have observed easily hear eight thousand different Ascension cycle
it's his mate 8 * 216 thousand years but since Ascension cycle
and I like using Egyptian in Babylonian what you refer to as the Babylonian debt slavery system because it actually works in in the end it was a very old civilization work very well they have a means of exchange and then at the end of the of that cycle that's when it goes downhill well you're doing exactly the same thing that used to work now doesn't and that's because someone's and I can tell you who they are or trying to engineer a standardized mean to the chainsaw and you're the war on who's going to win the SEC and someone should be patient with this RV you actually already gone through the RV if at least at the top now we're at the bottom of what's up that's what we want to do and how we want to use mean to change my court and and for me either the whole thing all the fraud that's being committed
starts with real estate and real estate sales and title and or what a title is and
opinion is that when I say injury I'm saying the Industrial Revolution was designed Hudson Bay Piers Morgan excuse me to Morgan's hip-hop Morgan and Hudson Bay Company excetera that was a wave of engineering to displaced people that were already in the United States this was a very well-thought-out process and the individuals like to hear about Morgan remember they live a thousand years so it's very easy for them to engineer a Hudson Bay Company in Shrek the natives that were here create a means of exchange and say hey you're your beaver pelt is worth a couple blankets and here's how many stripes are on the blanket you're going to get so it really easy to go into a society that hadn't understood engineering
industrial society and Trickum and that's that's why you're at where you're at in Canada and America and its really easy that is really easy to salt and we're working real hard to do that with that that's just the way to start us off and get the phone Line's busy here but the Mermaid has joined us and she had a couple several opinions on why I don't relate to money very much and or her perception of how Society uses money and I wanted her to ask me some questions but it if she's not ready yet to do that she doesn't have to
we are on we are doing a show with entertainers now so
mark my opinion of the RV which for me is already happened would be that there's a perception that everyone's going to give you a bunch of money and will solve all our problems and that's exactly what the RV is that
re-evaluating your means of exchange you're not able to measure money now it's worthless it doesn't have anything backing it so for me the RV is usrey understanding why we use money what it's for
and the true value of our society and how we want to live with each other
and so the confusing part for me is if I give so the mermaid brought me a really good suggestion and idea to talk about it she knows somebody that has a tax bill of $70,000 unexpected because they're running their business and didn't know maybe didn't keep up with it or have knowledge to deal with taxation
they got a surprise bill of sale and and the first thing that the mermaid was say let's let's help these people out this give them and so here's the confusion for someone that comes from another world and speak don't pay it because you're actually giving it more horsepower you're you're you're validating that it does work why don't you condemn it why don't you shut it down when she changed everything
what why would we pay bills that we didn't necessarily understand we owed why would we pay a speeding ticket who's the one who's etcetera etcetera so I am really confused about not only local government and how it doesn't represent people and just take some people I'm very confused about Taxation and or keeping system plus if we don't like getting Cameron when you drive your car and get a ticket by a robot and artificial intelligence then why do we keep doing it so you must admit you're watching the entire Industrial Revolution collapsing if you would make it happen and that's the way I see it is that it is a pretty yeah you just if they like to just help
that's confusing for you to just the people in charge of redemption hey everybody mention higher
The Spectators in the Tachi to understand that. Didn't fix anything here to do just creating while you just keeping on pedaling the base so that's really really confusing expected that actually wanted me
play the tricky one
yes sir if you keep using this perceived valuation system you're going to keep using this perceived valuation to what what is the value of a pretty pretty popular hair a water think I'd like to shelter and I think I want to play with my my neighbor's I want I want a fun with everyone so if we're going to have a water shelter and maybe the solution is pretty easy for all the healing groups all the learning groups all the beautiful Community groups that are coming through prq and all the natural pass and all the massive amounts of ideas of come through the real solution is if we could be Sovereign on our own land let's start there and get all the all these people that want to help us through had ministration that have come in thank you very much
Valley boys I assure you that your cue team is working to standardize a way to get everyone there a hundred sixty acres in America we're going to start with America first I feel that America is the one that can be a B stock can be a model for the rest of the world so I'm putting putting up land pass the other homesteads together is pulling us a lot because it solves a lot of problems lot of people can get their their playpens set up if I can get them their own Sovereign land and that's the model and we've done we are addressing several Styles and we have homesteaded property and put it into foreclosure multiple times so we can study how they attack us
especially protecting and what we've learned is the getting that lamp you say instead
using the tools are already in America that are there global
the reason it's we're taking our time to do this ride is because getting the homestead in the lamp is very simple
now the spending it is where you you get your education and I thank you for all the people that sent in their bottles of their homesteads and how they did it
and so this next round just to get some work done today the sixth round of emails anyone who wants to volunteer their property for Homestead could you please send it as a middle with the title like this only in America plates I'll get the other countries soon but only in America please send us the middle that subject line will be I possessed my land but do not have a home set that's all you have to send it over your name after that but make sure it says I possess land but I do not have a home or just make sure you are in a mortgage contract or similar to be at least doesn't matter possession is the key term I'm just glad that I never got the email and that's what we want from you going to send those in and then assume that we'll be able to have standardized that one right now
that one's pretty easy to do and we have enough administrators to come in that can support assist us with lawyers that if you have emailed me that may or may not want to participate but still sorting that out but let's go to start there so we can get some work done today but remedy any questions for me around money we have to call her and ask if you have him call us cuz it be interesting to get other people's opinions example with the people that got a surprising tax bill
he passed for somebody in the Redemption side of things
but if given last sense of freedom and they can move on with
they don't necessarily on a spiritual journey days tape blade and does that does that sense of freedom. Freedom let them relax and feel happy and go on their way in a positive direction dreaming a little more connection last Bettendorf does not just make decisions and feel more traction continue to feel trapped him and somehow in debt because they are controlled and the decision-making is around control it's like a super complex and I always stand on the side of
I'd like I'd like to see in Jubilee where everybody gets sons and gets that trait him but at the same time I know it might not exactly what the library right unfortunately have slavery in and out you know sells it for as long as in prisons are in the money that slavery system it's always now it's all our ancestors I like it very much ingrained in our very midst tonight
so I believe it's hard to just suddenly turning the switch inside ever and I can't stop using money like that but we expected cuz I can like you can talk to a fairy's that I use money now, you already know that that all the highest the highest he is of control on this planet who are removed that's very true and whatever is controlling now a lower level minions of like I don't know what you call it in your country but we've got counselors and whatnot
and I like what he collected his life example keeping you controlled search everybody just stopped it would crumble tomorrow cuz the high levels of control are removed but nobody stops so ingrained in them so where does that leave us that's what we talked about and how do we fix the problem is it's just yeah it's a good topic so I'd love to hear what I'm saying is I don't have to pay for it but wait a minute strike that
add pay for bbs's time didn't we we all had to pay for these machines while doll also we could not get organized in a line and it's it's pretty obvious at least America why would we need 50 states and then how many counties are in your state and then how many minutes Pell City minutes how these are there this is you've made a Labyrinth of control and you appreciate it I live in my state I live in my account and I'm proud American and you lost your rights and you're losing them all the time and I'm so sorry to be the one to say it
and the reason the Mermaid has a good point here is where so ingrained epigenetically from thousands and thousands of years ago in control and so your body remembers that that it is if you do look at you is taller than the magic on it is actually infused into your physical body through generation to Generation generation confusing part for me is why would we adopt it again and again and not recognize it was couldn't get your mind wife when you get when you go to reincarnation so to speak you don't remember anything from the last life you're all living at the same time living in multiple bodies and so did this revolution model has been duplicated so many times and you're falling for it again and the RV is here if you would decide to do
something about it and so now that we have tremendous amount of resources and we want to distribute it to you and your help and will be a participant are we really good job thing and now their new system where we can all live harmoniously with equality or we just perpetuating another system that we're getting Duke participated in yet you have to ask yourself if everybody has a jubilee we have we solved the problem or was we made another prop well with piaci what party was all about and bringing projects Mediterranean projects and I'll project it doesn't even have to be I just want to see Project tonight. He is enjoy whatever your highest Joy is that is what what that's what's going to change the planet people doing what they actually is here and wants to do
frequency here in town and those are the people that will be funded fast because the money is going to help them Fuller that dreams not just to put of play the demons and you know
make no problems basically putting the money in the wrong places
thank you, so why are you still actually thank you for doing this with me coming in let's say let's hear us will question you just love touching you and being a part of you please call in I think I've said my peace today and thank you for joining us so much
I'm interested on the line I was going to take a call from Arizona
and the question looks like thank you for waiting by the way collars are the other areas like Mars actually other areas on our planet that one's a good one is Karan and Donnie there
yeah Grande 82 U-verse application you call me in you know we love you and Trump President Trump out of our Grand Republic of the United States of America new mermaid of Lily and too awesome of Asia in the entire Q team her you guys are all putting yourself out there to stay just save our entire thing out day you know that's all you're doing just saving all our world around or whatever you want to call it it's we love you so much
thank you so much that's incredible I love to buy a feedback to your beginning very strong us help us and that we that
excellent excellent
here we are carrying we're part of beautiful carries teams in in a lot of ways and carry did want you to know that she didn't want you would ask and church waiting to hear back about the question-and-answer session so I kind of I want to add that for sure but these are Under question questions for kuester and it happened to correlate synchronicity synchronistically with my project around a beautiful bow from Idaho she's got her own private Idaho over there and I are doing something of this nature in Aspen this question came up and it's beautiful and basically asking that you two previously mentioned
kind of semi quoted you what we assume is our solar system or other planet or the other planets like Marge actually other area on our gigantic planet
okay Bree gets a great question okay so I wouldn't survive I'm one of the few people who have been in the industrial-military program been off-planet been on the Fantastic story that I'm from another frequency let's just keep it real simple I can guarantee you I and many of us were abducted by the United States military we've been off the planet we know how big your planet is you're not allowed to fly over the North Pole you're not allowed to fly over the South Pole that means you don't know how big your area is correct
if you can't go over the planet and around the planet you've been duped with latitude longitude and by the way you have a deviation of magnetic north and magnetic cell multiple deviation of where you live at you got that you figured it out and start got it so wise of you to have to validate that wait a minute if
if I'm in south of South Africa would it be faster to go over the South Pole saws driver etcetera etcetera so you figured out the planet as a you been told so what's on the other side of your planet and so I'll give you a couple suggestions when you have a clear night we are we watch space ships go from here to attack the moon currently but to you they will look like stars because they're going away from you so you're you're expecting to see a spaceship Bilk straight across the rising well the reason you can't see it move you'll see it wobble if you really think that's patient is going to attack the moon it's going straight out from where you are remember your orbit is like an eye socket
think of your orbit as nice as your only your only a portion of the actual rotation your planet and you're not rotating centripetally is more like an orbit of an hour okay so when you look at the stars you actually can't tell how many are spaceships and how many are real planets
and the reason you can't because some of those stars are chasing you trying to get here you're calling of stars and I'm calling them at the vessel and some of them are closed so we're doing all sorts of things to pretend there's horoscope there there is a technology to trick your your understanding of of stars I noticed that you have all these shapes in the skies don't you find that a little odd
show Orion's Belt to set up front so I can pretend is is engineer how do you know where did you get your information from by the way that's right somebody engineered what your horoscopes are someone engineered all this goodness Westfield all you have and the real the real astronomers aren't allowed to speak Mars a special the topic of ours is very special because why is someone selling you a story that we're landing on Mars why is it so necessary we would go there regardless of its on the backside of our planet or another plan why would someone Engineers that was got to really work hard on getting the Mars not Jupiter not being a snot you were none of the other one why Mart
figured that one out yet that's where that's where the real badass that's where the real bad guys are really bad I don't speak
yeah yeah you know I like all the bad guys u.s. department has a you know because if you wanted I knew you'd get a kick out of that one you know Siri
if you have to quote there there DS you can say well four out of five dentists will where did you get that will they said that the perfect
but know this is just as beautiful and makes perfect sense to it it actually does and and the other types of planes of existence within dare I call it the great Dome with a like little Jones within the great Dome I mean am I on the right track there if you will
yeah that's not bad for me keep asking the question so you been pleased we have to do it this way just tell Carrie please keep keep grinding on me we're going to find a way to communicate one of the reasons I'm a little aloof I'm not the greatest guy to be hanging out with just yet but we're getting there until I am I'm doing my best to you guys and I'm so sorry I want to be next to everybody that I can and we are just learned over the last couple years that maybe we'll we'll do our work we're all going to your work anyway and so as much as I can catch you here let's keep the questions going to have more of that be great
I have one more if you're up for it
don't have but this one is when we command our spirits to give us all of us now what happened to our other multidimensional experience is and does it collapse the timelines created when we are hijacked
yes that's exactly at work so so let me see if I can do better I'm always working hard with this language as an example very difficult for me to read literature now because none of it makes sense as far as its relationship to knowledge and it's it's it's marriage linguistically because it's witchcraft will you actually just said that if I believe that there such thing as a govern men then I actually created more power for the government that's how it works as that's how powerful you are you just made a reality come true because you you're so fat she is so strong reading dimensions
and relating to other people frame Dimensions right now right here is the best I can do to explain it and so when you command your spirit to increase your life force energy what you're doing is God and Source you were all one from one place all as one experiencing the expression of individuality in this case you're just you're just the splicing anything that would be limiting it to your you're giving yourself more horsepower which also displacing the dimensional reality because you're a fortunately and unfortunately you're a multi-dimensional being and here's how you can prove it dream that you're in a field
riding your horse well that dream that we just discussed right and then and there is real that's how powerful you are what percentage of that dream where you there right now
that's what we're talking about that's a diminished you create a dream that is a dimension you can go there or you could be here you could stay in it and the real question is why can't I do it because you've been duped into a body that's been engineered so you can't jump to the other dream your in a trick here so it's it's a trap but you can get out of it and that's don't want to be Debbie Downer here but I understand this little secret and I want to share it with everyone and take it if you want it or get or or get rid of it but that's how it works from the outside looking in here I hope that helps
it does so with the intent from the heart versus Team 10 from the mind and energy is
do all this going on here your top heavy you got too much management that way too much this is a very bizarre human you're not used to remembering everything forget everything everything I said is gone by the way
keep working on it and I sure you that you'll watch your watch the fabric of this place we've been playing with it years and years and that's and that's why I want to be the spiritual test crash test I've seen how we can have heaven on Earth no problem it's just you you keep going to the grocery store and understand anything you just said
play our heart you guys we still love you in for ease of fading out here and giving others an opportunity where our greatest love to you or we honor what you're doing on this plane of existence thank you thank you thank you we do get all your messages I sure you keep pulling us my great-great love to you thank you Johnny thanks for info incredible incredible designer you all have so proud to know you
we love you guys have a beautiful day and thank you again bye-bye that's pretty cool to see the the engineering of your perception of planets and it's pretty tough but you just have to start asking why are we only promoting one planet and why are the guys on Venus not talking Venus is a very tough Planet humongous so that's why you have a space for it cuz you can't get there by airplane and that's why your plans were engineered the way they are they don't have enough fuel and when they get there there is no so try that one on for size please explore it I hope my next caller is still there I'm so sorry you had to wait so long and I have someone from Texas asking
co-creating in a twin flame model and I believe her name is Sharon thank you for waiting if you're still there co-creating the phone model
yes I choose to Sharon and mermaid while you know I just I love how you started with with starting with the lands a definite a question but we have a small ranch in north Texas and I would love to go through that process so I'll submit that I've never really thought about money for free so I would love to be in in an arena in an existence where we just keep giving what we have and and people keep giving back at me I can see that I can feel that that and I was I don't know maybe the collaboration centers will be a place where we can you know get to know each other and reach out and you know how to do that but oh I would just love to be in that type of existence or none of this I mean we went through the North Dallas to the country and we just
get there fast enough and we sold everything we use up everything we got rid of everything and it is so clean so I can't wait
yeah please please thank you so much I guess when I started helping participants loved one society and just learning all of the nuances of all the Healing Center in collaboration Center there's one common denominator you don't work with Terry and Tracy and Don and Ron and you just listening to everybody it was quite simple semi picked up on a tooth if you have a hundred sixty Acres probably not going to use all hundred sixty Acres area
yeah right you just be real real happy and so forth and so I started realizing the scalability of our our land mass at least not America is far larger than you're aware of yet even if you fly an airplane across the back you'll see there's no there's nobody living there is there a lot of everybody wants to live in Wyoming to give me Wyoming ale but at the same time there's just a lot of useful area that gets our collaboration centers going in the prq is work well to see that the collaboration Center zz1 really don't have any interest in and homesteading
they need land but it's a tricky little it's a tricky little requirement you got to you got to be thirsty for this kind of work and I can't say that I'm in that I'm always thirsty go to work but there are a lot of people just love to advance these Concepts so that we have freedom but anyways just a cold a couple weeks ago cuz I know I've gone back to the beginning three times listen to everything three times it just FYI for anybody and you have 2:00 out there you can tell I'm a professor right
it happens the third time through to where I was like looking I'd like to ask you a question about the very beginning
because it has to do with my question 2 weeks ago about co-creating with you and since your twin flame co-creating with you both with being part of the whole so
gleaning from all of this that I'm soaking in you and raw mermaid Princess Diana the first twins is that relationship at the beginning office speaks of the trio and then they're being sick and moving into the 12 which is all in you but yet separated in the Disciples of the back at the beginning of the brother you've got the Twin Flame Zoras and you know on on another perspective
you're the twin model procreating now cuz we created this universe with you already
I'm trying to soak and who I am and what I am and where I am
great job great job and I'll do my best to help you and do all the mermaid and so lost and many others and yourself do you mind if I ask you a question
can we teach this at the college
I don't know and you know I rock the boat that I did last 15 years of big couldn't get rid of me fast enough
I'm being careful but we can't
no that's a one of my projects is the new MBA program and it is being masters of dreams and yeah I would love to keep it in my heart so
yeah and that's my passion to just be a catalyst for questioning everything and what we want to explore thank you for that question the model that we created so what would I got out of your conversation is that the more you start
communication to frequency of a heart center being the more knowledge you get is that a fair statement that I understand
so we don't feel work Hawking we feel we're transmitting so were using a language that doesn't work for us but we're okay with it because you use it to speak so it's not that we want to come across as arrogant but we also want to use true knowledge flowing through or Heart Center out our heads in this case our mouth until like a dolphin or a bird and many times I'm out in nature and you hear the bird they don't have a reservation about transmission they don't have a reservation about communication it still stink they don't deliberate how are they going to sing their songs and so that's why this is a very valuable for us to be on the radio and keep transmitting is because all the harmonics to come to this type of human are still very very very valuable that's why singing is it is the music is very valuable to stimulate
neighbor and so forth and if you can every day just say something out loud the way you want to do it and your neighbor will get some of that so to speak but it's tricky to look at identities and say that's my brother and that's my twin flame and so forth because the volume of this type of human can have more than one identity into it as you can see so when you go and program somebody hypnotize somebody I can put multiple personalities in your head and I can put a derogatory beans in there I can put positive beings there I don't have to I can engineer it but for the most part if you bring in more of your heart center you will have a primary identity that will be your true person and then the brain is engineered so it will bring another bacon thoughts obviously can be abducted
all sorts of variables there so It's tricky to talk about individuality because I have been with people and ten years later is not the same person so it's very pretty here you know there was a modeling data at that one point every seven years you're a different person I'm pretty good with that it is somewhere in there so what percentage of you still is holding space in that being is the multi-dimensional question you're able to be omnipresent I'm doing my best to prove it to you that's why I do the singing am I really good at mimicking other musicians or it was that really be all of us are omnipresent and can be in more than one body the same time I hope that's a good start for our talk
yes and yes and so were so creating with you with mermaid with the whole team we created the universe
maybe we weren't at the very beginning very special light beams you are for the very beginning but somewhere we joined are we we became I mean creation Lightship had the blue Spirit what's some point we joined or we
and we're here now
write a great question so I just came and you from the first day I met you till now I do not recognize the two of you
beautiful thank you because you're so you're so you're so you're you have so much faith in yourself now, so to speak. So you didn't before it's just a different kind of face you like really know you can you're seeing the knowledge now aren't you cuz you couldn't have this question if you work Thursday that correct I think this guy might have some what the hell's going on here
oh yeah but I mean you know I'm afraid to have a whole different thing
well we do talk a bit so stay in there because we got you we got your eyeballs for sure and you're you're you're doing well thank you so much if you take the merkava
chat line number, you tell me a running joke here if you take the shape of its run a bunch of them all these seminars and so forth and pretend I agree with anything anyway it should if you take it above water really smooth water
she can see a picture of my face on creation light you and the way we would explain a picture is a reflection that's what a picture is. So you can see your reflection of me on freaking Lightship web page and it's a silhouette of how the spirit looks and my expression so in the physical body I don't want too much different than that it's it's pretty pretty much the Steel City essence of me and in this was about to say what it looks like if you look at work about it is is it has a pattern like a snowflake so water and snowflakes are exactly what we're doing here and then as the snowflake keeps getting spread out throughout the Universe you get more snow Flex that's what I'm doing my best to explain so
are our model is our model is working but you can't see that you keep spitting up spitting up spitting and spreading out we're getting close on time there but I thank you so much thank you I will lean into that
I will be Lord or I won't be you can I assure you I'll be getting ahold of you got a couple more Domino's to jump off and thank you so much for your love for us and your commitment I really really appreciate getting to interact with you
thank you thank you thank you
done such a great job thanks again has noticed I am so sorry I didn't get to create a song based on a command absolutely come on make me a song Pac-Man my spirit everyone's life force energy but I want a beautiful day to you everyone thank you so much baby X Radio thank you for listening keep the prescriptions subscriptions coming need to be able to contact you phone numbers love love love you

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