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Project Review With Q, May 18, 2024

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Project Review With Q

Part 48

Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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well hello again it's me again
your spiritual crash test dummy
welcome to trq product review with q and see if we can get some work done today very very very proud to be a participant with you thank you so much for following and an observing so much information coming at you so fast and hope some of the items on our work on today I believe I have permission to go ahead and take calls today hits radio is tenacious the very busy and I thank you so much for bringing gauging me again and again and again and again
you'll start seeing the material is going to get richer and richer and richer and more advanced advanced if you haven't noticed you can use some modeling for the people. Space web page or the spirit does space and you'll see the you'll see the evolution of what we might call she disclosure and
it's it's a lot and I'm aware and I and I want to be here throughout the process because I've done this and or at least have my memories back and I've done this many times when you look at this new material is on for the fuel. Space just know incredible work went into putting that great care I'll have prq updates at the end of this this Communications today significant information will continue more and more but it's it's real important that we all get Savvy and educated on what and how we were beyond that means you how we understand ourselves and how we recognize myself more and more it's it's an unbelievable. And then you'll never get tired of it
you recognize it and I thank you so much for recognizing yourself my great love to you all I'm going to take calls today is my my understanding and before I do that I want to get you some information so that it helps you through Ascension because we wait we can see the volume of people the attrition rate of people are are really growing and the end we can see the volume of people who are not and then we can see the volume of clones and and misdirection and biosphere interaction that we may not prefer
I don't know what I want to start with today is to be of service to you
is what you call in English language tonight is what is tinnitus through a generic medical summary of what tonight it says and then I'll show you what's nice actually directly to associate you with an understanding yourself as you go through the Ascension process
what is tinnitus based on this medical summary on a very very normal modern medical webpage this is what's nidus has described it if you have a ringing or other strange noises in your ears I don't know if I should laugh or keep working if you have ringing or other strange noises in your ears you might have tinnitus people with tinnitus hear sounds that are act aren't actually being made around them there are two main types of the next subject or tonight in which only you can hear objective tonight is when it's your doctor can also hear objective tonight is can be caused by noise coming from a blood vessel in your head or neck
your temp I don't know if I can or it could come from The Joint that comes connects the jaw cheer up to one in five people have tinnitus at some point in their life tinnitus is more common in older adults
can I use can come and go or you might experience in all the time some people find their tinnitus is an irritation that can learn to live with Brothers it can be very distressing what are the symptoms of tinnitus tinnitus ringing in the ears but if you have the condition you might hear humming sound kissing wisting clicking roaring wishing or buzzing
the noise can be faint or allow Concur and one of both ears sometimes the noise may feel like the sensation in your head all right so let's cut the bullshit all right when you when you when you feel your spirit coming in through your body because you've been degraded so much this is the beginning of you getting more of your abilities getting more of your capabilities and understanding you so that noise is predominately on the left side of your head that is that white noise that you're hearing right now is not tonight it don't let anyone bulshit you that there such thing as tonight
that one that one reason the medical industry favor this this that they know you're going to they know you're going to get your abilities back
they know that they won't really know the degree or going to your back again don't blame the people working out getting Street blame the people who produced the definition of an engineering around symptoms Solutions Etc
people that aren't around anymore but we keep endorsing the medical industry being there is the spirit is it comes the conscious to his house or it's going to get it in to you someway somehow and you're going to connect back to you someway somehow so don't worry about the mechanics just know you're going to get it so that volume of light is coming into you you can hear it feel it and see it
so just because you can only hear it right now is proof to my summaries for the last couple years you are been degraded and so now you're just starting to get more of a back in you if you're only at the level of hearing it so when you lay yourself down to sleep
there's like this background noise in your head and you and sometimes it sounds like somebody's giving us words what it's going to turn into is universal knowledge do not be one thing you don't know you'll know everything about everyone this is how the perq team Works to is we don't we don't necessarily need to communicate we already know what each other is working on and that's why we that's how we're helping it to is the wits as long as you keep pumping the project then we're going to get it cuz we can we can deal with the volume you just got to keep sending keep your subscriptions up so we can contact you just keep everything going
never stop sending us brunch
dear the weight of the spirit comes and recognize itself it starts it starts recognize itself through sound harmonic frequency that's what you're going to get is an expansion on that was that noise is now going to turn into material information and then it's going to turn into visual information so you're going to know things through harmonics and which you'll translate into visual it so everything after spirit is after spirit I am to work on such subjects just play with it feel it the more you pay attention to it the more you're going to get and that's why I have always suggested speak to it I command my spirits increase my life force energy you are Source you are. Don't let anybody trick you into believing in anything outside of yourself
especially numerology and or people with identity so you remember you don't have identity before you get this body to keep working on that for all of us is your free to be whatever you want this house is gone and now just living Inspired Life and maybe maybe it's okay to have a beer maybe it's okay to go bowling have a lot of fun and don't worry about what happened let's just work on what we want to have happen and thank you for the colors of called in I'm sorry it's taking me awhile to get to my dissertation but anyway I hope that helps and how your recognized yourself
we have someone calling from Georgia is our Cenote Atlantis that has been sunk with see this is Lee. Lance's dad has been sunk what you got with Terry group question for you stir and please keep them coming and who's making the kuester I want I want one of you guys to make me
The Schuster big wheel remember big wheels when you're a kid we got to have a kuester was called the cutest Ernst of the big bro
you know I saw a lot I saw an adult-sized big wheel and I don't know if it was like a true thing that out there now and I remember you mentioning it but I saw it on some social media
yeah we're good how can I help you today
yeah so is our entire Cenote and lasses that has been
yeah that one that one stuff I got a little bit of wind sorry about this cuz I'm outside playing around
so you could argue a very strong portion that statement correct but because the delineation of time I would sit fracture fractured would be correct yes
so you had if you turned up so where are you located in Georgia
alright let's look at the don't get too hung up on
planetary physicality that that'll be your first mistake in because you're creating with the planet the reality of The Jug so if you didn't know where George was you wouldn't know there wouldn't be a Georgia Street Ricky huh so if you don't know where Florida it yeah if you don't know where Florida is you wouldn't know you would just work with the planet you just walk amongst all of the fauna and the geography and then you would believe
and no recognize that Florida exist well that's why I'm doing my best to explain fracture ization is you don't believe it lands exist anymore well I know it Atlanta still exist but you're relating it to a land mass a land mass and or a regional location where I don't does that make sense
that makes a lot of sense
so you can make you can so did was their incredible Wars that destroyed Atlantis absolutely and other places but it's because we're assessing and or believing that that happened and will remember it we talked about it a lot lot lot lot of that goes into our Incredibles capability of creating a universe all realities so that's how powerful you are if you if you if you know that Atlantis is right next door if you could go there not to say that it didn't get a check but that's that's more or less how it works
wow that makes sense
yes I have another question you mentioned you mermaid mention creating the Twin Flame model
I'm wondering
who created this version of human and was it built around the skull or copied from the scope of your Zimmerman model you expound upon that
OK Google show when you say model what do you want
so I'm looking at it as okay to swim play model being the idea of you know a twin flame relationship is so now when we look at who created this version of human was this all part of the same creation was this version of human created by others
and what was there like a copy of another creation like he was found upon that
yeah so thank you very much that's outstanding and very Advanced question and then to how how fast was going thank you thank you so much for explaining that when we come to existence we used we used if you go to for the people that space you will see a new update there
we come in as a one merkaba is not here today so she can rip me on one more, but it does have four it does have a bit of a but it's constantly but it doesn't it's not it's not a shape say it's it's an endless evolving component of of life and what if you were to look at its shape you would say it has welcomed phone it's to us would it look like a snowball with little spikes on the outside of it yes you do and it would but it would keep moving an oscillating and and so forth so the oscillation
that oscillation component is what life is so as you get inspired to do this or that. Well that component of 12 started expanding expand expand expand expanding your yard either collectively or individually is never a time you cannot go back to whether you want to work with it or you can be very singular you can get dark as you want and it does not have the Liberation it does not have thought it has all knowledge so that's why I did my best to explain that if we were going to create a model or for continuity it will always look something like a snowflake or I could you freeze a water molecule it looks something like that but make it more like a ball
with endless possibilities and direction in which you can go yet we favor the commonality when were in a dualistic Universe with favor a relationship with a twin we we we would favor not to say it's exclusive but when you're in a dualistic Universe many different universes I'll assume everyone suddenly remember this universe is dualistic so you're going to want a dualistic relationship does that make sense you're going to want so you know how many teachers speak about yin and yang dark and light see this is a dualistic so you're going to want a lover you know what a partner that really can the mermaid die we say all the time no one can love me the way you do Noah
what's the way you left and no one can hurt me as much as you two it's in the best we can I hope that helps
it does and it's making a lot of sense I was listening to Arrow you know are was kind of like a reference that video is kind of like a reference for me to go back time and time again because I am remembering a lot and the the creation of the Hue the dispersion of human is fascinating to me and then when I look at it as as you know we are having a very a with the control in the titles and all of that everything is starting to make a lot of sense and what's going on around here so I thought I asked that question
thank you yeah make sure that your group they're just stays keeping up with me there where we're going to go ahead and get me we're looking looks like the new office were putting together is about 8 days out and then I'm going to open up the all the phone lines so we can get some heavy lifting done so thank you for your patience
call thank you we love you we appreciate you and I'm going to allow others to come on and share the thank you so much
alright alright alright alright
oh, so you still taking calls
I just feel so did you do anyway let me give you some back backstory stuff so you guys can be a little entertained so I can make sure I make time for my
my update for you guys
behind the scenes at BBS radio
right now there's about a million people trying to cut and small cookie they are boys in the world but they do so much it's just so fun to watch you guys call in never stop us radio want you to bury them they love this stuff so much and I and I know I've stopped them when I tell you I talk like this one I'm so sorry I missed our call this week I got up got a little bit of attention on this my apology. I'll work hard to get get back to you
as it is convenient for both of us
let's go to the next caller please thank you honey from Arizona commenting on observe Asians on a bridge person the person that connects things Bridge person person
Karin are you there
yes I love you love you love you love you and mermaids
we are always to probably be brought up in recognition of one cell it started out of the Chute I feel you know and and this is beautiful because actually Lea I love you sis I just wanted to say that to you because we're all part of loving carries group if you will in synchronicity and spending each other up so you do that too and mermaid and the whole team thing I wanted to ask you and I'm kind of moving fast only because I'm cognizant of the others and this is really a short-term studying the bridge person that you brought a quite a few times and I feel on a personal level and it applies to all
I think I would love to stay and then asked you to extrapolate if you can and if serving oneself in this heavy genetic by okay and recognition of what is the correct I just
feelings to not being Dee Dee Moore The Observer but it's knowledgeable and in my life that you forward to John and I if you will you pay it forward getting his star car is Dee and Leah brought up with the beautiful girl who called the spirit he is being there all there is in all there ever will be that is my take on it is Deep River in his energy and harmonics is Thor in my part is when I start really realizing when I move to a lower frequency for lack of a better term analogy and when I'm in this frustration and anxiety or
and then I realized if it's the observer in my cart light Keys energy holy cow look what I just created so not to judge but kids to ask my aunt that experience and anchor in love and light to me all be on this Cenote so what I find is average person is that absolute waste if you will of moving from that dark to light light to dark turquoise leggings and then but the light now is it not you don't have you if you don't in Beauty and angry cute as the server and twice you sparked art is Dee's to recognize and the only way I'd recognize it is to
out of step away from me and to recognize and the minute I recognized Minecart I do the mice Hard Rock really Discord disconnect at and step away from all the dark but not in fear just didn't know it that we are the creators where the by Brantley and navigate in observing that is what I can navigate my parallel realities to a creation like the continuity of Continuum in my creation could you expand on that because it's not forever I don't want to create my own reality but it's a it's a spiritual journey and it's always expensive to can you ask that makes sense
yeah that was great standing job that you would just now do you mind if I ask you a question
so if you said that to yourself ten years ago would you be the batshit crazy lady down the street
absolutely right I don't see you falling for a puppet master no I don't I don't think I could trick you at now and you're starting to sort things out for something I could say that actually sell you this story is there you came up with it on your own yes sir me to have people go look at movies or books I don't think anybody needs anything outside themselves but
I also
know where we're at collectively that maybe these These are okay tools once in awhile I see a lot of anti programming and I see a lot of programming in a lot of movies and a lot of books I'll let you decide but if you were going to model how you create your own Universe one movie that Robin Williams made as you've heard me say What Dreams May Come there are some very very limited there is some material in there that will show you how you can adopt and endorse realities that aren't yours and that are yours and what the outcome might be if you do that you'll if you seen the movie you'll know where that is if you adopt a drama you're going to get drama as an example if you adopt love and peace
affection for yourself you're going to get that so it's It's tricky to endorse some of this material because it's also been a program some with some of that what that. Movie has programs in it too and it's going to hurt you so it's pains me to say go look at that but that's more like What Dreams May Come is not the title it was supposed to be an example and so there's a lot of there's lots of trickery in it but that's pretty much a pretty good model if you're inspired that's the way to sustain a beautiful life here and and you will live I would expect most of us to live
I'd say about a thousand years so in the body you're in right now is what I'm saying most of us will have no problem living a thousand years if we removed our our memory regarding time and space and so that that place we stayed love and inspired that's what extenuates your life makes sense it totally does the frame of reference to one's come from the heart that regardless of what happens when the body were and you can read a book you can because it's all about navigate you can read you can go through a computer I hate to feel like I know you and mermaids and if I'm doing something
from my heart like a project and it is in my reality I will say my creation currently of utilize the computer or an iPhone or whatever to navigate to my greatest joy of assisting myself assisting Humanity then is where that from the heart I'm very aware navigate is a lighting that particular story is fair to say you have it right is that thirst that you have to learn knowledge and that's why I do my best. I'm on the fence about these computers cuz I have seen behind the scenes as I know how they can transmit alternative information in your head and certainly there running
they got microwaves we've got any of that we got so much against this year and its relationship to Wi-Fi but because we're so powerful Arthur's for information and communication might be able to overcome a lot of that cuz we are so powerful so I'm an agreement with you until proven otherwise I also rigged there because I also know how they can weaponize these machines movie
I love you too and I thank you deeply and I will conclude that and you so I answered but it's just cuz the night with navigate because we really true you are our just barked completely into so many other is bees out there Liam and carry these guys are just a pile of you and the whole team so thank you thank you thank you with all our great love
thank you I can't do this without you this place wouldn't exist without you beautiful beautiful day going
love you too bye
Alright by Donnie Donnie is wearing underwear
maybe we should turn it to make
the world great again I'm excited to hear you had a real strong meeting with Luciana Cola Evans this week and she is opening her doors to all of you and I fear in a relationship with yourself your relationship with someone maybe things are going great or you got to get ahold of her children families with a bit maybe she doesn't she's probably not probably not focused on children but you do run run things to her she's ready to go anyway that's why I did record a show with her and I'll probably try and get it up next week and saw some contact information and it's just throwing so if you do want to meet a light being
just give her a call you will it will change your life and I have yet to see anyone who is not on Tuesday I got great documentation beautiful friends in Texas thank you so much about their relationship as well save the other updates here for a second but you don't run out of time we are looking at Baltimore Maryland the in-between world what is that all about what is the in-between world I think your name is Lola Lola LOL a Lola
thank you for calling thank you so much for being a participant with me and being in my time in my space in my J like why the in-between world what is all that about I'm saying
in a lot of entities of touch on two people don't quite know what what am I to be seeing and they're walking either on a skateboard next to people or stuff themselves next to people
outstanding question way to go way to go show route worthy of the Ascension cycle and everyone's going to get their stuff back you notice you couldn't talk this way in years ago could you absolutely no yes yes yes oh that's so that's where we're fighting the aliens so we go over there and all the hyperspace Wars we have I have to take them out all the time and I'm I'm so sorry everyone you're in your aliens and they're really good at making sure you don't know you're at war with you so just they're just really good at it
you can't see them and they knows how powerful you are because if you did see them you would be able to remove them from the realities they know the game they're very good between us to work out here all right so calibrating and configuring yourself into your physical body is what you just basically said to me you're like you're kind of looking at one of the TV shows but it's in between channels or maybe a radio station is with I almost got to 99.9 I got a hundred so that's what you're on everyone keep doing that now if you slow down the calibration process then you can catch the who's who in the zoo so the lower
it's very difficult playing I'm just watching things so maybe when you go to walk you just go a little slower
just look just a little bit and then that kind of trained you to observe the situation and it's not it's not it's a friend's suggestion walking it's just kind of wash before you make a statement or a thought they hate it I hate that I cannot let cannot stand so whenever you get in a fight a person who's just going to let you go how are the runaway you won't even get you out if they'll be gone okay now what is a great question to that means you are going in between the realities and timelines that were created for you and now you're deciding whether you want to participate or not is that that person that's exactly
come a little nearer me I'm like you know back back off back off I'm not the one you want to mess with you know when they will turn around but then don't come back and and I just see the death of my see them look away they know I can see them so I'm thinking because they know that I can see them that they coming around more or maybe I'm just because I can see them I may just filled up there around yep right so so basically just a short while, I'll get right to it the in-between world if you will this time and space continuum between the next decision is what we're talkin about here so if I can make a human that doesn't know that they're actually creating a time-space Continuum consists of your Gods you're creating that space and see if they show themselves then you won't participate with them and they won't exist. That's what we're talking about your butt but because we get
so comfortable in our shoes it's a it's a it's a shoe were used to wearing it works we get this pattern recognition about the participation with them so I'm talking to a great great beer once this week
we believe in this identity so much but really this human was designed to be a Bic lighter so that it wouldn't recognize its true true self it's it's just how sweet is capability that makes sense for the way to do it so the way to do it is don't let them see very good don't let them feel very good don't let them get all of their lightbody them knowing full well that we can so now you're starting to see you feel and getting all your light body back and you're going alright somebody's playing a trick on me and I'm getting savvier so that the the the inner world that you're talking about this the in-between world that's that's where I want us all to work on room movie
so we want to get rid of them we want to get rid of that get rid of them I can put them to sleep or I will say a word and then we'll just drop like I would say I used to say words like a blue right and I know what this fall out and just die or the fall out or sleep and I'll just fall asleep just drop where they are so they said to stay back but there one or two that will come close and that's what I've been doing anything attempting to oppose you forever if you need to just just lay Jay just lay Napalm with your love I commend my spirit to destroy anything trying to affect me today 54321 negatively or Iron Man
I guarantee you will come back as soon as I say I'm on the way to the last like 1 2 3 4 the Wait to start moving away three of us went after 12:15 alien ships that came in through I don't want to give too much information cuz it'll create a reality but they come in through a door they can make a door from the lower Dimension say come up to our level and the inner stealing people and so we went out to them and yeah so we took them out but we we didn't get two of them got went back to the door so they went back to Lord Dimensions but we got we got a 12 of them interesting number and they had about one and a half seconds to come to life or be terminated
they all chose termination they don't have the capabilities to choose the light is what we're seeing they don't they don't have the fortitude to say that's their they want to get up higher don't get me wrong they want to get you a higher Dimension frequency but they don't have any ability so that's that's what I was and we're the ones in Between Worlds so I hope that I hope that helps and you know that's why they come around but when I do they come out of the doorway and got more if I deliver ate them then they go away but I thought you would come back around people that get cleared so I don't know
start it's our dedication to our heart is the solution for everyone will live longer will be happier if we would just stay a little more on the positive side of how we make decisions from our heart this thing's also absolutely love to you please keep up with me please please please no matter what happens no matter what I love you thank you for helping so many
alright am I doing on I'm here how much time is it Anyway I can do one more healing from chemical poisoning Avon from Bulgaria healing from chemical poisoning
great things very good thank you thank you for calling it's a privilege and an honor thank you so much how can I help you
call it's a box on my partner she was poisoned with pesticides in things like 5 years ago and it's been exhausting battle Costa she got from the time damage and internal organs damage her as much as possible but there are still at adejoh FX effects from this and I thought I got to go to Rural King
OK Google I'm going to go get a little close on my my deadline for the show but let me let me get you some information with quick here and so I'm able to read both of you because of your communication with me so I'm going to get this out real quick that's the best thing to do is to treat yourself like a heat exchanger so we need we need we need a lot of water and you need spring water so so you are an amoeba you're just as you know you're just you're just a piece of jelly with a lot of minerals in it right so all you are is water what you need to do is honor not only are the vitamins in part that you see some of the people from voting with
50 toxification and so forth don't get too heavy and all that but the water it can get to a spring and stay on a spring for a. Of time that's not affected by a mechanic so no mechanical water gets to a natural Artesian spring so that what I mean by that is it's a spring that doesn't have any contamination what you do is you cycle through that you'll have to find the frequency but to me it looks like if you could just get to a spring a true spring and cycle from Mendes amounts of water through you once a week that number is probably going to work out for you somewhere right in there but when I mean I want you to get in the spring I want you to drink it or like four hours that's what I mean Siri so your body is going to be in orbit and you're you're going to drink at the same time
it's a little tricky when you do it that aggressively but it's because you're going to get really really Spacey it's really it's a lot of work to do it I know but I I would assume that within 90 days if you did an Alchemy exchange with spring water in your area of the mountains summer I think you'd be doing just fine
alright sprinkler at where the natural spring keeps coming out directly on lunch Just Sprinklers at 3 a.m.
you choose but once you and Neil yourself to the process the water has memory the water wants to tell you what you need don't tell the water when he it's going it's going to do it for you cuz that's all you are is water and so that that's my suggestion I need to get I need to get some information out so I'm so sorry I hope that helps you
yes thank you very much thank you alright so I have time for another call here but a couple things going here make sure we've had conversations about there's there's layers to the your the way you're going to get stimulated the transition. That you're going to a regarding the monetary system you're going to be a time when you don't really care how much money you have in the bank well you're not for the boss that you're not quite there yet in the end and to recognizing how to use conscious banking systems and gateways and so let's just face it so we are we spend a good amount of time as how we're going to use a lot of this reserves we have for you and distribute it to you
will that help people get a safe and peaceful. That's a big big ask is do I if if we do get you a lot of simulation stimulation of resources and so we've decided to go ahead and use the reserves on a short-term job because it will end it's my opinion and
dad if I can get you some free time it'll help you with your projects and so forth and and being your your true self how about this week's Ireland the Ireland family need you to really look up your legacy Homestead agreement and Ireland so we want we want to work on that you know the family we want to get those buildings going for you but I really want to re-establish the home take act and obviously UK and Ireland so thank you for your patience not calling people just shot them have you call in the Maze to keep your sick Austria I'll be calling you this week I'm going to go ahead and shoot me a message I'd like to call you before 10 a.m. your time. Sorry for the people to sing
that have to bear with us but we do have communication issues that you can see
say we did a Luciana Cola Evans her web page has been updated. Talked about that
as you can see we're dragging you into disclosure so keep up with me I want to be a resource for you I want to be the true disclosure please keep up with for the people that space, you can find yourself this is all about you everything we're doing is for you and I love you I'll take one more call The Sunny South calling about helping people's Land Title
the Sunnyside calling about helping people with Land Titles what the hell is this crazy talk
hello can you hear me okay please go ahead
thank you very much for everything that you've done this week I've bent in a pile of the homestead request my question is a bunch of people asking me are we still going for the 160-acre thing for that or we going to just deal with the current projects that have properties that they have and a couple project people asking what about larger properties that are going to be used for a project is that going to be the 160-acre thing
thank you thank you thank you thank you yeah I would favor holding our our Legacy commitments from our Republic I would say for that but I'll I'll leave it up to you the we're going to have based on volume will go over all those details thinking probably looks like a 29 days where I'm sitting at a desk a little more regularly so I can address these things but I think we'll probably just you know probably midweek date of Tuesdays Wednesdays for Pacific Standard Time Tuesdays and Wednesdays I think we'll just do solid you guys called in with all these questions but I I suggest we hold we want to keep it clean as we can advise against but you can segregate them to you can put them up however you want I don't want to put a rule to it I just like
I just like taking the Legacy patents and then read my suggest we hold us true to what we agreed upon as people as Spirit we agreed that you were going to give us a hundred sixty Acres God thank God you gave us all so glad you gave us 160 Acres you see I'm a little clip on this kind of stopped but I just want to hold us accountable for what we all agreed on 1800 everyone deserves land so I think I think it's okay I just don't like the ones were reviewing right now are overlapping on County or state Parcels so that one really ticks me off because I noticed how the bad guys Bill Gates the gang they went ahead and made our souls over multiple
and then so now you don't have a home now you can question the quick way better be quick baby better be quick or in Florida and a lot of a lot of pushback on local thing is it like is it really an attempt at government we brought back are you know our original one and is brought back to life but how are they going to
bringing the authentic one and disappear the the the illegitimate one is do you have are you allowed to say that
I am allowed to say that but I'm running out of time Tuesdays and Wednesdays we're going to take a lot of stuff on so stay tuned and I'll have 1-800 numbers coming out to all of you thank you for calling and I love you very much love you too thank you so much have a wonderful day love you guys so much keep keep coming at me it's all we can do is be with you it's all we can do is to be with you I love you I love you I love you thank you KC and the Sunshine Band
Hey Ron I'll be calling you too and it's magnificent to get to do this great day to you

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