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Project Review With Q, May 25, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

welcome welcome welcome back to the show never gets old doesn't everyone thank you everyone for calling in please call in please call and let's start with a little
I'm still a little entertainment why don't we why don't we remember how old the song else and how is it that we would get this right so I'm going to read it first and then I do feel inspired still the same course will prove I have no Talent
but here goes. Remember how the song is this is
revolution calling
Thor price I do about anything except pull the trigger for that I need a pretty good cause then I heard of doctor X the man with the Cure just watch the television yeah you'll see there's something going on
got no love for politicians or that crazy scene in DC it's just a Powermat town
thank you Birds
put the time is ripe for changes there's a growing feeling that taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due
I used to trust the media to tell me the truth tell us the truth but now I seen the payoffs everywhere I look who do you trust when everyone's truck there's a revolution calling
got to make a change. Push got to push it on through
I'm tired of all this bullshit they keep selling me on TV about the Communist plan and all the Shady preachers begging for my fucking can Swiss bank accounts while giving their secretaries the slam they're all intents house now or Playboy magazine million-dollar stories to tell I guess Warhol was a wrong Fame 15 minutes long everybody enjoys using everybody making a sale I used to think that only America's way
way was right but now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives got to make a dahlia million dollars
doesn't matter who dies there's a revolution calling revolution calling got to make a chain got to push got to push it on through
I used to trust the me to tell the truth tell us the truth but now I've seen the past everywhere I looked putting your trust whenever he was a crook Revolution calling got to make a change got to push you got to push you got to push
around see how I say I do
well I'm tired of all this bullshit they've been cell
about the Communist way I guess we'll haul was the wrong song Everybody's used in everyone's playing the game
I used to trust the media to tell me the truth tell us the truth
who do you trust what we want the crawl revolution calling does a revolution calling does a revolution calling Monday
come with me everyone come with me sorry for the safety atrics sorry for the theatrics I just had to do it one time just one time thank you Jeff
and queens rack for giving us so much incredible material
little loud sorry everyone else fun this one I got to take some calls up alright so here's what we're going for
the moment you've been waiting for drum roll
trq people keep putting your subscriptions in prescriptions in I need your identity argument for why identity might be helpful if I have your identity I get to make you Sovereign so if I can in one click of a button I make you all three humans again is what I'm going for it that's what we're going for that's what we're all working on the same spot so if I know who you are I can release the liens against you that's where we're going for and get you a lottle title to your lamps to two things I need to know where you're at I need to know who you are and I need to free you from the system
keep keep plugging away here
keep plugging away just keep up with me I want you free I want you to have your own land
that's my job is to free Humanity from the system spread it far and wide bludgeon beat the living shit out of BBS radio just keeps cranking people and subscription prescriptions prescriptions prescriptions I need to know what you need I need to know what you want I'm sorry to be so animated that I really really know how this thing works Let's Get You free of title free of all identity I love you so much couple notes real quick Canadian number does not work
the Canadian number does not work sorry thank you Aron I'll be in touch with you this week and I'll be running Tapia here and probably be early tomorrow we have a lot of we got we've got a lot of dances for all of you my Ballard girls I'm ready to go
and you're going to go a little bit farther north and there's going to be a lot of water I hope that's okay
I haven't seen a publication from my Irish family
get the highest form a title so I can duplicate it I was successful getting to to Austria and Germany today and they're going to get me example title so I'm going to get the people in that area also an example of how you Homestead in Ireland and Germany Austria and in addition to get your free of subtitling and identity
all right
sorry I'm so full of myself just got to having so much fun might see the mermaid still not sure she's a slippery little thing
alright let's start again let's start again
CBS Radio thank you so much I'm ready to go with my calls also from Australia online something question about rainbows what are rainbows or off
hi it's Alicia
ASAP thank you sorry for destroying your name
that's okay no problem
hello neighbor how do you know I'm your new addition to the same bed sometimes
all right you don't know America I go back and forth so many times you don't actually know where I'm at
that's true but my question is about rainbows so I'm heading to experience twice in my life where I've been driving the car and a beautiful writing bug
I have actually driven through the edge of the rainbow when it hits the road now on rainbows supposed to you can never reach a rainbow and that's happened twice now a chicken is getting cuz it happened a few weeks ago but it says some kind of portal or energy associated with the rainbow
outstanding question. Is beautiful thank you for a high-level question that's I think we're all thirsty for call the information when you say
I said man yeah I got to give you a question that's just once so let's make a rainbow a full circle now make it a make it a whole circle
yeah on where's the where's the other half though
choose yes
right so what you're saying there is the dimensional
energetics of
what was I got to be careful here but let's see the veil is starting to open up from the other dimensions is the best I can do so when you focused on it and became more of it you actually left this Dimension it is what you based on what you explain to me so when you could be a part of no notice how you felt
it was different wasn't it
other than ice that it happened
right so you went to another dimension without let's say controlling it just participating with it so that's that's how Spirit works for the most part is you don't really have a deliberate you don't you don't like judges that you don't you don't you don't have thought you'd remember you don't have thought when you do travel to other dimensions you just kind of participate with it in a way that's really graceful it's just like really light and loving it is much like being in love is when you stay there
and then you go participate in this case it's with a planet and a dimension unbelievable things happen so you're actually would be considered one of our greatest teachers because now you can explain it cuz you did it
that makes sense
yeah it makes perfect sense not something I did deliberately it just happened so there is no doubt there was a loud you went and played until you do when you play with like Lucci Annika Levin Show allow you to play with her cuz she wants to accept less what you did with that right
okay so it whenever we do so you're riding by there is a possibility and every case to transition to another frequency it's best to communicate with you look look what's the what's the what's the symbolism of what what what is the symbolism of our childhood brought us there's always
bucket of gold at the bottom of right now isn't there but it's actually true it's it's hidden in plain sight to touch you and say hey there is another way out of here there's no Dimension there's more to this then you can see it so you can put a hundred words to it but that's that's it for me
like I said a pot of gold is literally
call the spirit going through avoiding hyperspace avoiding the control mechanisms of this type of human yes that's that's how it explain that yes you did well you already knew the answer that's the funny thing is you already know that video
well I knew it was amazing because it was his little nagging that there was a possibility of it was a two-way street not a one-way
it is but here's what I'm doing my best to explain higher dimensional beings do not mess with lower dimensional beings you don't go around kicking Hills do you
yeah you don't you know you don't have a desire to do it but there is a potential someone would block the Explorer vice versa
okay thank you very much thank you you made my day cuz I love you
thank you I love you too bye Bye Bye Alright I'm scared thank you
call cuz I remember Peggy pretty sure I remember Peggy she's from Arizona everyone from Arizona they like just gnarly to just like awesome Marley like they will want it all or nothing and she has a question called should we be focusing on political violence or the spiritual awakening
thank you it's been so long
thank you for staying with me thank you again
well I'm trying to find myself to us so join the club
what do you want what do you want to find find something
I'm sorry
I said where do you want to find us we should find something
I miss I want to find us in a better place
okay well tell me where you're at man cuz I'm a pretty good spot I must say
well I'm in the mountains in Arizona
I love you.
They shut down the Catholic horoscope I mean Kaleidoscope I mean telescope you shut that baby down yet
are you talking about that's in Tucson
yeah I'm just making jokes please let me be of service to you today what is your question
well Q I've got into sharing
the wake people
and so you know you go down all these rabbit holes and following the political corruption the children all that stuff
so I'm just wondering if
the people listening or are we wasting our time by focusing their
be focusing on Spiritual Awakening should I maybe just start posting about that stuff or should I just drive
it's exactly why I'm doing the shows is I'm on proving I'm doing my best at least to prove that the more we keep making people aware that maybe the whole thing is so rigged to get us to keep thinking about the past when you say
no that's okay so that's what that's what I'm working on that's what you're working okay so if I focused on how many presents raped me
then what what service would I be too mad cuz I cuz I have all my memories do I do I want to tell you about what I went through how they tortured me how they murdered me what what good would that do if first of all they made sure I can't prove it so so I can do this all day long but what does it do for life I don't I don't care about what's happened to us we're ready to go over now are we
yes I only thought it was helping by waking people to the
the control
yeah you know what I would do thank you so much and this is prq all solutions are welcome
when I let's use for the people. Space for disclosure
let's use James Corbett for disclosure let's use Benjamin fulford Frisco's and lets the rest of us these guys are trained to do these guys are really good at this light horse power bill just direct them to the information just I would direct people and then because you're you're a spiritual teacher you know it and I know so when she went to find your spirit you can't you can't deny it and that's what you're really good at is helping people find their Consciousness or Spirit of the word she likes her and then just let the horse let the libraries that are already here for us just just directing that way because you're inspired say hey there might be a little more the story just send them over to these the the library's while it's still rolling that's a subtle hint
you've done your job you just need
cuz you're excited I can feel you want to help people do you
don't stop please
okay and then and then and then help me okay
hope you thank you love you love you bye bye
turn on Shaggy how to remove n
so lovely
all right let's go back to New York New York okay let's see Susan is got a question about slating the merkabah or the merkaba Susan are you there
yes good afternoon Q
good day to you
you just make you smile I just want to enjoy yourself
I don't know I was going for Down syndrome or cerebral palsy or just being a just a jackass I don't know
all right I'm going to ask you a question and you realize you do realize I'm a big deal okay so let's let's see what's happening today we're all on our way we're all on the edge of our seats Susan the give us the question go ahead go ahead let's see what happens okay wish me luck last week Leah ask a question or answer awoken something into me it was about the brook Harbour merkabah and you mentioned the word oscillating as you mention its expanding and expanding and Appalachian components is what life is
it's something I'm broken in me and I realize perhaps or maybe you can say it is the oscillating merkaba the same place is the center of our heart and when we go out to create is it right to say or correct to say it like this oscillation I can direct it to go swimming with the dolphins I can direct it to go create the experience I and we all wish to do which is that accurate there's about 75 questions very well. Okay so this is this is what we're going through on the first part of the show today is to get you get no comfortable with working with yourself and you did did really well explain that so if I can expand
then you're it is it's not about the individual. It's about the expansion itself is what you just told me so we're going to go and we're going to go play in Another direction is what you basically said to me that make sense
okay so I have everything you said is 100% true but they're still limited you still had words of limitations so that's my encouragement is what if what if
what if our self-awareness didn't recognize what you just said is is basically my life's work so if we don't know we have this capability and what you said we do have this capability
what you basically said is there's no limitations is there
write these are limitations as this weather. We're going to use our profound profound 6 so we're just really good at dusk we just have to recognize that we're the masters of limitation
you feel if you feel some of the other cars that come and go have them is up to us
and that's my great encouragement I hope that helps
beautiful beautiful beautiful thank you for all really all you're doing and mermaids you just keep bringing this to us and helping us grow it
no I'm listening
where you going to ask you that cuz I don't want to cut you off your your amazing what you got I only I only have about a hundred questions
well I was going to ask one more
about the knowledge in the heart and you talked about it earlier in the call that you and mermaid and all she don't even need to talk and it's synchronistic that you brought that up about being in that Heart Center I'm sure all of us here have those feelings of not knowing this in the heart is your experience that that sustained and continued or is it haunted Evan flow
try it then that's why I need this nutrition of this question beautiful young and I need this nutrition because it'll stimulate where you're at what you are observing what you're seeing the model the modeling that we're giving you is is is unlimited what we're doing our best as everyone has this
modeling if you will if you want to look at it literally so we're not special the twelve of us here are not special you are because you're creating the creation of creation very difficult to explain your do it you're actually doing it we're as we just we just let the fear we would consider if we just let the fuse and then we get to go play with the creation that's sweet I would glean for everyone to express and experiences we're participating with each other as one in multiple multiple multiple multiple multiple different experience multiple bodies multiple
multiple animals multiple freeze multiple things multiple planets we can't we can't really identify with in the nut that's our that's that seems to be our biggest hindrance of stores being here recognizing itself we don't we don't identify with anything
and when we get here
you guys all identify with everything you really love being
you really love being Susan
you get your Susan all day long right you love season with like when you look at a dog Dolphins at my best tool I think is they don't really they're just like dumb funny and smart at the same time they're like so much all they do fuel pumps are the same seal that's what your that's where you came from that's where you that's what you're used to is playing as a seal you like what's over here that's that's you so that's the best I can do I'm so sorry to be a flip
no it's not slipping if I was living in my heart as we live in my heart I had to discussion with one of my friends in this group and we were discussing that it's almost become so simple that the way of life is the way we used to live it is complex and it almost seems so simple like what do we do with ourselves LOL go have a coffee or a well go for a walk here and it sounds like kind of explains with the dolphin light
yeah we we put a lot of the put a lot of tanks on her on her expression thanks it's it's beautiful well done thank you so much
in case you just real quick I had a quick there would you would you like to move on to someone else or
go ahead and just think you're a beautiful lady letter t q q moving forward in peace when colonies like Australia finally creating the Constitution will it be necessary to include all benevolent sentient beings or will our Cenote have fundamental principles for all of humanity as borders are removed
do it
in the future so what we did when we went forward and backwards forwards and backwards in the time traveling team members were like okay so what are we going to do here
as far as we we recognized education and awareness was was the Spurs score
and that education process was adopted by the tools that you already have installed here so the reason I'm on this computer right now and he's not talk me right now is I'm just using the tools that you guys are a adapt to an adopted
it would be really easy for us not to say we're not going to do it that way we're just going to go door-to-door week we could have done it that way but we realize the path of least resistance and the expressionist and inspiration you have to get on these machines or like what let's just get more money and that's why you're there is there is an agenda to shut down his machine is cuz we're getting a lot of work done here as you can see so basically
we have a hard time thinking we don't I've already forgot your question when we'd we don't know how to think so I've already forgot your question
so try one more time yeah yeah so when that's how weird we are we start like free we just sit there I don't know how to explain it I would like a little more definition please yes
so when the Constitution's created in Australia will it be necessary to include all benevolence sentient being
so hits Australia is it a lot of trouble I'll I'm not back in town that because the alien agenda there is so well done. It's good they can't even see it sneaking up on they think they are perfect they they believe everything is going well give me another cup of coffee and as you said in it and another another meal ticket on their wallets they don't even see what's going on so the aliens for me have our taken cover and they chose Australia Tasmania is in their New Zealand's in there because they made you know they're going to basically the the meetings I've been in the aliens have said
they're going to figure this out there getting too smart so where we going to go they remember the ancient Wars they remember the all the ancient Wars until they read
the real energizing is Wars in a way that just sustains them live with us so where the where the where the batteries and so they're going to they're going to go after that and are doing a very good job
I can't find anybody to be honest in Australia that's willing to stand up I haven't found anybody that the least of all you dr. Neal is very prominent I would say we need more numbers so I'm going to leave it at that but it's an opinion and it's not an absolution
I hope that helps it's perfect thank you thank you thank you I love you dearly so much thank you. I love you beautiful beautiful beautiful missed you all right
let's keep moving on trying trying to be entertaining Kelly who wants to follow up on tinnitus from last week Ellie from we think that's Wisconsin Wisconsin I better hear was
don't come on come on I need something I need something this is this is all about me I need some fun man
oh yes thank you for taking my call I was thinking about this later tonight from last week and I definitely have tinnitus and have had it for a long time but what I wanted to know is more about the feeling and seamless.
Feel it I think I have them kind of wondering more about what I should expect from seeing the spirit
so great job so I love talking anybody with a claim be tonight so I made fun of a medical report as you witnessed last week okay so tonight it is legitimate don't don't get me wrong but it's engineered to stop you from feeling the spirit. The volume of life is coming through and so the bar codes that are in your natal your DNA multiple words for that what you're doing is they're putting another transmission device from your body to stop you from hearing your authentic self does that make sense
yeah yeah so when okay so watch when we do it together so I'm going to command our spirits
to increase our life force energy to other okay but you are not going to talk so don't do any talking whatsoever. So what you're going to watch is you're going to see a channel the way your radio works cuz your transmitter receiver so one I do this
watch how the messaging changes radio next year
watch how the frequency changes in them that changed the frequency change that you observed that's what you want to migrate to
and and again you have to teach me to but I'm pretty sure I can get you to change your channel watch this okay so where you at Wisconsin
call La Crosse Wisconsin
cool and so it's okay to to to work with you a little bit here
yes please
okay it looks like you're sitting down is that correct
all right so what you want to go real easy on your dad's today cuz I'm going to really step this up is that okay
the Great
and I'm not doing for Fan Fair and you know I don't need any accolades I just want to help you
Christ Temple three breasts please one
and make sure you teach everybody else if something happens to it okay if not tell us that didn't work it's okay okay watch this
I want to go to work really hard here my love to you repeat after me I command my spirit
I commend my spirit
remember you were supposed to talk Seattle
they are the brain works
all right so that's what you got to stop now I do want you to talk with me
but I also know how the mind control works I do want you to say the command
that's where the to the fake that's where the fake tinnitus is coming from is the mind let's do it together please repeat after me with your vocal cords strong and firm is that okay
okay repeat after me I command my spirit
Eye Clinic
to increase my life force energy
to increase my life force energy
I commend my spirit to give me all of me now
to give me all of me now
I command my spirit to increase my life force energy
to increase my life force energy count after me 5
time for
or 3
now try and think
good job. How's the tonight is doing
say it goes away doesn't
it's all gone isn't
also have a little
it's not the volume the volume of noise your hearing is your spirit
now listen to it now listen to it it'll be primarily on the left side
and now that's you talkin to you
how you feeling how are you feeling
I'm sorry I'm spoken for
pretty cool is not
is for the real deal or what what happened what happened to you
call I got really busy and
light brown light headed and calm and
and just
happy is if I felt my spirit
I know and I love it so much I'm having this knowledge I've never known what to do with it to give it to you guys and I guess this is the way we'll do it you know to you have the same abilities I do and to be able to heal people with cancer and everything else that I just
what do we do with this knowledge that you have your your a teacher and your you just explained everything and inexperienced everything in one minute I bet you're feeling really good right now
yeah I am
so it's going to grow throughout the day don't if you don't try to do too much today. Just kind of chill for the next 24 hours you are going to get a lot so just go really easy to let people in pack to you just kind of just watch life and then tomorrow maybe start again
sorry for the extension so sorry sorry for the suggestion
thank you very very very much I love you love you love you love you love you love you beautiful day
thank you
all right. Everyone has lots of
but I have to go in order to be respectful and peacefully Andrea and Karen from Cali and Pa how can someone be from Kelly and no one would live in York Pennsylvania with a about light beings and Pennsylvania the same what's the song that I'm feeling California but I'm feeling Arizona not looking California looking Minnesota I don't know why we go both ways what's what's going on with you to aloha aloha aloha
I know you this is Andrea from California and I'm in Pennsylvania
you're crazy you're crazy person
and we're calling you together and okay so one of the projects for myself that's your problem OK Google in the projects for myself is for money to be Obsolete and to be free and I do not want to have conversations and thoughts in my head do my question is are the businesses that light beings are participating in and growing helping us is this helpful Duality or what and please help me to know what is happening and after you respond Karen has a question
very good for this route this this this column of information that were utilizing we want to get your name from moved from your spirit. Stuff that is my whole goal here I want I want to eat all these Sovereign so you can create and not have someone say you're you without you saying you're you so as long as you can express yourself I am going to work my ass off to make sure everyone Sovereign on this planet and in the meantime why don't I get you some property to is what this Bliss get us all free on our Earth is what I'm going for is one of the solutions that are not just mine there many many individuals and so that's that now initiate
your real question is if I can get you free of Commerce if I can get you free of ownership and identity and title of anything and get you your own Planet then I can actually answer your question when you say
hope that helps
and here's Karen she has a question for you
oh I'm sorry aloha
I am so right now I'm so lucky to have you guys I am so lucky to have you guys in my life thank you so much
you know who we are
I do have you identified the 12 you know where they are you all together or you still waiting to all be together
we mingle that the Dwyane Wade mangle and the dimension in the other callers did very well it does oscillate so I'll interact with 56 in a given year whereas one year I might only off so if you look a little Shinnok elevens that is one of them so I promote her because you'll actually get to feel how we work but but she has her own expression so she's going to be different to me we're on the Catalyst and cheese maybe favors the healing size etcetera Ron ametron was a Healer is in Chapel Hill look up Max Steel he was an innovator you like to engineering he likes to build the key so we all have a little bit personality but personality interacts in time and out a time in a way that is our unique expression ourselves and that's what
maybe we would argue more powerful because we're going to participate in your time over there and this time over here and we'll all do a little more work a different directions is maybe one way we look at it but please more questions beautifully. That's very very Advanced question
kid time for one more
please I always have time
okay will smoking pot hurt the Ascension cycle
Okay so
anything from the reason marijuana and pot was identified as because they can be of great help okay but it's actually a trick to it same time because now if I can get you to smoke pot and I can make a government agency chemically create a natural herb that grows on the planet I can if I can trick you into smoking engineered herbs then I I got you so the promotion and that's why weed was legalized pot if you called it is legalized is so that I can put a bunch of chemicals on and you know if you is if you watch it we have a great team member are on with us and talk about this endlessly and is an expert
I can get I can get anyone to grow food and Beverages and vegetable
let's not worry about what we're smooth smoking what are we worried about like why we want to smoke so what do we want to smoke pot do we want to smoke a Reagan 02 we want to show that the natives the Legacy what was too short term history the Legacy Native Americans they always use the peace pipe didn't they
now why would they do that what were they smoking they didn't have a better tomorrow about making backhoe today
were they smoking so they were smoking from the earth that was abundant so it could have been staged it could have been you know cauliflower e could have been Daisy so please don't judge yourself if it feels good doesn't it feel good
I've seen a lot of successes with marijuana and it does stop you from thinking doesn't it
it sure does
but I'm not going to endorse it because I still believe we could do better that's that's my opinion hope that helps
I thought it thank you
I love you good day
I think we have time for one more let's see if we have time for one more let's see I sure wish I had more time love you guys thank God I got the Canada is it Sarah orsara save I live with someone from Australia and I'm told to Sarah and Sarah are the same name but they're different if you're pure and you know Australian family let's talk money what's what's going on what's up with money
what it's all about right it's all about mermaid
really you think she might be listening right now
I know I know why I don't know if she's right next to me though if you want to I mean what's your quest I'll make sure she gets it out here so sweet it's a little bit long-winded so maybe I'll call in next week it was
I'm actually calling in reference to what she kind of shared a few weeks back I've been working up the courage to call in and speak to it she's had a question to the audience about this idea of
a freedom enough peace and you know where we are with money in and how we move forward so
I have some cakes on it but again it's a little bit long-winded and I'm so if you're open to it I'd love to call him next week and maybe have mermaid with us
yeah please do what what's what's the primary reason we need money I asked you that is all right and what's the primary forgive me I got it I got to I got to be quick here cuz the time or money and why do we use it is my pleasure
and I got a full set of Gears last day it's how I look at it I mean I share your perspective and I kind of want to speak to the breakthroughs that I just come through in the last few months for us come to a little bit more peace about it so that I can participate cuz I was just so
and I couldn't even hear the word without being triggered and even if not you don't still mine other G being triggered at the word money and people talking about money and need money and I'm still getting emotional about it so I didn't really look at that and
and see that we can he can't be
you know so far removed from where we are I understand that I'm likely living far far beyond our time and that serves a purpose it serves a purpose to carry that that hurt space that light that perspective I don't want to call it by Menchie's what perspective on money so that we do create a triple stop so it does go away but I think what I'm coming around to is.
You know how do you and I get along with it here but again you know how having mastered the corporate world left the corporate world
in what I kind of look back on life and and think of times of piste you know it's been peaceful not paying I got three banks in a lawsuit filed against a key right now if not paying them and just laughing at them and watching the process you know implode on itself but there's also peace in Friday night you know bills are paid and that piece is is what gave me the strength and courage to eventually let it all go and to liquidate assets and
and I'll just turn my world upside down and so
I guess I just love to offer you a little bit more context of you know where that where that's coming from
I don't know if you're exactly right okay so
the conference calls were going to have coming forward we're going to we're going to shake this out so you don't call back next week just keep keep your subscription going prescription but someone wants to say something to say hello hello
yes then I'll know what what specifically the question I'd love to talk to you next week if you can call an amazing thank you so much for coming on today and I just I just want to say how much I love you both and just thank you thank you for all you do a BS radio has that other customers and so I apologize to everyone to everyone just know we're going to have a 1-800 numbers coming out I have to be patient here and make sure I take care
see we can see a lot more so I'm sorry I missed all the other callers Paul Kelly a lot less people on here Rhonda like there's so many people on here I didn't get to don't give up on me what are you got some especially stopping your thoughts and if it brings you into your heart and I've been told a spiritual Gateway plan so if we close our eyes and maybe realize there's more to life than what we have no phone and I can't believe I've lived alone thank you baby s radio
thank you thank you have a beautiful day

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